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Why should you create a job portal for your organization?

The days of walk-in applications for jobs have passed. People no more queue up to getting a meeting with a recruiter and hand them their resume personally. While it requires a lot of space and time, that process is just not efficient enough.

While now that we have the technology to support our businesses, it has also proven a helpful tool in conducting job searches. Today, most of the leading companies have their own dedicated job portals that help them conduct the recruitment process without hiccups.

What is a job portal?

Job portals are online platforms that provide job boarding solutions and helps job seekers to apply for posts that they are suitable for.

Popular job board software like Monster and Naukri provide an open-ended job portal where all companies can post their job vacancies, and candidates can choose from a comprehensive list of options. However, many top tiering companies have started to create their own job portals to attract viable candidates and conduct their recruitment process.

It is an excellent model for an organization to locate ideal candidates for various job positions and helps consolidate their resumes. In addition, it enables them to extend their reach and find the best candidate for their vacancy.

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Importance of having a job portal for your organization

Job portals have worked profitably for various companies, and it is gaining popularity amongst human resource communities worldwide. Along with making your recruitment process smarter, smoother, and way more manageable, there are multilayered advantages of having a job portal.

Expands your scope

Having a job portal can considerably expand your scope. You are not bound by physical limitations and enables interaction with candidates from all around the world. You can easily connect with candidates from different states and continents and check out their resumes. This helps you broaden your prospects and choose the perfect candidate for each job vacancy.

Furthermore, having your own human resource portal also gives you the luxury to add customized features and slots depending on the job profile. For example, you can add a specific dropbox for candidates to add their portfolios or work samples. You can also help them integrate with their LinkedIn profile to send resumes and personal details instantly.

A major boon for your human resource department

People also refer to job portals as a human resource portal, as it conducts similar tasks as a company’s human resource department. Therefore, having a dedicated job portal can considerably make the work of your human resource department much easier and efficient.

Contrary to the earlier recruiting processes where recruiters had to physically manage every resume and work sample of their candidates, job portals can create a digital log of all your clients in one place and help you browse through them effortlessly.

Very affordable and cost-efficient

It doesn’t cost a lot to create your own job portal. You can hire a web developer or pay a job portal development agency to create one for you.

In doing so, you will be saving up on some huge expenses. Apart from hiring a huge human resource team, the walk-in recruitment model entails some significant expenses to any organization. For example, you need to arrange for food, transportation, make your recruiter and workspace presentable, and many more such expenses.

Having a dedicated job portal eliminates all these expenses and provides you an extremely cost-efficient model to manage your recruitment process.

Improves the productivity of your business

Imagine a huge team of human resource managers being occupied with just the task of consolidating and managing job applications and resumes. If you have a better and more efficient alternative to their menial task, imagine how much time and resource you will be saving.

Every minute that an employee works on a particular task has a certain opportunity cost entailed. While they are performing their recruitment procedure, they can’t work on other projects that are equally necessary for the business.

With a dedicated online portal doing their menial tasks, you save up on a lot of their precious time and increase the business’s productivity.

Promotes employer’s brand

With a one-stop job portal, an applicant or any other interested party will have to visit your website to drop their application. This way, you can increase your visibility in the market and encourage more people to visit your website.

With an integrated website with your job portal, you can also share a glimpse of your business’s work culture, employee growth, and the benefits that are provided with the job.

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In conclusion, job portals can open your way into a more productive and efficient recruitment process that can undertake all the menial tasks from your hand and help you concentrate on the more critical parts.

Not only does it improve your productivity, but it also helps you cut a lot of unnecessary expenses that can be saved.

It provides a broader perspective and takes applications from all around the world. Considering that human resource is one of the most expensive assets of a business, you need to make sure that you have the most efficient person for that job.

At Perception System, our web developers can help you create the most efficient and user-friendly job portal for your organization. Our highly proficient recruitment portal development division can customize the portal as per your needs and provide you a seamless recruitment experience.

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