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How HR Portals Boost Employee Productivity ?

Is your business at the brisk and you need to grow your team to get the productivity rolling high? A business with a high growth rate needs more employees to continue the production and remuneration.

Most of the business regardless of the size uses a human resource portal to deal with the big team onboarding. And it does influence the employee performance, how? As it makes the process easy and less time-consuming.

Here in this article, you will read about the HR portal and its key feature. At the end of the article, we have clarified the most frequently asked question – the difference between employee portal and HR portal.

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What is an HR portal?

HR Portal is a blessing to all the needs of a company. It is an application that can do all the work an HR does, from recruitment and onboarding process to on-job training and evaluation process.

It streamlines all the human resource management solutions and includes a range of business functional features like content and knowledge management, document management, ticketing, and business process management tools.

HR personnel is known for their management skills and the HR portal does the same thing. This tool will help them get more time and focus on other important areas like retention and company culture.

Without delaying much, let’s move ahead and read the key features of the HR portal.

Key Features that make HR portals User Friendly

Below are a few important features that make an HR portal more user-friendly-

Employee Information Management System

Want to store employee information? – HR portal can do that for you. What information can it store? Well, everything from the personal information to insurance plans, performance history, and baking & tax details.

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Recruitment and Hiring Process

Recruitment and hiring are a hefty process. Imagine a portal that can do for you! Yes, that’s right. HR portal can do that too. From creating job descriptions and posting them on the website to filtering the candidates and the background check.

Employee Benefits Management

Along with the hiring and onboarding process, there’s employee benefits management as well. Through this portal, HR teams can compose and update a list of benefits. For employees, they can view and request leaves on that platform only.

Finance Management

Manages the finances like payroll and rewards management.

Time and Attendance Management

HR portal can do time and attendance management with scheduling work shifts, alerting employees on schedule changes, clock in/out, overtime tracking, absence management, and holidays calendar.

Professional Development

Another most important feature is professional development. You can track performance, training programs’ creation and management, and multimedia learning materials.

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What’s the difference between an Employee Portal and an HR Portal?

Now before you ask another question, here’s the difference between an employee management portal and an HR portal.

An employee portal is a digital workplace, containing collaboration and social networking capabilities for employees. While the HR portal manages all the employee and company-related stuff. Now, here are few things that you can integrate into the Employee portal but not the HR portal:

  • Building a knowledge base dedicated to a certain project for internal use.
  • Communication tools to connect remote workers with their colleagues.
  • Tasks planning and tracking.

Get Your HR Portal Built Today!

This was all you needed to know about the HR Portal and its key features. It is important to have a proper HR flow so that your HR team has much time left to spend on other important things to consider like improving or promoting the company culture, working towards employee retention.

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