How to Convert Flash Website into HTML Site?

Today, lots of people worldwide have degraded the Flash for having various security flaws in its design. Very frankly, Steve Jobs had stated that Apple’s devices would not support the Flash player, and suddenly that time, HTML5 came into existence as the new future of online animation, web based games and multimedia.
There are lots of web developers and enthusiasts, who are not ready to give-up developing interactive web content with Flash, the idea, which Flash might go away or not up to the mark of this modern world of online multimedia.

“If you are one of the businessmen, who have a flash based website, it is good for you to convert your flash based website into HTML site so that your customers will not get any problem while accessing it.”

If you have decided to convert your flash site into HTML one, FlashtoHTML5 is the best service for any company that is looking to run a flash-based website.
Well, the concept of converting is a lot easier as this service will take your Flash website and can convert it into an HTML5 in approximately 72 hours.
It helps you to completely convert your content and deploying it in place of your old website.
There were times when Flash websites considered as cool and every businessman wanted to have a Flash website as nobody wants that their customers face a problem while accessing a site.
But time has been changed as Flash is not cool anymore even it becomes a big problem for all.

Flash Sites are not supported with hundreds of devices

In America, currently 9 out of 10 people have a mobile phone and approximately 20% of all mobile sales as smart-phones. Now, you can find people, who prefer to access their websites on the go rather than on desktop computer.
We know that Flash is not working on lots of mobile phones, so it is obvious that if you have a Flash-based website, you are losing lots of visitors and leads.

Flash Website Also Affects Your Search Rankings

As we all know that Google’s bots are not considering flash files as the part of your website’ content, so if you have all those preloaded audio-visual on your website, it is useless if you are not getting targeted audience on your site.
You are losing market share without search engine rankings and non-flash-driven competitors are gaining benefits.

A Perfect Solution for It

Now, you can easily get your Flash website converted to HTML5 as it is not only viewable on tablets, smart-phones and other cell-phones, but it is also helpful in showing-up delightful in any web browser.
Once you convert it in to HTML5, search engines will surely crawl and index the content of your website that can boost the search engine rankings. It will be easy for you to change the site’s content without having to edit flash images.
With changing the scenario of World Wide Web, you should also convert your site from Flash to HTML5, which is highly necessary. Today, FlashtoHTML5 helps a lot in converting as it is cost-effective yet easy regardless of complication of Flash builds.
Apart from this, there is one another tool, Swiffy that is Google’s Flash SWF-to-HTML5 conversion project.
As like Adobe’s Toolkit for developingJS, Swiffy is also helping in converting Flash graphics and animations to HTML5, but not like Adobe’s Toolkit. Swiffy is also well-known for converting Actionscript 2.0 to Javascript. Well, the flash sound is not supported.
If you wanted to continue to modify the code and work out the bugs in the conversion, the toolkit for CreateJS can separate the Flash file into its component assets the exported html5 file that seems to difficult to work.
Apart from this, Swiffy is also Google’s Flash SWF-to-HTML5 conversion project. As like Adobe’s Toolkit for CreateJS, Swiffy can also convert Flash graphics and animations to HTML5, but unlike Adobe’s Toolkit, Swiffy can also convert Actionscript 2.0 to Javascript.
However, the flash sound class is not supported. The toolkit for CreateJS that seperates the Flash file into its component assets the exported HTML5 file that seems different to work if you are looking to change the code and work out the bugs in the conversion. By converting the Flash.swf file to HTML5, swiffy is working simply.

Let’s take one example

Here you can see preview of Flash image through SWF and HTML5 image through swiffy. So can you tell the difference?


image credit : AlsaCreations
Below, you can RIGHT+Click on the animations in order to see if they are Flash or not?
Click on demo button To see an example of a Flash Movie through SWF.
Now, you can click on below demo button to see the same Flash movie as HTML5 through Swiffy.
However, if you are finding it difficult to do it by your own, you should contact a professional company that offers service of converting flash website into HTML site. Perception System is delivering rich quality converting Flash into HTML5 service, so what are you waiting for, just send your query and get instant solution.

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