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Location India

Industry Healthcare

The client was a Dentist, on the way to find a viable software and hardware solution to guide dental patients using an automated system to enhance overall patient experiences. The dentist wanted to eliminate frustrating and time consuming repeated process of explaining the same treatment process every time a patient approaches the doctor.

Services we offered

  • Kiosk system development
  • kiosk software development

The Challenge

The client was looking for a touch-based self-service device (Kiox/kiosk) with a software solution that can enable patients to access required information on the interactive interfaces like kiosks, as well as other integrated devices including desktops, smart phones and tablets.

Project Scope

We went through several Face-to-Face meetings with our dentist client and his assisting workforce. We presented them available solutions on the web as examples and found out the exact requirements for hardware parts of the project along with the following expected software features and functionality.


A self-service information interface, depicting everything visually on an interactive kiosk. It enables the dentist to attend more patients within a period, hence more profit.

Explains the post-treatment care according to the types of treatments. To provide bespoken instructions to ongoing patients, even in the absence of the doctor or medical assistants.

Collect feedback of patients quickly and accurately to improve care and practice, as well as build trust among others.

Reduce waiting time for the patients along with eliminating overcrowding in the clinic.


Provide details regarding profiles of doctors to choose.

Give the location information of the clinics available in the vicinity along with the location guide.

Offers complete data security from all possible ways like data theft, breaching and data loss.

Cut the overall treatment costs besides enhancing reputation in the market.

Extra earning by digital promotions.

The client stamped approval on the name of the Perception System after getting word-of-mouth reference and looking rich portfolio in diverse software niches. To meet the amalgamation of varying types of needs to create a kiosk-based software solution, we took standard approach to formulate the development strategies and implementing methodologies.


Kiosk development project was especially designed for dental care niche using American 3rd party ‘Kiox’ hardware. Therefore, we analyzed the hardware, operating system and software integration & compatibility.

Project Planning

We planned inclusion of features and functionality targeting interests of doctors as well as patients. We also considered opportunities to include other dental clinics to provide location-based services and generate ads revenue.

Project Architecture

Perception System defined the hardware and software architecture of the system for kiosk.

Wireframe & Prototypes

We prepared wire-frames and interactive prototypes to fix the inclusion of features and functionality as well as get the approval from the client.

Designing & Programming

Perception System based on the approval of the prototypes, prepared the final designs for a rich and interactive interface, for the kiosk and accomplished the software system programming accordingly to hit the goals of the project.



Our Journey towards the end-to-end solution was challenging enough and pushed our boundaries for standalone as well as integrated software system development. We achieved the following objectives successfully, such as

Maximized Waiting Area Utilization

By implementing the kiosk in the patient’s waiting area, we improved the waiting area utilization by providing interactive patient experiences instead of wasting the time reading magazines or watching TV.

Improved Patient’s Knowledge

Kiosk presents the entire dental process with visuals thus provides better understanding.

Enhanced Treatment Experience

By providing in-depth knowledge comprehensively, the kiosk helps in eliminating many kinds of fears from the minds of patients before initiating the treatment. Thus, they will openly cooperate with the doctor.

Timely and Relevant Information Delivery

The kiosk provides valuable post-treatment instructions such as after root canal treatment, after extractions, crown and bridge, and in general.

Location-based Services

By using smart devices, patients can get access to the dentists operating in the vicinity and get timely treatment for emergency as well as routine cases.

Revenue Generation Through Ads

The kiosk allows other dentists to place their profiles, contact details and ads. Thus, owner dentists can redeem the revenue for those ads.

Support & Maintenance

We also offered comprehensive support and post-development maintenance services to ensure seamless user experiences.

We Used

  • SQL Server

    SQL Server

  • Unity

    Unity Engine

  • kiox

    KIOX hardware

  • framework

    Custom Firmware

  • android

    Android Kiosk Software


Milestones & Deliverables

We worked hard on an innovative kiosk concept to make it a reality. We decided milestones and deliverable with the consent of the client.


We delivered kiosk ready to test and use for our client dentist within the prescribed time frame. At present, the doctor is happily testing it with hundreds of patients and with the cooperation of other dentists too.


We delivered the system successfully to the customer and provided a satisfactory level of maintenance & support.

Value Delivered


“Working with Perception Systems was a professional bliss, great work under budget and reasonable execution timeframes, my current go-to for python-web development solutions!”

Luis R. Soenksen,

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Striking Features


Audio Visuals

To provide detailed information in effective ways.


Image Gallery

Room to display facilities and services of dental clinic or hospital.


Feedback & Testimonial

To provide real-time feedback using the latest communication channels and experience sharing options for the satisfied clients.

Group 5

Data Collection

With interactive UI, kiosk helps in retrieval of patient info safely.


Dentist Profiles

To help derive further info regarding contact details of other dentists and their groups for registration.



Plugin to help generate extra earning through kiosk.

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