Undoubtedly, rising unemployment is dominating 2020. The COVID-19 outbreak has forced companies to adopt not-hiring policies which further fuels to unemployment in various sectors. One of the pharmaceutical companies laid off 3,300 employees while new hiring was also not encouraged as only 20% of new recruitment is taking place.

According to Nasscom, 60% of the major companies have escaped layoffs, but this did not add to employment as these companies retained their original staff. Now, both employers and job-seekers looking for new recruitment and jobs respectively. The following Features of a job portal project offered by Perception System provide a necessary bridge between the two encouraging robust online job portal development.Job Portal Website Features

Unemployment rate during Coronavirus outbreak
(Source: https://www.statista.com/statistics/1112606/poland-unemployment-rate-during-covid-19-pandemic/)


The internet-based recruitment portals are rapidly growing and taking centre stage in the hiring process as more companies close out offline recruitment and go for e-recruitment.

As per the estimation by Gartner, global IT spending is projected to increase by 3.4%, which is equivalent to $3.9 trillion in 2020. At the same time, 2.3 million new jobs will be created due to advancing artificial intelligence technology. 

Thus, from the above figures, you can say that the demand for online job search is going to include due to the advancement of technology. If you are planning to create a flawless features of a good job portal, then you should consist of these recommended features. Let’s discuss how you can enhance the job portal features for smoother user experience. 

Easy registration

No recruiter or job seeker wants to go around every conversation with stupid details. The registration process should not be complicated as no candidate would choose to go through different stages to register different subscriptions. Thus, easy registration is widely preferred by all registration seekers.

Paid or unpaid portal

Although not every job seeker wants to spend some money on the job portal, many still pay the minimum amount to increase the visibility of their resume. However, some job portals charge for registration. Some companies pay less for such portals which helps them to get a qualified candidate.


Job seekers expect immediate services from the job portal. The job portal website features provide the seeker with regular updates about job vacancies, the filters for which he has applied. Some portals offer full resume service to job seekers. Reorganized resumes promote and also unlock new job opportunities. This feature can help job seekers and recruiters to search concerning:

  • Geographical locations
  • Experience
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Companies
  • Part-time and full-time

Top recruitment companies

Job seekers, especially freshers, want to kick start their professional lives by working with a reputable company. Similarly, experienced job seekers are looking for a new opportunity with a reliable employer. Thus, many reputable companies post job vacancies on various job portals to find the right candidate.

Recruiter’s suggestions page

The advice page is an essential feature of every job portal. It provides various tips to all job seekers by professionals who can help you get the right job opportunity according to their field.

Mobile application

This is another critical point we cannot miss. Most job portals have an application that enhances the ease of accessing anytime and anywhere. Job Seeker can quickly check information about the latest job openings on these mobile apps.

  • Encourage them to download mobile apps
  • Create a seamless experience for desktop and mobile devices
  • Offer lucrative discounts for singing up through mobile apps

Job Alerts

The job alert feature notifies the recruiters and job seekers whenever a new job is posted on the portal. Your online job portal development will lose its purpose if this feature is neglected or avoided in your portal. You must encourage job seekers and recruiters to enable push notifications while signing up for the job portal.

User interface

A feature of all job search portals is a simple user interface. The design of a job search website is essential for its popularity and usefulness. Well-designed and straightforward web layout and user interface enhance its functionality. The custom web development solution here will help fulfil the objectives.

  • Easy to navigate
  • Smooth interaction
  • Intuitive buttons

Home page

It has a ubiquitous user-specific home page, with resume post and editing options, step-by-step user guides, and job search buttons all in one place. These job portal website features make it easy for job seekers to resume on the jobs of their choice. Here are a few points that you can consider while designing a home page for the job portal.

  • Log in/Sign up tab
  • Contact us tab
  • Jobs tab
  • Services
  • Tools
  • Recruiters page
  • Search bar

Search bar

Additional Search is the main feature of the Perfect Job Search Portal. It provides field-specific job search results, for example, in the Middle East, the United States or anywhere in the world. Additional searches make the job portal smarter.

Keywords implement

Rendering keywords make job search much more comfortable. This allows the user to search for field-specific, skill-specific or knowledge-specific keywords and get results accordingly. More filters may show a city or state-specific job search results below.

Valid HR procedures

The career portal is not only useful for collecting applications, but it also helps organizations perform seamless HR processes. Here are some critical areas where your system should take care of itself.

Extensive talent sourcing

Recruiters usually use a lot of means to fill the right positions, such as job sites, social media, partner sites, referrals, etc. Your solution should provide your recruitment team with the ability to concentrate all your recruitment efforts into a unified pool. Talent, giving them powerful tools and insights as to which candidate’s source works best for your organization.

Analytical tools

It is essential to have the means to measure its ROI in quantitative metrics to determine whether your chosen career portal solution has added value to your organization. Therefore, a receipt report should be submitted on your chosen platform that allows you to measure:

  • Number, variety and quality of candidates reached each stage of the recruitment
  • Resources that have helped your organization reach out the most suitable candidate
  • Recruitment team activities and their interactions with job seekers
  • Analysing the performance of the recruitment agencies

10 Features Every Job Portal Should Have Today

Methods use to hire candidates
(Source: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/312441)

Virtual Interviews

Your job portal should facilitate virtual interviews between the job seekers and the recruiters. They can schedule the interview when the applicants and the interviewers can mutually agree. You simply need to integrate a communication channel that encourage them to take virtual interviews without meeting them in person.

Final thoughts

Planning to create a flawless job search portal? Perception System can offer reliable, scalable and efficient job portal solutions. We have successfully delivered many high-performing recruitment sites for India’s leading recruitment companies and diverse global clients.

We offer comprehensive job portal solutions created with cutting-edge technology that deliver scalable results. Drop us an email at [email protected] to discuss your job portal project.