7 Mobile Application Development Ideas that can Change the World in 2021

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We are still at an early stage of the smartphone revolution where everything has just begun to happen. There are still many changes, ups, and downs, lows and highs that this industry is going to go through, both in terms of software technology as well as hardware machinery.

At the forefront of this smartphone revolution, are mobile apps. Mobile apps can be identified as the real drivers of this digital revolution that we see around us these days. In this revolution, no one wants to be laid back neither businesses nor customers, and grab every opportunity available in this space for them.

From individuals to startups and from MSMEs to industry-leading business enterprises, everyone is looking towards this technology and the impact it could bring on their business. Having a mobile app for your business has almost become synonymous with business growth. It is the most prominent tool for attracting the right set of customers to your business.

Research shows that there are more than 4.5 million mobile apps combined available on Google Play App Store as well as the iOS app store. The increased demand for mobile apps among businesses will lead to an estimated rise in revenue from $693 Billion in 2021 to $935 Billion in 2023.

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With the need arising for innovative mobile apps in several sectors of business, enterprise mobile app development is truly the need of the hour in 2021. All you need to make your business successful here is a billion-dollar idea and the best mobile app development services which understand your requirements and pour life into your business and provide custom mobile app development services specially suited for your business.

Now, let’s have a look at the 7 best mobile application ideas in 2021: –

Health Check-Up and Fitness Apps

One of the biggest app ideas that nobody can even think of missing is virtual health apps. App makers have to acknowledge the fact that the Covid – 19 pandemic has severe implications on both our physical and mental health. Changes have been observed in the medical profession which was never thought of before.

Mobile apps felicitating healthcare experts, medical staff as well as patients would prove to be groundbreaking. Apps that allow medical professionals to track patient’s fitness data, communicate with them through remote appointments, monitor them virtually at home using AR/VR technology, measure heart rate, body temperature, and blood pressure of the patients, and keeps a track of their diet intake by measuring the number of calories are some best custom mobile app development ideas in this segment.

Moreover, to meet the increasing demand for patient management systems, EHR (Electronic Health Record Application) which manages patient records electronically is now also amongst the best mobile application ideas to consider in the healthcare industry.

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M-Commerce Apps

Mobile commerce popularly known as M-Commerce refers to the mobile shopping experience by using devices such as a smartphone, tablet, and other wearables. With more people shifting towards mobile purchasing, the future of M-commerce apps looks promising.

A simple ‘scan and shop’ app for your marketplace can help you get ahead of several other online shopping websites in the industry as well as your competitors. By assimilating machine learning, Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality (MR), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) you can achieve successful running of contactless ordering apps that enhance the overall customer experience. They are proven to be very useful for retailers and local businesses.

Live commerce apps, AI-based easy checkout apps, shopping assistant apps, virtual product apps, reward point and loyalty app are some of the trending M-Commerce app ideas to be implemented this year.

Contactless Ordering Apps

Contactless applications that facilitate the overall shopping experience at your local shop or restaurant is a problem many businesses have been looking for a solution. These next-generation apps can be used majorly for restaurants that enable table reservations, contactless takeout, home delivery and dine – in-restaurant experience. In addition to that features like contactless restaurant menu through QR codes and applications and payment without any human – interaction will redefine the contactless ordering apps segment in the time to come.

Try–on Apps

With people mostly sitting at home and self – isolating, the real showrooms have come to a halt. To attract more customers now brands have started to go digital or rather mobile to help their customers try their products sitting at home in the same way that they do in the showroom.

Try on mobile apps created using AR/VR technology are garnishing a lot of attention. Some of the best ideas here could be a virtual ring and jewelry trying app, virtual ring try-on apps for several products, AR-based floor planner apps, optical try-on apps, virtual product showcases, and apps that support virtual trying of garments can soon be in demand, so grab the opportunity as it comes.

On-Demand and Delivery Apps

On-demand and delivery apps have been one of the most successful business models in the 21st century. People are looking towards this industry for getting access to several essential life services at their comfort. Therefore, apps supporting taxi/cab booking, food grocery delivery, merchandise delivery, at home service delivery of essential services (like plumbing, haircut, car wash, car and bike repairing, etc) and several other on-demand home service booking apps can prove to be successful app ideas in the future for many businesses.

E-Learning Apps

There is no doubt about the fact that education has shifted online. Online education brings mobility and ease to both the learner and the tutor. To fulfill this demand virtual learning apps, exam study apps (which enable virtual student group studies, promote discussion and material sharing, and helps them learn new skills), language learning apps, online course provider apps, and many other kinds of e-learning apps have invited huge attention. With schools and colleges going remote they could prove to be of great use for both of them to communicate effectively with students.

Travel Apps

The final biggest mobile app idea for 2021 is travel mobile apps. Travelers are looking for a modern, homely, and social experience while choosing hotels, holiday homes, booking air and rail travel tickets, and selecting food arrangements during their trips. Travel planners, destination suggestions, online travel community, travel budget managers, hotel booking, air and rail ticket booking apps, and travel review apps (for accommodation, flight, and food review) are some of the biggest in-demand apps for the travel industry looking forward to a fresh start.

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Some final words…

There is no doubt about the fact that the future in the mobile app domain is very optimistic with an increased number of opportunities. Finally, it should be noted that app development requires a lot of effort, detailing, and specially designed user interface systems. So, rather than doing it by yourself, it is recommended that you get it done through a web app development company that helps your mobile application stand out at the technological and the marketing front of your competitors.