How to build a successful e-commerce mobile app

Mar 25 2021

How to Build a Successful E-Commerce Mobile App?

85% of smartphone users around the world prefer to use mobile applications for e-commerce rather than using a website. E-commerce mobile applications ...

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Client Portal in WordPress and the best Client Portal Plugins

Feb 15 2021

7 Mobile Application Development Ideas that can Change the World in 2021

We are still at an early stage of the smartphone revolution where everything has just begun to happen. There are still many changes, ups, and downs, ...

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Mar 8 2019

Things you need to know about mobile apps to boost your restaurant business

If you own or run a restaurant and are looking for ways to grow your brand, reputation and revenue then mobile app development should be something you...

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Feb 28 2019

Fundamentals of Mobile Apps in the Beauty and Wellness Industry

Beauty and wellness services are getting big volume in terms of revenues and number of customers in the USA and across the globe. To manage the custom...

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Features Every Mobile Healthcare Application Should Have

Mobiles are in-thing, and everyone loves to use mobile apps. An integrated mobile app with a digital system of a hospital proves a big blessing, and t...

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Nov 13 2018

How to handle challenges faced by start-ups when developing mobile apps

As a start-up, a successful app is a great way to make a name for yourself quickly. But it is not quite as easy as all that. There are a number of obs...

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React Native The Right Platform

Oct 24 2018

Why React Native The Right Platform For Your Startup Mobile App?

Mobile app development community is more inclined to React Native framework compared to other JS framework today. It spurts a question in mind that wh...

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Why is Magento 2 is the Best Choice for Mobile Commerce?

One cannot argue the fact that M-commerce is on its peak these days. According to Statista, there are no less than 2.3 Billion smartphone users across...

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Apr 28 2018

Use React Native Goodies Else Fail

Just like other mobile app development team, we at Perception System also looking for the ways to create app fast, quality app, and expect the best pe...

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Top 10 small business startup ideas for Techie Entrepreneurs with less investment

Nov 1 2017

Top 10 small business startup ideas for Techie Entrepreneurs with less investment

You will find plenty of business ideas if keen to start your own. If you are creative and have talents, ideas, opportunities are waiting for you. And ...

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Feb 23 2017

8 Effective Ways to Promote Your Mobile App

A farmer is glad and excited at the sighting of the sprouting seed but he recognized that this is just a beginning and the harvest season is far-far a...

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Feb 17 2017

8 Top JavaScript Frameworks For Mobile App Development in 2017

The sales explosion of smartphones in the recent years has made them cheap and affordable. The number of persons using the Internet has been increasin...

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Nov 21 2016

Mobile Commerce Trends 2017: Opportunities and Challenges With Statistics

According to Forrester research, by end of 2017 U.S mobile users will spend $90 billion via mobile payments. That is a 48% increase over the $12.8 bil...

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Oct 25 2016

9 Mobile App Development Mistakes Startups Should Avoid In 2017

Adoption of new technologies and business evolution are necessary for any business to successes. Businesses must keep themselves update their business...

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Sep 20 2016

The Mobile POS – Using iPad getting It Right

If you want to overcome mobile POS drawbacks, iPad is an excellent choice with advanced features and capabilities. It can solve your purpose of excell...

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Aug 25 2016

How to Develop Successful iPhone App for Your Dream Business

Developing successful iPhone application involves familiarity with iPhone technologies, terminologies, and skills so you can hire right team of iPhone...

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Why Restaurant / Hospitality Industry Must Develop Mobile App?

Restaurants mobile apps help your hospitality business grow further. Custom mobile app for your restaurant gives additional weight to your marketing a...

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Jul 27 2016

2016 Trends in Acquiring Customers for Spa & Salon Using Mobile Apps

Spa & Salons are no more inferior businesses that we can ignore in the list of growing industries. They have full potentials to acquire more visitors ...

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May 23 2016

Outsourcing Vs In-House – Which One is Better For Mobile App Development Project?

In-house Vs outsourcing is a decade old debate in the software industry and mobile app development is adding more dimensions to it. In-house is feasib...

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How Apple’s ResearchKit Can Take Your Healthcare App to The Next Level

iPhone is a revolutionary device, and it’s not limited for use in gaming and social apps - it has all potential of transforming medical science to n...

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How iPad POS Helps you to accelerate your business growth in 2017?

Perception System has come up with a solution this time and it's a point of sale app that runs on your iPad. The solution is brandable & customizable ...

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Dec 17 2015

8 Reasons Why Your Beauty and Hair Salon Business Must Have a Mobile App?

This is the age of digital marketing and if you’re missing out on your online customers, you are making the biggest blunder in your business.

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how to build host wordPress website on AWS cloud

May 15 2015

5 Major Mistakes That Demolish Your Mobile Application

Going to begin with mobile application development project? Yes! You should go through this blog and find out mistakes that can destroy your mobile ap...

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Mar 26 2015

Why Your Business Needs a Mobile Application?

In this world of technology, most of the people stick with the mobile devices, tablets and other hand-held devices.If you are running a high-end busin...

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how to build host wordPress website on AWS cloud

Mar 20 2015

Developers Can Develop Multi-screen Applications With Google Reference App

Recently, Google has introduced a new Android example application for apps meant for multiple form factors and screen sizes. If you want to get more i...

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Mar 10 2015

15 Best Mobile App Development Frameworks of 2016

Want to develop mobile application that runs multiple mobile platforms?If yes, this blog has a list of top 15 mobile app development frameworks that y...

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Mar 3 2015

7 Reasons Why Your Company Needs a Mobile Application?

In this competitive world, it is highly important for your company to have a mobile application that helps your clients in many ways.In this blog, you...

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Feb 23 2015

WhatsSpy Public Tracking Your WhatsApp Activities Even With Strictest Privacy Setting

A Dutch university student, ‘Maikel Zweerink’ has developed a web-based tool that allows you to track WhatsApp users. Not believing? Check-out thi...

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Jan 28 2015

PhotoScrambler – An App to Secure Your Photos From Unwanted Use

Now, you can easily secure your images from unnecessary use as PhotoScrambler is the best application obtainable for both Windows Phone and Windows 8 ...

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Jan 16 2015

Top 15 Mobile Application Development Tools To Build Your Own App in 2016

Are you looking forward for developing your own mobile application for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone or BlackBerry platform?If yes, you should check-...

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Dec 3 2014

Micromax & Cyanogen Ties up & Said CyanogenMod OS Available to Only Micromax Phones

Micromax tied up with Cyanogen to launch CyanogenMod OS that will be exclsuviely obtainable for only Micromax phones in India.To get more information ...

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Dec 1 2014

Google’s Nexus 6 – A List of Features That Makes Buyers Go Crazy

Google’s Nexus 6 is stuffed with a comprehensive range of features that compel you to purchase this high-end device.You can make your life a lot eas...

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Nov 19 2014

Sony Xperia Z4 LCD Touch Digitizer Leaks – A Device Looks Set For MWC

A lot rumors are claiming that Sony is going to launch its Sony Xperia Z4 in Las Vegas during CES 2015 event.Still, the company has not confirmed this...

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Nov 12 2014

8 Mobile Apps Development Trends for 2016 that Developers Should Know

There are lots of new trends of mobile application development industry that are going to take place in 2016.To know more about those trends, you can ...

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Aug 25 2014

Journey of Open-Source Mobile Phones OS – Beginning to Now

In this modern mobile tech world, open-source mobile operating systems play an important role for tech-lovers. But, do you know what open source mobil...

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