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What was the client expecting from Perception System?

The client was looking for an online Cab Booking App for the citizens of San Francisco, who want to travel to beautiful sights & hotspots of the City.

How did Perception System evaluate the client’s needs?

Because of personal interests in client’s organization, Perception System defined individual aspects matching with the subject, and based on each aspect, we identified architecture and technology accordingly. After thorough analysis, we worked on each segment of the app very precisely, tested each unit of the app profoundly and finally delivered this mobile app within the scheduled time-line.

Genuine Approaches Taken by Perception System for Beeba Cars App Development


We allocated our BA team to analyze the client’s requirements. In the beginning, the software development team analyzed the concept hypothetically. Afterwards, we closely inspected the entire process at the client’s premise.

Project Planning

Based on our findings, we created flow diagrams for the entire work-flow and planned the project development process by defining the technical implementations.

Project Architecture

Mobile App architectures at Perception System defined the entire application architecture for database synchronization.

Wireframe & Prototypes

After several attempts and meetings with the client-side team, our Mobile App designers prepared wire-frames and prototypes citing all possible work-flow diagrams, navigation, and data flows.

How We Reached the End-to-End Solution for Beeba Cars?

The journey towards the end was full of challenges. However, our dedication towards the goal led us to deliver the solution successfully, as well as within the prescribe time-line & budget.

Development Methodology

We followed the KANBAN methodology to manage and execute the system.

Behavior-driven Development (BDD)

We adopted BDD approaches to bring collaboration between client-side team and the development team across the various branches along with seamless communications.


We broke down the entire development process using WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) methodologies to address almost all requirements of client-organization.


We designed a common back-end system by inclusion of all functions and features to address the needs of each domain.


We build five front-ends and a back-end using capabilities of WordPress and core PHP as well as API integrations.

Support & Maintenance

We committed for long-term support and maintenance with a feasible plan sign up by the client.

Striking Features


Add multiple
stops to cart


Book with
credit cards


Driver’s live location
and tracking




Wait Time


My Cart

Technologies We Used

  • React Native

  • PHP

  • Docker

  • NodeJS

  • MySQL

  • AWS Cloud

Final Result


We decided milestones and deliverables with the consent of the client and delivered the Android App in the continuous delivery model.


The Client is satisfied with the Cab Booking Solution delivered by Perception System. He is in the process to launch the App starting from San Francisco and then will roll over in other cities of USA.