What Client Was Expecting from the Perception System?

The client was from Singapore and he belonged to the education industry. The client was in search for a mobile app development company to translate his educational concept into app reality. The client was looking for a team to create an app that targets schools in Singapore and provides innovative learning opportunities beyond the classrooms for the students with the help of the teachers.

How We Evaluated Client’s Needs

Business analyst team at Perception System applied standard research and analysis methods and techniques to evaluate app requirements to create a functional mobile app on iOS and Android platforms. We have segregated the users into two major groups, students and teachers, and fixed the features and functionality accordingly.


We created a ‘Trail Builder’ module to facilitate teachers to create ‘Trails’ for students in bespoke ways using all required tools, which were provided by our development team.

We have enabled teachers to design questions in their own ways using MCQ and Fill the Blanks like techniques.

We empowered teachers to insert the multimedia components such as images, audio and video inside the Trial.

Thus, we have provided for teachers a ‘One-stop-Solutions for the creation of personalized trails from scratch instead of using templates or built-in Trails.

What Were the Challenges

Students can attend the questions presented in the Student Modules of the app.

After submission, app updates the teacher’s modules with answers and waits for evaluations.

Students can view the results as well as get the complete reports of their progress.

Students also get personalized suggestions in the Student module from the teachers for the further improvements.

Genuine Approaches Taken by Team of
Software Developers at Perception System

The client chose Perception System as a competent mobile app development team to take new challenges on the software development arena. It was an entirely new concept in the educational industry. We understood each aspect of the software system demanded by the client and established the work-flow, core functions and relationships between each key user entity participated across the network.


Our Mobile app development team, business analyst team and app designer team analyzed the client’s requirements precisely.

Project Planning

We planned the project based on analysis and defined milestones as well as a deliverable of the software system accordingly.


We have worked closely with the client-side team to fix UI design, UI elements, layout, theme, and various design aspects to make UI alluring, easy to use, and completely functional to hit the goals of the project.


We paid full attention to the details of the client’s needs to translate those all into the functional presentation, business and data layers.

How We Reached the Viable Solution?

Our journey was most enthralling & stimulating right from the beginning of this project till the end. We have achieved the following objectives successfully, such as


We designed flexible and easy to navigate screens with a nice flow of each section integrated to have clear communication and a unified professional application with each feature working together.

Seamless Communication

We developed WEB CMS and WEB APIs to provide seamless communication between the apps and modules for the teachers as well as the students


We also developed Native Mobile Apps for the iOS and Android platforms with cross-platform synchronization to enable users access everything seamlessly on any device.

Online & Offline

We implemented the most optimized way to manage all the “Trails” of different schools seamlessly that works online & offline both.

Support & Maintenance

We also have provided support and maintenance services at a satisfactory level.

Striking Features


Virtual Keyboard

There are lots of typing involved in Trails. Therefore, we have introduced a virtual keyboard to speed it up.


Photo Capture

We integrated photo capturing feature in the app to capture memories of a striking Trail.


Audio Recording

To enhance the oral skills of students, we have introduced voice recording features in the app.


Video Recording

To aid in augmentation of presentation skills, we have included video recording feature to take live coverage of an exciting Trail.


Dedicated Admin Panel

To provide complete control and management of various operations for schools, teachers, students, question banks, and reporting like functions.



To track the progress and get clues for further improvements, we have offered extensive reporting features for students, teachers, and other relevant users.

Technologies Used in this Research Group Website Development

We have used the following technologies, frameworks, and tools for iOS, Android platforms, and back-end.

  • c-sharp


  • swift


  • app store


  • xml


  • json


Final Result

Milestones and deliverables

The Mobile App was successfully launched on iTunes & Google Play Store after testing and approvals from the respective platform authorities.

Overall Weightage

Total installs in iOS & Android: 3000+

Total Schools: 70+

Total Teachers: 150+

Total Students: 3000+

Total Projects: 500+

Total Questions: 10000+

Project Overall Cost

The client was extremely pleased and requested us to provide the maintenance & support services.