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Top 15 Mobile Application Development Tools To Build Your Own App


With the advent of smart-phones, the demand for innovative yet robust quality mobile application has been increased as everyone is looking to get their desired application that has rich features and functionalities. However, there are lots of people, who are trying their hands on developing their own mobile application.

Apart from this, various small-business owners have also decided to make their own mobile application as several ways are there to do it. But before you jump in the mobile application development pool, you should check out some of the best and advanced mobile application development tools that are listed below.


Today, AppMakr is a high-end tool that allows newbies and developers to develop their own iPhone and android applications. It is one of the easiest ways to make a mobile app for your small business, community group or blog with the help of drag-and-drop mobile app maker.


In other words, this high-end tool is a do-it-yourself application creation platform, enabling anyone to make their own iPhone apps, Android apps and HTML5 mobile formatted websites —with no coding required. Moreover, users of this tool can use existing content and social networking feeds in order to produce a lot of approaches for their app.

It comes with a range of features, including location-aware GeoRSS, push notifications, custom CSS and JavaScript capabilities. Perfectly works on the iOS, Android and Windows systems, AppMakr is obtainable for free of cost.

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Appsbar is a feature-rich mobile application builder that is obtainable for free of cost for all the app builders and application lovers. You can join now and start developing your own free mobile application as application has been the must-have tech accessory for a lot of people.


However, it is also true that not all the people have expertise in developing highly functional apps, but using this tool, people can make a high mobile application for any operating systems like iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and more.

The best thing about this tool is that it comes with a lot of features like user-friendly, free to use, tech support, video tutorials and more.


Configure.IT is a complete mobile app development platform with lots of premium feature


It has also removed compilation while previewing an app. Enjoy real-time preview by only screen splash. It provides MySQL database to build enterprise level and database oriented apps. There are 200+ customization properties available for native control. Don’t worry about scalability and performance because it is hundred percent cloud based platform.

The rest is to publish an app on an app store! Configure.IT creates an app in accordance with app store guidelines that match market standards. That means you can get a market-ready app with reusability and without lock-in. You can also download the source code and extend it further.


AppInventor is a blocks-based programming tool, which enables all the people even novices to start programming and develop fully functional applications for android device.


If you are new users of this tool, you can have this tool’s first app up and running in an hour or less. You can also program more complex applications in least time as compare to traditional and text-based languages.

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AppYet is a simple yet effective app-creator tool that comes with straight-forward looks and functions. Using this tool, anyone can create a professional mobile application for Android platform as there is no need of programming knowledge.


It only takes few minutes to develop your first feature-rich application. All you just need to provide a link to RSS/Atom feed or website as they can convert it into dramatic 100% pure native apps for Android.


A free and open source framework PhoneGap enables people to develop mobile apps using standardized web APIs for the platforms you care about. Use this tool locally then see the changes instantly on your mobile device with cross-platform application.


PhoneGap Build takes the pain out of compiling PhoneGap apps. Without any headache of maintaining native SDKs, you can get app-store ready applications as it works excellently for you by compiling in the cloud.

MobiForms Developer

When it comes to MobiForms Developer, it is a revolutionary rapid application development tool for developing Native or HTML5 mobile apps for any of the wireless platform like Pocket PC, Tablet, Windows CE, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Android, iOS and more.


This excellent yet effective mobile app development tool allows you to write once and deploy to multiple platforms, so using this tool is the best option for you.

Telerik Icenium (AppBuilder)

Now, there is no need of separate projects, no platform-specific code as AppBuilder allows you to develop apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone with a single, reusable HTML5/JavaScript code base.


Now, you should forget purchasing new hardware to target specific mobile platforms as you can use built-in simulation, debugging and deployment tools to develop apps for any mobile device from any Windows, Mac or Linux computer.


MyAppBuilder is another mobile app development tool for developing iPhone and Android application. Users of this tool just need to offer content and their pros will take it from there.

In order to develop any application with this tool, there is no need of any technical background as this tool is capable enough to handle any kind of hassle of uploading to the app store for you. So, people can use this platform and app templates in order to instantly develop their own mobile apps with high number of features.


Now, you can make use of RunRev’s LiveCode to develop your own mobile application that is an English-like language for developing Android and iPhone apps.


With this cross-device platform, you can easily develop live prototypes which can be used for full capabilities of iOS and Android devices or you can deploy to any platform of your choice or your customer’s choice. The best thing about it is that its website is full of tutorials that can help you along the way.


Being a simple, affordable and powerful mobile development tool, ShoutEm is one of the best tools for developing stunning yet spectacular mobile application. Users can try this tool for free as demo and make use of its exclusive range of features like loyalty, content, events, eCommerce, business info, social, local and more.


The best thing about this tool is that you can save your lots of time and develop apps without requiring any coding skills. It also offers drag and drop facility, and it is a user-friendly tool, so make use of it and get lots of benefits.


AppsGeyser is a free web platform, enabling you to convert any web content into an Android App in 2 simple steps. This high-end quality tool built to help out people to transfer their ideas into apps.

Being a fastest growing Do-It-Yourself app generator for android platform, this tool is specially designed for all the online businesses that need to take care of their users and brand.

Moreover, this tool enables you to establish new marketing channel for communicating and attracting new users.


A leading application builder platform ‘Mippin’ has delivered more than 100,000 applications to app stores worldwide. This is a world’s leading and the most popular tool, allowing you to develop high-end quality mobile apps for BlackBerry platform.


The vision of this tool is to develop an application for everything and everyone. Any of the media owners is capable to build a native, cross-platform application in just few minutes.


If you are looking forward to develop application with Capriza, you will need to install a Firefox add-on Capriza Designer as developing a Zapp is done entirely within the browser.


At a Web site, you can point out the designer to recognize the components of a Web page that you want to present in your app, specify how they are to be used and, voila! This tool is all about extending your existing business processes from Web-based resources and it does this with inspiring speed and efficiency.

Corona Labs

For iOS, Android, Kindle and Nook, Corona Labs explains its SDK as the ultimate 2D development platform as this tool has built-in 2D physics engine making it very appealing to games developers.

Corona Labs

Users of this tool can also get support for Facebook, sqlite3, networking and cryptography, but not like other development systems in this roundup, you will do your programming in LUA.

The graceful APIs make its difficult features simple as its workflow enables you to see changes quickly and you can develop in Lua, a quick and easy-to-learn language.

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So, these are the top 15 mobile application development tools that make your development of application for any platform a lot easier. Moreover, you can also get support from any professional mobile app developer if you are facing any kind of difficulty while developing your app.

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