What Client Was Expecting from the Perception System?

The principal aim of the client was to create a travel & lifestyle location-based mobile application. It was for the local people of Copenhagen, Denmark. The client wants to disclose hidden gems of the best offers with attractive discounts available in the vicinity.

The client wishes that recommendations must come from the locals and insiders. Therefore, it can prove highly reliable & with no manipulation by the marketers. Thus, the app can inspire shoppers to grab any buying opportunity available in the vicinity even while they are on the go.

How We Evaluated Client’s Needs

We have evaluated client requirements by allocating our business analysts team and found following features and functionality were essential for satisfaction of the client.They wanted to include features like

Employees Essentials

The recommendations must come from the locals and insiders.

The recommendations should highly reliable & with no manipulation by the marketers.

The app has to inspire shoppers to grab any buying opportunity available in the vicinity even while they are on the go.

App must be intuitive to use and inspiring to accomplish app goals.

Project Manager Requirements

Client was expecting features and functionality according to design and user experience standards prevailing on the platforms like iOS and Android.

Lightweight UIs needed to enhance the app performance for fast screen loading and rapid interaction.

Great user experiences were demanded by client through design, programming, and integration of 3rd party services.

Integration of Location-based Services was prime expectations.

Integration of weather kit also in need.

Genuine Approaches Taken by Team of Web Developers at Perception System

The client has perceived Perception System as its mobile technology partner to create iOS and Android applications working seamlessly across the platform and devices.

Our iOS app development and Android app development teams have approached the project with an aim to design an exclusive user interface using rich graphics and targeting the excellent user experiences through design and programming strategies. We also have to make a strategy for managing a high data volume.

Requirement Analysis & Segregation

We have analyzed the client’s requirements precisely and broken down the system accordingly to expectations.


We have created a project plan according to requirements and defined milestones & deliverables according to modules.


We have to put diligent efforts to define the architectures for both mobile platforms individually keeping the same elements on focus.

Design & Development

We have preferred lightweight UIs for both platforms for fast performance and great user experiences.

How We Reached the Viable Solution?

Our Journey towards the Solution was pretty interesting throughout the life cycle of both apps. We have faced challenges and achieved goals successfully, such as

Location-based push notifications

We have enabled location-based push notifications to provide real-time info regarding deals, offers, and discounts available for travel and lifestyle related stuff/products in the vicinity within a defined radius.

Location Tracking

We have introduced the latest location tracking technologies including GPS, wireless, Bluetooth, and others to get precision and accuracy for location data as well as Geo-fencing for the 200-meter radius.

Weather Kit

We have implemented a weather kit to acknowledge the latest weather conditions and forecasts based on real-time location changes. It is because Denmark is known for sudden weather changes in Europe.

Full Stack Solutions

We have provided full stack solutions for both platforms. Our full-stack developers have attained tasks right from front-end UI design to back-end CMS and hefty data management challenges for real-time delivery.

Support & Maintenance

We also have offered comprehensive support and post-development maintenance services to ensure high ROI.

Striking Features


Location-based Search

We have enabled location-based auto search for the relevant venues in the vicinity of the current location.


Keyword-based Search

We have enabled the search of venues based on keyword inputs.



Our teams have included weather forecasts in the apps so users can plan the days accordingly.


Social Media

We have integrated social media APIs for social interactions to give and take feedbacks as well as place reviews of user experiences.


Location-based Notifications

Our Geo-fencing integration made an app to release notification for the listed location arrives within a radius of 200 meters.


User Experiences

Graphics-rich UIs, fast interactions, rapid data exchanges, and intelligent business logic have reached UX on the top of these apps.

Technologies We Used

We have used the following technologies, frameworks, and tools to achieve desired success.

  • Objective-C

  • Swift

  • HTML5

  • CakePHP

  • Ajax

  • JQuery

  • MySQL

Final Result


We have defined milestones and deliverables. It brought accountability to keep project cost within given budget and timeline without any payment delay at all.


We had successfully launched the website and mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms.

Project Overall Cost

The client was happy with the seamless integration of all web APIs and MapKit functionality.