What Client Was Expecting from the Perception System?

The client was looking for an iOS app based platform to exchange the proprietary video games mainly used for PlayStations, Xbox & Nintendo. The client wanted to facilitate iOS app users to find the video games collection in the vicinity of the app users using location-based services. The game trading should be accomplished using in-app purchase features available on iOS platform.

How We Evaluated Client’s Needs

We evaluated client’s needs by applying standard project requirement strategies and methodologies. After thorough analysis, we listed following features and functions that client-side was demanding from us.


The client wanted faster data processes to offer the best performance of the iOS app to its end-users.

The system also demanded lightweight UIs designs to load graphics and UI elements rapidly.

To create game exchanging platform, built-in messaging modules were essential to enable seamless and instant communication among the game exchangers.

In-app purchase modules and payment gateway integration seemed an essential feature.


Efficient database management was a prime need to make data exchanges faster between apps and servers involved in the data exchanges.

There was a need for rich user interface with essential UI elements required to provide all expected functionality and features in the app.

Built-in messenger functionality had prime importance to enable rapid and effective communication.

The core business logic was to exchange games and manage the coins used by the app users for game exchanging.

Genuine Approaches Taken by Team of
Software Developers at Perception System

The client chose Perception System as its mobile technology partner and wanted an iOS app with platform approval & live in the iOS marketplace. Therefore, our iOS application development team approached the client with the exclusive user interface and rich graphics and UI elements to exert excellent user experiences.


Our iOS app developers, business analysts and iOS app designers analyzed the client’s requirements & expectations with the required precision.

Project Planning

We prepared a detailed project plan according to the business needs and defined milestones & deliverables according to the work scope.

Project Architecture

Perception System put diligent efforts to define the architecture of the system.

Wireframe & Prototypes

Our iOS app development team created wire-frames and prototypes with an aim to design a rich user interface.

Designing & Programming

Perception System came up with an intuitively designed solution, with the very appealing user interface and user experience through programming.

How We Reached the Viable Solution?

Our Journey towards the Solution was highly fascinating & inspiring. We gone through many technical challenges during the project life cycle, which we overcame and finally accomplished our following objectives successfully, such as

Functional Game Exchanging Platform

The main challenge for us was to create a unique game exchanging platform with the rich user interface and built-in messaging applicable in Switzerland.

Core Logic

The core logic of the system was to exchange Video Games among video game players in the region of Switzerland. Moreover, we managed user’s coins to accomplish seamless exchange for video games.

Geo-location Services

Finding video game sellers and buyers in the vicinity of app users demand geo-location services and database integration for checking games in their libraries.

Built-in Messaging System

To enable seamless video game trade, we provided instant and viable messaging modules as a built-in feature in the system instead of 3rd party integration.

Support & Maintenance

We also offered comprehensive support and post-development maintenance services to ensure high ROI.

Striking Features


Location-based Search

Finding game lovers and their libraries in the vicinity of app users even while on the go.


Quick Trades

Enable app users to place trade offers immediately and get quick responses within a day.



Chat module enables instant messaging among the trading partners.


Updated Collection

Video game digital lists/libraries are always getting real-time updates automatically.


Valuable Feedbacks

An effective feedback system for game trade partners to pinpoint trustworthy game trading community.



Track each step of the trade path and get real-time updates for incoming games in the system.

Technologies Used in this Research Group Website Development

  • android

    Android SDK

  • mysql


  • 3d-studio

    3D Max

  • asp


  • kiox-hardware


  • ldap


Final Result

Milestones and deliverables

We worked on each segment of the app very precisely, tested each unit of the app profoundly, and delivered mobile app within the scheduled timeline.


We provided seamless integration of Map kit and web APIs. We successfully deployed the app to AWS Cloud. The app was successfully launched on the iTunes Store in May 2016.


We delivered the system successfully to the customer and provided a satisfactory level of maintenance & support.