Rafiq Ansari

Manager Business Development

  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Client Engagement
  • Client Relationships
  • Business Development
  • International Sales & marketing
  • Negotiation
  • Business growth
  • Account Management
  • Pre-Sales & Marketing
  • Communication
  • Commercial Outcomes

16+ Years, Achieving Sustainable Growth in the Allocated Arena

Electrical, Electronics and Communications Engineer

As senior a Business Development Manager at Perception, Rafiq’s main goal is to secure the company’s fast growth pace while improving sales processes and overall experience of leads and current clients.

Rafiq holds a bachelor’s degree in Electrical, Electronics and Communications Engineering, but he has started career with digital marketing and travel through the business and sales related leadership responsibilities across the inception to entire his professional journey.

Rafiq is having immense experience spanning across Business Strategy, Global Sales, and Technology Consulting and leading international sales establishments, and retaining Perception’s edge as one among the best known global Web & Mobile Solution provider.