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Client Portal in WordPress and the Best WordPress Client Portal Plugins

In addition to design, one aspect that is often overlooked is how streamlined your customer relationship channels are. If your site is an eCommerce store that serves customers, you already know how important it is to convert visitors into leads. This cannot happen unless your website looks and feels professional.

By implementing live chat, contact form or other methods, it is important to establish good communication between you and your website visitors by allowing them to convey their ideas to you. This article by our team will teach you the requirements to connect to the WordPress client portal to maintain good relationships with your customers.


What is a Client Portal?

A client portal is a part of your website or eCommerce store, where your customers can log in and gain exclusive access to your website. For example, they can view their history with your website (for example, if they made a purchase), they can customize their profile, upload different files to their account, and so on. The WordPress Client Portal is a place where users can and do feel their presence at home.

You can also share personal information with users who have an account and access to their client portal. Collaboration tools can be integrated to this WordPress customer portal to promote the healthy exchange of messages securely. You can also use it to help website owners manage their customers’ accounts and issue support. Simply put, it’s a tool that helps people customize their profiles, and website owners keep an eye on their visits.

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Benefits of Client Portals

Now that you understand whether you need a client portal or not let’s explore the benefits of integrating with your business.

Saves time (significant)

One obvious advantage of the client portal is that it saves the hassle of sending and replying to the email to the customer and the business. The client portal enables customers to manually search and sort information, documents and data instead of writing an email and waiting for a response.

Data security

Cloud-based client portals are typically equipped with security features such as firewalls, SSL certificates, and malware protection to ensure that customer data is secure. In addition, you can define user usage levels based on various factors, such as the packages you subscribe to.

Increase productivity

While they save you and your customers a lot of time, the client portal makes your tasks more productive. You have more resources to dedicate than engaging business processes with communication.

Improves collaboration with customers

Client portals greatly enhance your relationships with your customers because it is the technology that speaks. As a result, there are no discrepancies or inaccuracies in the information shared with the customer. This improves collaboration and builds a healthy relationship between you and your customers.

Improve your cash flow

Having a client portal gives customers the option to make online payments. This results in frequent and timely payments, improve your cash flow and eliminates any chances of late payments.


Pros of using WordPress

In particular, some businesses can benefit from creating WordPress client portals, such as finance, legal and other service-based businesses. Hospitality and retail can also be of little benefit to them. Regardless of the industry, there are many reasons to consider building a client portal in your WordPress. Some of the most important include:

  • It enables you to manage customers and details about services, products or projects in one central location.
  • With the client portal, it becomes easy for your users to manage all their details and services in one place.
  • You and customers can use it to manage finances (e.g., sending andpaying invoices, updating billing information, etc.).
  • Depending on how much information you want to store there, you can use it for general project management needs.

However, you can always use an external third-party platform or project management system to accomplish those tasks. Let’s take a moment to look at the benefits of creating a client portal directly in WordPress:

  • Your business will look more legitimate with the port non-site portal available to customers.
  • Increases portal feature and brand visibility.
  • The client portal with financial management features reduces the chance that the client will not pay on time or in full or that the invoices will be sent to the wrong place.
  • Customer service, in general, can be handled more efficiently and effectively.
  • You can save time and effort with lost support requests in your email inbox or spam folder.
  • You can handle most of your business in WordPress, which gives youfewer resources to worry about.

The client portal is an excellent solution to empower customers or clients to manage their profile, preferences, account settings, communications, etc. Ultimately, you want it to make life easier for you and your customers. By building it within WordPress, you can get off to a solid start.


List of WordPress Plugins

Once you decide to include your WordPress client portal on the site, you can use a plugin that will work for you. Each plugin comes with features that may be more or less suitable for what you want.

As a simple approach, you can try using powered WordPress hosting, which allows you to set up a complete website with 1-click bundled plugins, choosing from various usage cases, including client portals. If you prefer to choose components and create your custom solution, analyze each of these plugins and see which one best suit your needs:


Learn Dash

This WordPress, client portal plugin is perfect for websites focused on teaching and learning. You can configure it by using many of the client portal’s customization options. With this plugin, the developers can crate a user-centric website experience. Thus, the portal can only be used by users who have an account on your site.


Office WP

Do you want to create more than one WordPress client portal? OfficeWP lets you create as many client portals as you want without any restrictions. You get the same functionality as all the other plugins listed in this article, but you can extend it to as many portals as you like.


Awesome Support

Awesome Support is a simple portal plugin that you can find. Awesome Support enables website owners to create WordPress client portals right in CMS. If you have a subscription to a help-desk service like Zendesk, Awesome Support lets you integrate this information with the portal.


Member Mouse

This WordPress client portal plugin assists you run the complete client portal with ease.

Member mouse will create a responsive platform that your visitors can access through any device. This is a premium plugin with a monthly fee, but this ongoing service is perfect if you don’t want to spend a lot of your time managing the WordPress client portal yourself.



This is the best solution for the website owners looking for the perfect client portal option that covers every area. You can exchange files, chat directly with customers and much more through the WordPress client portal. The platform offers a white-label solution, which means you can brand it with your logo and image, and this is a great way to communicate with your customers whenever they need it. It has the tools you need to streamline processes on your site, no matter where it takes place.


Suite Dash

If you are seeking for a client portal plugin that is easy to use and can help you manage and communicate with your users, Suite Dash is what you want to try. The plugin adds various tools and features that will increase productivity for both you and your users.


Client Dash

Client Dash is extremely easy to use and provides the basic functions you need when integrating the WordPress client portal. It offers user-friendly features that your customers can easily remember after one or two logins.



WP-Client is great for those who want to use a client portal plugin that is not just dedicated to one type of user. This WordPress plugin has rich features, and you can even create easy-to-read reports related to client activity.


WordPress Customer Portal

This is an amazing client portal plugin to keep the relationship between you and your customers always good. By creating a point of interaction with the customer portal, you allow users to ask questions or start requests from within the platform. You can then respond to them quickly and give users the information they need. Additionally, you can integrate this WordPress plugin with other CRM tools.


Ultimate Private Member Portal

This client portal plugin can add a complete dashboard to your site to log in and chat. They can view the information you provide with file uploads etc. Interacting with your customers becomes much easier when using the Ultimate Private Member Portal, giving you a choice.

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Using Custom WordPress for creating a client portal

WordPress started as a simple online software for blogging and evolved into a comprehensive open source content management system. Custom WordPress theme development includes highly customizable theme possibilities and thousands of plugins and widgets. WordPress Development not only powers millions of websites and blogs but has become a trusted enterprise for big names like CNN and The New York Times.

WordPress is the right way for CMS-driven Client Portal Solution.

WordPress has three primary components: core code, themes, and plugins. Core code includes the backend and provides the functionality of the WordPress content management system. At the same time, themes have a front-end view that can determine the look of a WordPress website. Lastly, a plugin is a code that modifies the back or front end of a website. They provide extra support with many functions and other capabilities. From custom WordPress theme development to plugins, it is possible to customize many aspects of the WordPress system.

Using Custom WordPress Theme Development

There are several aspects to favoring a custom WordPress theme development. It enables us to create a unique look for the WordPress site. WordPress templates, template tags, and loops play an important role in creating the results and appearance of various websites.

To provide optional templates for specific site features, such as category pages and search results pages. It allows a quick switch between the two site layouts with the benefit of a theme or style switcher. It eliminates the need for a typical WordPress site owner to learn various technologies like CSS, HTML, and PHP for a good-looking website.

Customized WordPress Plugins Development

WordPress plugins are pieces of software that allow us to take the WordPress site functionality to the next level. Many website owners are probably looking for various desired changes in the functionality of a WordPress website with the option of customization, allowing the website to be customized as needed.

Custom WordPress plugin development supports the needs of the user and works the way the website owner wants. So, developing the right WordPress plugin for the website is a more important aspect of solving a particular business’s success.

Fully custom solution using WordPress core

The WordPress core refers to all the “foundation” files that WordPress needs to work. WordPress Core is what you download from as a zip file.

Core WordPress files let you do things like this:

  • Access the WordPress admin dashboard
  • Add and edit posts and pages
  • Manage users
  • Upload media files
  • Delete the content
  • Add tags and categories
  • Embed videos
  • Allow users to reply and comment

If you want to see exactly what the core of WordPress is, you need to remove all themes and plugins from your WordPress dashboard. Now you only have the original.

When you land your website only on the main body of WordPress, the first thing you will notice is that you cannot create or view your website with only the core files installed. You need to activate a WordPress theme to start creating a site for public use.

Final Thoughts

Client portals in WordPress works to enhance the security and UX of your website. They effectively provide self-service customer support, protect restricted files and resources, and more.

As discussed in this post, you can quickly create and configure WordPress client portals for you or your development clients using plugins. Also, you have a lot of solutions to choose from based on your specific needs.

For your complex and specific business needs, you can go for a customized client portal solution in WordPress. Still having confusion, feel free to talk with our experts.

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