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How to build a Web Portal for your Online Business: 10 Simple Ways


The post-COVID-19 statistics show that online marketplace trends are on a hike. One-third of consumers in the US increased online spending post lockdown. This shows the on-demand trends in the future for massive consumer engagement through online web portals. A well-planned web portal minimizes the risk and maximizes online visibility.

With the advent of the Internet, enterprises all across the world have rapidly adopted web technologies. Websites have become the face of modern-day enterprises. Along with this, web portals came into existence and soon become a vital part of the online ecosystem. Owing to our years of experience in developing web portals we can conclude that there are three major factors to consider while deciding a way to create an online portal for your business – Time, Cost, and Performance.

There are several methods and strategies for creating a web portal for your business. These are but are not limited to open sources CMS framework, enterprise web technologies and ready web templates. Each of these options is having its own cost, time and reliability factor to decide the best way. Let’s start discussing all these options step by step.

10 Different Ways to create a Portal Website – Let’s evaluate which of these best fits your online business requirement.

There are already multiple approaches to develop website portals and can create a confusion in choosing the best one. Let us explain in detail the top ways to build a web portal while you’re planning to bring your business online.  So, in this article, we will drive you through all different ways about how to create a web portal website, and you yourself can find what best fits with your business nature.

By the end of this article, you’ll be aware of all the ways how your business can use web development approach and its advantages. You will be able to make a suitable decision, to make a web portal development task easier and simpler and get your online business more organized. Let’s get started with web portal development steps.

1. Open-Source Frameworks

The cost-effective way to quickly put your business online, you can build online web portal using industry established open sources.

There are plenty of popular and free open-source frameworks for building websites easily. WordPress, Drupal and Joomla are free open-source CMS (Content Management System) frameworks to build your business website easily and quickly. While Magento, Shopify and WooCommerce are best ecommerce open-source software to build your online shopping cart on the go. 

There are still lots of other open sources available for portal website design in the market. Small businesses have less time span and lower budget. To apt with your time and cost a free open-source web development methodology is the best option to adopt. All these open source tools allows you to easily setup, customize and maintain efficiently.

2. Proprietary Enterprise Frameworks

An enterprise web portal represents your enterprise on the internet. The portal allows you to have your presence broadly across the globe at large scale with an extended audience reach. Hence you need secured, scalable and high-perfuming software solution.

Different enterprise applications pursue unique and exceptional enterprise frameworks depending upon their business nature. An Enterprise Content Management System (ECM) extends the CMS framework propriety by adding wider spectrum of content management for its distributed content practises. While an enterprise ecommerce platform is an ecommerce model that allows online trade requirements at a large scale. Enterprise-level e-commerce framework is scalable with business size and growth synopsis.

Enterprise architecture framework (EA framework) enables building enterprise grade software and influences architecture description of a system at enterprise level instruments. A proprietary software, is also known as licensed software or closed-source software. Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), Contentful are leading content platforms for enterprises, and are one of the most significant enterprise software that revolutionized the world in content management and content distribution.

Salesforce provides enterprise suite for customer relationship management system, focused with customer service, marketing automation, sales tools and analytics. Microsoft Dynamics is an enterprise resource planning framework. The flexibility and comprehensiveness practise of “Microsoft Business Solutions” encompasses for intelligent business applications needs including Supply Chain Management, ERP, and enterprise CRM solutions.

3. Free Website Builders

If your organization, whether its small business, or a start-up appetite, you need a quick web solution with cost constrains to share your new idea to the world. Free Website building tools are the best opportunities to launch your venture easily and to fray away coding jargons. Website builders are a perfect way to create any kind of web portal without hiring any web developers or web designers.

Wix, Weebly and Squarespace are simple tools to go online quickly with your any difficult business ideas. There are so many other such web building tools already available in the market. However, you must choose the the best tool that can bring the perfect solution for your online business concept. You need to define your features list first. For an example, if you have online shopping, blogging, product showcasing, or online booking functionalities. Also need to consider content changes and other factors before going with any website builder.

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4. SAAS (Software As A Services)

If you have a tight timeline and a good budget to bring your product quickly on internet, you can develop your web portal without overburdening with custom software development process.

Entrepreneurs love SAAS based web portals, for its pay-as-you-go model. Such SAAS products are built on scalable and secured platforms, and have invested in lightweight, easy-to-maintain software solution.

SAAS platforms helps online businesses from diverse industry domains including B2B and B2C. It helps with all type of business legacy solutions built for specific business models giving their owners a competitive edge. Concur is the best example to connect your financial transactions and control your expenditure management efficiently anywhere, anytime with intelligent automation tools. Another good example is DocuSign, to manage your documents and electronic agreements with real-time notifications and approval mechanism.

5. Ready Website Templates & Themes

Another relaxed way for you to start your website is choosing from a selection of templates for your portal idea. The better ones, such as template monster, LWE and theme forest, use templates that automatically reformat your site for viewing on mobile devices. Ready web templates providers hold the palm of supremacy if you need a ready high-quality template, or ready-to-install theme solutions. You can easily find suitable templates for service portals like online education, wedding and event management.

Such web template marketplace, have the ample number of web portal design options available with desired functionalities and features for your small web portal needs. They also offer specifically designed templates based on your business category, industry and profession purpose, wide selection-based colour schemes, fonts, and page layouts.

6. Web Hosting Ready Solutions

WPEngine, Cloudways and DigitalOcean are few companies that offer a great balance between affordability and great functionality for ready hosted solutions. They are more suitable especially for ecommerce, blog, forum and gaming applications, that come with cloud-based managed hosting framework. Hosted web portals come with installation ready framework, managed by third party software providers and licensee. You can access such setup entirely from a remote server or location and can access it globally through the Internet.

Their cloud servers come with built-in features set of, staging, production and auto scaling environment. You can balance your hosting resources as your portal website grows. With the increasing popularity of WordPress, Drupal and Magento as a web portal creation platform, they are now offering Managed Hosting and packaged website tools.

7. Server less Mobile App

Dynamic Websites with pre-built Serverless technologies is an easier way to build your business application portal on a cloud.

Serverless computing is all on its worth amongst the upcoming concept of managing less in-term of resources while building more in-term of functionalities. This technology is a futuristic vision and still quite new, a lot of cloud companies are going out of their way to building outstanding web solutions for effective business operations.

Serverless Components, and 15 other such frameworks are available for creating serverless web and mobile apps. They are compatible with all the cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. Moreover, these frameworks support all major web programming languages including node.JS, Python, Go, Java, and PHP.

8. Microservice Architecture

Microservice architecture is inherited from service-oriented architecture, it’s a set application as a collection of loosely-coupled services. Microservices based web applications are being developed as a single application from the set of small services, with each service running on its own process. These services inter communicate to grain application that require high scalability, while subsystems scale vertically.

You can use many technologies based on Java, Pyhton and .NET Core and NodeJS for this. You can start developing distinct micro services independently and run them side by side. Thus, you can build a reliable platform to extend your business taking advantage of technology disruption.

If you are planning to launch a large web portal with complex online business processes, this architecture can design your web application that goes with your needs. Microservices based websites enable you to easily change the functional requirements and scale of your product, as well as add things on the go whenever required. 

Amazon, Netflix, Uber, and Etsy use this approach to simplify different components of their web platforms, and monoliths and scaled for exceptional apexes with Microservices paradigm.

9. Ready Portal Scripts

There are millions of professional scripts already being developed being sold on software cloning script marketplace. Such scripts selling firms offer readymade, especially PHP scripts including source code with all rights.

You can purchase website clones ready to buy scripts with full license copy. There are readymade open scripts available for news portals, B2B marketplaces, patient & healthcare Portals, customer portals & sales portals complementing the industry needs to have high revenue.

10. Custom Web Development

Custom Web Development is the best way to give you and your customers a greatest experience possible. This is the best way for designing a web portal that yields success. Agile based ongoing web development strategy, where you keep making suggestions very well and keep improving your portal.

Custom web development means with supporting excellent usability, scalability and compatibility for responsive and Omni channel user accessibility.

Complex web portal software always requires custom programming approach, you need to follow a series of steps to begin with, like what query you aim to solve with your portal, who are your customers and your portal visitors? What technical skills and workforce you have to operate it? And more.

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