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10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring Xamarin Developer


The software market is still on the way to tap the mobile app potentials by applying existing and upcoming technologies. Making cost-effective mobile applications with the best quality is still the motto of mobile developers.

Developing an app three times requires investment, resources, and time that hardly any business seems ready to do. Of course, when SMBs target native user experiences as sole focus, native platforms are the best bet.

The same is true for big brands, which are eager to please the target audience at any cost by giving the excellent UX in their mobile app adventures.

While for the rest, cross-platform frameworks are the best bet and feasible solution. Therefore, open source cross-platforms are trendy, and Xamarin is one of them that Microsoft technology evangelists cannot ignore.

Xamarin project is under the umbrella of .NET framework and use C# as main coding language. Thus, the demand of Xamarin is rocking, and the number of Xamarin developers across the world reach 1 million.

However, it does not mean that all Xamarin developers are experts and capable of doing any scale of the project. One must run a thorough search and examine the expertise, experiences, and talents of the Xamarin developers and the direct interview is the best option for it.

Suppose you are going to take an interview of Xamarin developer and you have to ask some vital questions that may decide theappropriateness of the developer for your ambitious project. Let’s check possibilities of such questions.

Q 1: Regarding programming knowledge

It is critical question to know that whether your hire Xamarin developer or team of developers have enough knowledge of required programming technologies.

We are aware that Xamarin project is based on Microsoft technologies such as C# and some ASP, so familiarity with coding in these languages is essential, particularly for ASP.NET framework.

Xamarin developers have to work in MVVM paradigm instead of MVC, so expertise in XAML is compulsory.

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Q 2: Regarding MVVM

Just as other cross-development frameworks, Xamarin has adopted MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel) paradigm against the MVC.MVVM is a software architectural pattern that facilitates the separation of business logic from the presentation. Thus, designers and programmers can work together simultaneously on the same project. Thus, you should ask a question regarding MVVM in detail.

Q 3: Regarding ReactiveUI

For cross-platform app success, elegant, testable, and intuitive user interface is mandatory. Therefore, Xamarin developers should accustom to ReactiveUI that is using Reactive Extensions for.NET to build such UI that supports

  • Xamarin.iOS
  • Xamarin.Android
  • Xamarin.Mac
  • Xamarin Forms
  • Windows Forms
  • Windows Phone
  • Windows Store
  • Universal Windows Platform (UWP)
  • WPF

Therefore, you must ask your hire Xamarin developers regarding ReactiveUI.

Q 4: Regarding Xamarin Studio

It is a standalone IDE for cross-platform mobile application development based on open source project MonoDevelop. You must ask developers regarding the capabilities of Xamarin Studio such as

  • Debugging
  • Code completion in C#
  • Android UI builder without XML
  • Integration with Xcode Interface Builder

Q 5: Regarding Xamarin for Visual Studio

We know that Xamarin is a sole IDE that Visual Studio supports for the native mobile app development for iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile.

Xamarin is accomplishing it by providing add-ons to MS Visual Studio.

This extension supports building, debugging, and deploying to the real mobile device or a simulator so ask your Xamarin developers regarding the familiarity of working with Visual Studio for cross-platform development.

Q 6: Regarding Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android, and Xamarin.Mac

These are tools for development of the mobile application and web applications on the respective platforms using C#. Ask your developers to how they can reuse the code across the different platforms.

Q 7: Regarding Xamarin Testing

Xamarin Test Cloud is a facility for testing mobile application on a real device with various OS versions. Therefore, your developers should be familiar with its object-based UI testing and simulation of real user interactions.

Q 8: Regarding Mobile App Development Experiences

If your Xamarin developers have web and server programming experiences but lack the mobile app experiences on the native platforms, it would be tough to go for quality cross-platform Xamarin development.

Native mobile app development expertise and experiences help the Xamarin developers to design UX and other performance related complications easily. It is because touch experiences are quite different for programmers who have only web experiences and missing native mobile development.

Q 9: Regarding Xamarin APIs and 3rd Party Libraries

Xamarin extensively supports third-party libraries and APIs in two ways. It supports it by using dependency injection as well as by using wrapper patterns by covering native libraries through binding classes.

Q 10: Regarding Xamarin Performance-Oriented Programming

App performance is a vital parameter in-app success so your developers should have experience in-app optimization at designing and programming level.

Your Xamarin developers must be fluent in payment gateway integration, in-app purchase designing, strong with Restful programming, and robust in cloud services integration including WCF web services.

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Xamarin is a proven cross-platform app development technology and platform that use Microsoft technologies at the base. It has fans including big brands and millions of developers with required skills.

However, finding the best Xamarin developer or a team of developers and designer is tough as well as challenging for any business or professional.

The questions mentioned above may help you to accumulate right folks of developers at a technical point of view and assure your success in the cross-platform Xamarin platform. It is better you have a renowned team of Xamarin developers from Perception System like eminent Company that takes care of everything with enough details and at competitive price tags.