About the Client

Location Nigeria

Industry Career & Talent Acquisition

Work Nigeria helps the vast Nigerian workforce find meaningful jobs to upskill them in the best ways possible and help them grow with and within their careers. Work Nigeria is a community of like-minded individuals looking to grow and the #1 Job Board in Nigeria.

Services we offered

  • web portal development
  • website design

The Challenge

The Client was looking to build a robust, scalable Job Portal with a robust technology that can give great customer experience to individuals who are looking for job and companies who are looking to find best matches for their vacancies.

Concept Analysis

The main challenge for us was, to analyze this entire new concept, understand each aspect of the system, its work flow, all the core functions and relationships between each key entities being participated across the networks.

Project Architecture

Web architectures at Perception System have defined the entire back-end application architecture for database synchronization, and the front-end architecture with navigation, modules, and data interactions.

Customer Experience

Client has desired a unique customer experience for their Job Portal. Our UI/UX team has created various design patterns and prototypes and got the best design approved and implemented that gives the best customer experience of entire Job Portal.

Security, Portability & Data Privacy

One of the vital concern of our Client was to make their portal secure and especially to protect the data from unauthorized users. So to achieve this we have configured and setup the AWS Cloud Infrastructure to give the best security and data privacy for this Job Portal

Project Scope

This solution is for Recruitment Agency who recruits staff on behalf of organization. With this solution, the recruitment agency will manage all their Jobseekers & Employer on a single platform.

This platform will allow Employer & Jobseeker to register themselves on the site.

Employer will post their Job requirement. Jobseeker will register & create their resumes into the system.

Jobseeker will search for the Jobs and Apply on it. Employer will check with the Jobseeker Applications who applied on their Jobs in Application Tracking System.

Another user is Admin who can see all the details through the admin panel and create the sub admin users and assign the role.

Performing System Analysis

We allocated our top Business Analysts to analyze the client’s requirements. In the beginning, the software development team has analyzed the concept of hypothetically. Afterward, we have closely inspected the entire process and defined user stories.

Creating Project Plan

Based on our findings, we created flow diagrams for the entire workflow and plan the project development process by defining technical implementations.

Creating UI & Database Design

We’ve created the most user-friendly UI design for Web Portal. We’ve also created Database design

Creating User Stories & Test Cases

We’ve created User Stories & Test Cases of each functionality of the system, so that the system can be precisely developed and tested well.

Developing Web Portal

We’ve developed entire system including Web Admin Panel and Front Website for the Job Seekers & Employers

Performing QA/QC

We’ve performed end to end QA/Testing of entire system with the test cases that we developed using all the standard QA Methodologies & Tools.

Deploying & Delivering the Final System to Client

We’ve Configured & Deployed the Backend on AWS Server to Go Live.

Providing Support & Maintenance

We committed for long-term support and maintenance with a feasible plan sign up by the client creating a healthy development partnership. So till the time, we’ve been providing all kind support that requires to maintain the system for the live users that includes fixing issues and developing new features based on client’s request.



We worked out for a week and designed the solution in Drupal 8. Drupal was the ideal choice as we were ready to use components and Drupal’s low code framework power allows to faster goto market strategy.

As, client need is faster roll out to market and that was kept in mind so we estimated just 8 weeks for the platform from UX Design to Development.

Agile Scrum

We followed the Agile Scrum methodology to develop the app. We listed features as product backlogs and started working in an iterative & incremental delivery model.

Development Methodology

We adopted test driven design and development approach to result a high-quality app as a final product.


We built using the combination of Drupal 8, MYSQL &AWS (EC2, RDS, SNS, SQS & S3)

Support & Maintenance

We have committed for long-term support and maintenance with a feasible plan sign up by the client.

We Used

  • Drupal 8

    Drupal 8



  • AWS



Milestones & Deliverables

We have decided milestones and deliverables with the consent of the client and delivered the web portals in the continuous delivery model.


The product is shipped to the production environment and is now in the Pilot Phase where the client is reaching to the target people.


Client has been very impressed by our Service and Delivery within the Time & Budget.

Value Delivered


“Working with Perception Systems was a professional bliss, great work under budget and reasonable execution timeframes, my current go-to for python-web development solutions!”

Luis R. Soenksen,

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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