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Outsourcing Vs In-House – Which One is Better For Mobile App Development Project?

Ever-Hungry Marketers

Marketers are always in search of innovative ideas to serve the audience better and keep engaged forever. With the advent of technologies, smartphones and tablets have captured a vast audience and created new opportunities for the modern businesses and their marketers.

Modern Shoppers

Shoppers are avoiding rushing to a brick store, at far distances by burning fuel and sweating in traffic if they have all comparative shopping info available with a single tap on the touch screen.

If the outgoing lovers go to experience the physical touch of the product in the real world market, they still tempt to check the option for better bargaining on the smart screens through the Internet or the mobile apps they accumulated on the home screen.

Therefore, a business when to find that its rival has acquired space on the real estates of a big chunk of the common audience, their jealousy fire up to take more innovative steps to throw away or down the competitors.

Modern Shoppers

Thus, they become scrappy to do something more than needed, so they think of usability, user experiences, personalization, advanced features, and awesome functionality in the mobile identity of their businesses.

How to Address Advanced Needs

So now the question is that how to achieve all, for a sure-fire success in the market, and see big fortunes streaming continuously in your bank account?

Naturally, if you aim to do big, then your investment should be big in the sense of money, time, and resources. Let’s clarify things further.

You need to invest in infrastructural facilities

Unlike web development, the mobile app development is a hungry resource exercise. For instance, iOS application development always demands Mac and other iOS devices to create a valid development environment. You should have costly sets of devices for testing like iPhone and tablets with different versions of devices and its iOS versions to check performance, compatibility, and user experiences of your mobile app.

Apropos to it, Android is heavily suffering from hardware and software fragmentations. Therefore, it demands myriad of devices with an unending list of Android OS versions. Of course, smart developers have created virtual labs to carry testing of Android apps with the sets of real devices and OS.

Lesson No. 1

For in-house team: You must invest money to bring all required hardware, software, and networking money for in-house mobile app development. Moreover, you have to bear the burden of maintenance, repairing, and upgrade of all components with the new releases in the market.

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Moreover, today mobile app development needs a highly collaborative environment, so you have to invest in intranet and Internet networks along with the full-fledged accessibility of web services and cloud services, is it daunting? It may be for SMBs with the constraints of the budget.

For outsourcing team: The mobile app development company had already invested in it. It is keeping it all updated and using it for more than one client, so it proves cost-effective for the long run.

If your project flows are seldom and irregular, outsourcing is the most feasible option as you have to pay for your work only and free up yourself from all burdens of investment, maintenance, and upgrades of resources.

outsourcing team

Outsourcing companies have support staff to manage all network and cloud services related issues quickly, so it never affects any project at a significant level.

Human Resources
You have to recruit the best breed of mobile developers

Quality products only come through quality human resources. Therefore, creative, talented, and skilled mobile app designers, mobile app programmers, QA developers, and seasoned mobile app marketers are essentialities for high-end and advanced mobile app development.

To accomplish these, you have to invest time, money, and resources for –

  • Hunting talents
  • Training
  • Motivation

For in-house team: Allocating physical space, hiring HR manager, recruiting designers and developers, managing finance for all, train the developers, and motivate them constantly to yield the maximum are tasks that an entrepreneur cannot justify without core competency in the mobile software development niche.

If your business is falling apart from any development category and requiring particular attention towards learning technologies and managing technical staff, it is tough to sail smoothly from all.

For outsourcing unit: Such tasks are routine for a mobile app development company, and they can accumulate desired talents with the pace of time and keep the resource updated for the upcoming technological advancements.

They can offer you multiple options to select the required talents with flexible and cost-effective output in the mind. What an app entrepreneur has to do? It is to hang with a right partner like Perception System and its impeccable mobile app development team to leverage their experience and expertise for the advanced and significant scale of mobile application development projects.

Project Management

Probably you do not know what a tough job to manage techie guys and gals? Of course, you should be tech-savvy and accustomed to all tech terms involved in your project.

For in-house team:

If you are a newbie and a business or a professional, some bitter experiences of project management are norms, and you have to pay for it!

For outsourcing team:

Well, if you do not hire mobile app developers in-house and rely on the offshore companies, your sailing may prove smoothly. Reputed mobile app development companies have experienced, trained, and dependable project managers as well as team leaders to help you out in any odd situation or complexities.

The best development observed recently is an introduction and implementation of the latest project management software that virtually lets clients participate in the development process with decent tools and techniques.

Clients can give their feedback in real-time and collect the latest updates of the project with required details.


Based on the discussion, we can conclude that hiring an in-house mobile app development team is feasible only in certain circumstances and only for a large enterprise with a big budget and long-term work.

Otherwise, hiring offshore app developers or a company is more cost-effective and practical option. However, the modern communication technologies have made it possible to connect you with your offshore app development team within the fraction of the moment, and video chats have made it possible to feel you all in a single room.

These are our angles and experiences. Would you like to share some of yours? Our comment box is welcome you to do so.

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