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Sales Portal: A Modern Approach to Organize Sales Content Distribution

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Businesses are leveraging digital technologies to optimize their overall operations to increase productivity. Digital transformation is the topmost priority in the minds of company owners and decision makers in planning their future strategies. Internal collaboration is very important for any business.

You must ensure to have a platform or a tool that can bring all the stakeholders, decision makers and your sales team together, from educating your prospects to closing deals. Every person must be able to track the most updated sales content and documents to best nurture your potential leads.

If you want to advance your sales workflow process and improve overall productivity, lets do a deep dive into more details about sales portals.

What is a Sales Portal?

The sales portal will act as a platform, where you can store all the sales-related content. This will help your sales executives to represent the right content with ease according to the requirement. Along with that, it stores all the necessary data and analytics for the decision-making process.


And also, you can customize it by integrating more features like voice messaging or other interactive messaging functionality.

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What are the Few Sales Portal Software Examples?

The answer to this question will surely help you put a step forward in making a decision regarding the sales portal development. It gets easier when you know what you want and what will you get. Sales portals can differ from simple to complex, as per your company’s size and requirements.

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Know More

Let’s see a few examples of sales portals, or the ones that you can use as a sales portal:

#1: Salesforce, PipeDrive or Zoho (cloud-based customer service software)

#2: Slack, Wrike, or Todoist (Sales collaboration tools)

#3: SalesLoft, Groove, or Dealhub (Sales enablement software)

#4: WordPress, or Drupal (Content management System)

#5: Custom built sales portal (as per your requirements)

FYI:If you want to have a secured and owned sales portal, then go with the #5th point – A custom-built platform. The question is – who will help you out? Well, you only have to contact one of the best companies providing web portal development services.

What is the Challenge?

Collecting and sharing sales documents can always be a big challenge!!

You need collaboration for follow-up, threads, documents and files.Frustration and chaos because of mail bouncing, mail missing, document missing, investing more time and ultimately loosing customer.

Sales and marketing both are equally challenging. Marketing creates an interest for goods & services and generates a lead, whereas the salespeople convert those leads into customers. Be it a retailer, distributor, or a corporate company selling their services, sales are a critical department.

When dealing with sales transactions, there are tonnes of sales-related data that you need to store and exchange for the purpose of sales presentation, product specification, sales-invoice and payment transaction.

So, What’s the solution?

The sales portal is the answer. This isn’t that new, any portal development company will help you in creating one. But before that let’s learn a little bit more about the sales portal and how it provides a modern approach to sales content distribution.

What are the Key Features of a Sales Portal Software?

Here we have mentioned some key features that will make your sales portal software a tremendous success. Along with that, it will also make the processing easy for your customers. Let’s see these most relevant features that you must consider while planning to purchase or develop your own sales portal:

Document Management

The first and foremost feature should be related to document management always. Why? Because they are the basic need of any sales call or you can say initiative. From product descriptions, white papers, to case studies, you will have to update them regularly. So, having a document management feature will help you a lot.

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Collaborative Portal

Collaborative portal is a web application portal software designed for cross department collaboration and integration along with other line-of-business enterprise applications. This parallel portal brings all your sales team, stockholders, and col-laterals into common online platform to collaborate internally with ease.

Communication Tool

Sales Portal could be a great tool to communicate and exchange direct information between inter-department, and outer agencies without using unmanaged way of tedious emails that can create great disorder and chaos. This would be simple and quick tool to collaborate and exchange business information including sales data, sales invoices, and payment information within a secured channel.

Personalized Content

Personalized content will make it easy for you to negotiate and close the deals. Confused? Make different sections or pages according to the customer personas or the products & services. This way, it will be easier for you to negotiate or explain to the customer as per their perspective. Also, it will help visitors to easily locate the products or services.

Sales and Marketing Tools

Last but not least is the integration of sales and marketing tools. Always stay in the current scenario of an ever-changing world. Imagine getting on a page and finding the old traditional way of connecting to the customer. Won’t that be a waste? So, integrate the right sales tools like POS, shopping cart, etc. As for marketing, add the price kits, branding guidelines, and others.

Approval Mechanism

Approval Mechanism

Sales portal approval mechanism pulls all sales invoice and payable data automatically available for a defined hierarchy with a dynamic & secured portal access. Review and approval of sales invoices could be managed and lined up on a predefined approval workflow channel, based on departments, amount limit and several other such criteria that are inevitable with a predefined time bound.

Benefits of Having a Sales Portal

You have read about the key features to have, but what about the benefits. They are plentiful. However, we will see the best of them. Let’s go:

Self-Service Platform

You can have an instant access to a self-service portal where there is no more chaos for hundreds and thousands of daily sales transactions requests by your sales department. You should have all information and data on single place where you can search and reach to the right information on right time with non-technical and user-friendly web interface.

Centralized Place for Organized Sales Content

With the help of a sales portal, you can always have a centralized database system for your sales relevant documents, product specifications, and other sales content organized very well. This will eliminate all the chaos created due to paper bales, server clusters, or inbox wreath. Not just that, you will have the updated versions of it on your hand.

Quicker Conversion

Once you have all the needed information at the one-click reach, the chances of lead conversion increase. How? You can talk to a prospect with the information ready on your screen, explain them, and that’s it.

Affordable and Expandable Portal

If you have a business growing at the perfect pace, the sales portal is all you need. It is an affordable option that fulfils all your needs. Not only that, it is expandable. So, the problem of storing additional data will not be a hindrance.

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How much time will it take to build a sales portal?

Building a sales software needs close supervision to achieve your every requirement without any issues. So, ultimately it all depends on the features you want and the functioning of website portal development. Contact Perception System for an accurate and earnest answer.


As your company grows, so does the sales work. And we all know after a certain point, the manual process won’t help. Instead, it will get daunting. So, before it wears out employees, and yourself get your sales portal developed with the help of Perception System – a strategic web development company.