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Importance of Education Website Development in 2020

The internet has created opened up huge potential in the world of education. Besides giving schools, colleges, universities and other institutions the opportunity to promote themselves to prospective students, they are also standalone educational benefits to tap into.
An educational site can be a source of information. It can host self-learning courses, provide information about syllabuses, contain learning resources and much more. With the help of educational website development solutions, it’s possible to create websites that have a range of possibilities. Let us have a look at a few benefits of educational websites.

Importance of Educational Websites

A valuable platform for institution information:

Having a website is a must for any educational institution. It’s not just businesses that need an online presence in order to succeed. Your institution needs to break down geographical boundaries and a website plays a crucial role in enabling this.
The kind of information your site can display is also very varied. Besides information about courses, faculties, the physical building, and timetables, you can use your site to provide course materials, reading lists, and interactive forums.
Your site can be used as a contact or focal point for students, with calls to action making it easier for people to get in touch. There is an essential tool for reaching out.
Prospective students and parents are always looking for more information about any educational organisation. They need information about the infrastructure and management, as well as about the courses and services offered. This allows them to make informed decisions about whether or not it is a suitable fit for them and their children.

How the customised experience can drive interest?:

Educational website development services can combine personalised and regular design. This ensures that the webpage is not just responsive but can also target the right kind of audience. It is possible to use infographics, color imagery, and typography to make a more effective point. One picture really does tell a thousand words.
Infographics can create an immersive experience for students, making it a valuable way of explaining the programmes and courses that you offer. It is important to make sure that you are offering a high standard of information and content, including high-quality images, professional photographs, and high-definition videos.

In-depth content really is king:

You may have seen websites for other schools and colleges where the information provided is somewhat lacking. Creating an educational website, you should see this as your opportunity to go really in-depth. Always make sure that you are more than satisfying the curiosity of your reader.
Remember that as a place of learning, people are expecting you to be an authority on your subject areas. You should try and make study materials available online and make your site a valuable resource both for existing and future students.
If your students have doubts or questions, they should be able to get answers or even direct access to a teacher through your site. Use your site to become a leader in your field.

The importance of video content:

The younger generation is increasingly reliant on visual content, so you should see your site as the perfect platform to host these materials. Upload example tutorials and lectures, interactive video content or simple promotional material to capture their attention.
Get creative and make videos that can really attract attention and tap into the potential of social media sharing to get the message out. Make the most of your site as a branding opportunity.
You can even use virtual reality to provide students with tours. And if you are not VR ready now, you can future-proof your site so that you can make use of this technology when it becomes more affordable in the near future.

Why responsive design is the future:

Accessibility on the go is essential for future growth. With more than half of all web traffic going through mobile devices, and that number set to rise, you need to make sure that your educational website is responsive and works across a range of devices.
The internet gives you the ability to reach readers and students wherever they are in the world. This is one of the major benefits of educational websites..

Your website as a tool for publicity:

Of course, not everything you do as an institution can take place online. In fact, everyday events take place in the physical world. Your educational website is a great place to publicize your upcoming events and provide information that can boost attendance.
Besides publicizing events, you can also use your platform to let people know about organizational and individual awards. This includes accreditation information, student results, extra-curricular achievements and much more. You can also use your web platform to publicize links, positive press, and other reviews.
The concept of education or school websites is still new in many countries but has been gaining acceptance at a steady pace.  The goal is simple but challenging: provide schools and educators with affordable, effective and easy-to-use tools that expose the changing needs in today’s education industry.

Types of Education Websites in Demand

Educational Video Websites

An educational video website is one where study materials and other educational stuff is put up in a video format. Notable educational video websites include Teacher Tube, Discovery Education, Ted Videos, etc.

Digital Libraries

Digital libraries are a type of an educational website  where all educational stuff or research and study material is saved and displayed in digital formats such as text, images, audio, videos etc. They are also known as online libraries.

How-to Websites

How-to websites focus on content on how to do certain stuff or how they work in detailed steps. These websites generously use photos and videos to help visitors absorb the information more easily. Notable How-to websites include –  WikiHow, Howcast, EHow, etc.


By using our education development services here at Perception System, You can develop an educational website that really works for your institution. We have worked extensively with a number of educational institutions and organisations like Georgetown University, British Columbia University, BML Munjal University and Indian Institutes of Management Ahmedabad and know what it takes to help your site have the biggest impact possible.
You should see your website in a number of different ways. First, it should be a promotional opportunity and a chance to work on your branding and marketing. Use the website to develop your color scheme and logo, publicize events and achievements or simply to provide regular updates.
You can also use the site for administrative purposes, with information about opening times, timetables, holidays and more. This makes it an important resource for parents and students looking to get more information.
Then there is the opportunity to use your site as a learning platform – whether this is providing teaching or course materials, encouraging distance learning, or in-depth content. With the help of a web development company or special education development services, it may be easier than you think to transform the way you use your website.
Get in touch with our team here at Perception System to find out more about our wordpress web development and education development services. We look forward to hearing from you.


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Publish on Jul 13 2020