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Dining out is becoming a norm in ever-busy urban societies in developed, and even developing countries across the globe. It has boosted restaurant business at par, and our efforts to address regional and local needs of restaurant owners and managers help them to convert the present lifestyle and craze for food into streaming cash.

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Taste Buds Stimulating Restaurant App Development Company

The success of the restaurant business lays in delivering grander services to its guests along with satisfying the taste buds. The Perception System lets its clients from the restaurant business niche focus on core food preparation and serving activities and bolster the rests through its impeccable suite of a range of restaurant apps.

The Perception System has delivered flamboyant mobile app solutions for various segments of the Hospitality Industry and apps for restaurants are nothing but grand releases. We make taste preparation tasks easier for Restaurant Managers. Restaurant Delivery Staff and Marketers.

Finder App

By applying the latest location-based service technologies, we enable your app users to find the best dining places with more filtering options like cuisine, names, and food themes. Menus, rating, reviews, and contact details are additional features to get the right match for your tastes & appetites.

Food Order &
Pick Up App

We make it easy to order the food for pickup from your restaurant who wish to dine their places. Order with advance payment options to get food packing ready before you arrive. Support for coupons & vouchers like incentives.

Restaurant Deals &
Discount App

You can lure more traffic to your restaurant by offering the best deals and discounts to your customers based on locality, categories, and selection of menus. Run loyalty programs based on the history of orders and volume.

Case Study

Click Delivery

ClickDelivery now known as efood is the leading Greek online food delivery platform, orders your food just in 3 easy steps serving for 10000 stores in 90 cities.


Online Food Ordering System

We developed a fully functional system for Online Food Delivery that allows users to compare restaurant dish prices and discover Hot Deals. It also gets users’ reviews on food & services. It facilitates pay with cash or card. It supports dual Language (English & Greece)

Why Should Our Restaurant App Design & Development Services Be Your First Choice?

There are a lot of contenders in this niche out in the market, but we are unmatched. Why? We have fostered talent to create stunning yet useful apps for restaurants across the globe. We have invested enough to establish infrastructure for it. Thus, we are more than capable of delivering excellence, and the following features are strong witnesses to it.


Decent Menu

Each restaurant has differentiators in food & menu preparation, and our app respects their bespoke needs beautifully. Menu with attractive or say mouthwatering images is possible in the app.


Smooth Inventory Management

Inventory management is the hidden thing for diners, so we keep its exceptional features in the backend and add the latest tools for it too, so you need not say sorry once the order is placed based on the front-end menu.


Uninterrupted Supply
Chain Management

Uninterrupted supply of raw material at competitive rates proves the lifeline of the restaurant business. Thus, our dedicated module proves to be cost-effective and best performing for restaurant owners and managers.


Best Marketing

We have made specific provisions for marketing incentives to apply differently and appropriately. Thus, coupons, vouchers, discounts, and gift-giving becomes easy on menus, items, and customers.



Automatic and manual push notification features enable restaurant businesses to drive traffic by leveraging GPS and Geo-fencing technologies, leveraging real-time updates, and facilitating marketing.



Third-party CRM software integration with the back-end application of the app provides additional tools to boost and strengthen customer relationships. We make CRM data available for marketing.



App provides automated invoice generation, support for split payment, integrations of the latest payment methods and payment gateway nearly eliminated the needs of POS human staff.


Analysis &

Our integration of mobile app analytics and dashboard for various reporting enable restaurant businesses to get deep insights into each facet of the business like customer behavior, overall business performance, and ROI.

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