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Importance of Having Website and Mobile app for Beauty-salon businesses


Salon business is an evergreen niche and demands growing for quality service providers and business growing thanks to increased sophistication and remedies. Therefore, people love to spend more time on self-enhancement than ever using beauty salon, hair salon, spa centers, and beauty products available in the market.

In previous eras, mostly women were taking interests in the beauty industry due to inherent instincts to look beautiful. Recently, men also are visiting such places and join in fashion and beauty style trends across the globe. Everyone looks beautiful or handsome, fit, and stylists to stand out from the crowd.

Mobile devices have eased their life to find the right place and best service provider in the vicinity in a big radius. They are ready to drive some more miles to find quality treatments at the best bargaining rates.

Beauty industry users have two ways to access the service providers, a website and mobile app. However, the mobile application provides enhanced user experiences than a website. Therefore, the mobile app is the first preference for such users.

I have taken deep insights in the user-base of beauty and salon industry. My observations and next topic will interest only those users who are a part of the business niche including owners or managers of hair & beauty salon, spa center, and hair & beauty product stores.

Of course, many ecommerce stores investing in beauty and hair products also have some inspirations here to build a mobile application to woo their customers on various mobile platforms.

Why Beauty & Hair Salon Industry Needs a Mobile App?

We have seen some different components of the industry. It means, we have to build a separate mobile application for each part of the hair & beauty industry.

It is true that many entrepreneurs run all parts cumulatively in a single but large premise. Despite they need separate apps or modules in a single, but a big app. Let’s see how each module is benefiting the respective industry and what features should have in it.

Hair & Beauty Salon Mobile App Development

Hair and beauty salon shops require the following common features and functions to help their customers and win the game in the niche business.

Shop Finding App

New customers always looking services in the vicinity and integration of Google Map like services in the app helps them to locate the store on the map and based on GPS services get direction as well as other location info quickly to reach there using the best route and commuting services.

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Appointment Booking App

Today, customers prefer to book their appointment first, and an app is the best way to do it. App provides the general calendar of the schedule so the customer can select data and time as per the availability.

Some beauty shops and hairdressing salons are demanding some upfront payment to confirm the customers and avoid unwanted gaps in their schedules. So, the app must have payment gateways integrated to make a quick and secure payment.

For the sake of confirmation of the booking, app notification or email notification, as well as payment receipt via the app, is essential functionality.

Smart Mobile Catalog App

a catalog of services along with photos of styles, reviews, ratings, and testimonials make a great sense to the tech-savvy and smart customers. Price or rate comparison engine integration with standard market helps choosy customers to select your services easily and quickly without going to or browsing other shops.

You can create relevant service combo packages and offer incentives on it. Service video or product usage video is the next thing than beautiful images in your catalog app.

Incentive Offering App

In-app discounts, coupons, vouchers, gifts, gift cards, and various deals like daily or weekly deals as well as loyalty cards are some great ideas to woo one-time consumers and convert them as loyal customers. Incentives can increase your visits and let you sustain as well as grow in the market.

To offer various incentives and collect useful data of customers, the mobile app acts as a catalyst system. You can offer registration and login features for the same purposes as well as let your one-time visitors have guest checkout for the sake of the best user experiences.

Push notification is a great tool to intimate your customers and working staff for updates and fill the communication gap while delivering your services and incentives on it.

Spa & Wellness Center Mobile App Development

Wellness centers used to treat the body and mind to be fit and healthy. Skincare services through natural healing are found as a core activity in modern wellness centers. Spa centers contain a sauna or bath with warm, cold, and medicated water. Natural oils and herbal medicines are mainly used in message centers. Solarium facilities can beautify skins in the most natural ways.

Therefore, a mobile application can help such centers to describe their services with required details, multimedia content including images and videos, and display portfolio or success stories to build the trust.

Spa and wellness centers need all features and functionality described in the hair and beauty salon app section above. For more details, please refer to the beauty and hair salon solutions created by Perception System, San Jose, by being a leading beauty and hair salon solution provider company in the USA.

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Hair & Beauty Products Selling Mobile App Development

Product selling apps fall into ecommerce category applications and must have features, which you can expect in ecommerce App Development.


Now, we know how an app can change the scenario of hair and beauty treatment services by providing easy management, best customer-experiences, and efficient marketing tools. Perception System, San Jose, USA is a leading Service Provider for Beauty and Hair Salon Mobile App Development. It has enough experiences and adequate talents to deal with any scale of beauty and hair salon apps in cost-effective ways.