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10 Reason Why Your Restaurant Business Need a Mobile App in 2018


Mobile app development companies across the globe make businesses scary to develop an app for their businesses as mobile entities. It looks good, but nobody comes ahead to take responsibility of greater ROI after spending a big fortune on it.

Fortunately, it is not sound true in the case of restaurants like food and beverage category of industry. Statistics is ready to back the arguments in favor of having a mobile app for restaurant businesses.

For instance, Starbucks, a leading entity in food & beverage industry has conducted nearly 15% ($1.5billion out of $10 billion) monetary transaction over its mobile app alone!

Keeping the threads continue on the same line, we are going to present some solid and real-life evidence basis ten reasons to compel you to think about mobile app development.

Reason No.1: Escalate Your Location-Based Audience Using Mobile App for Restaurant

Suppose your restaurants have a mobile-friendly website that is capable of providing you use location data and enables you to offer inventive accordingly. It seems nice at a glance.

  • Unfortunately, user experiences on websites are never better than a mobile app built on a native mobile OS platform.
  • As far as GPS and Beacon like Bluetooth technologies are concerning, they are far better compatible with the native mobile app in comparison to a mobile browser.
  • Finally, push notifications via an app has much higher attention rate & span. It lures many to learn of a mobile app.


Book-a-table app has implemented Beacon-based technologies and set up 50-meter radius for its one of the restaurants in the chain. By sending a push notification that can influence the decision-making process for people looking for the place to eat, it has grabbed more traffic than previous averages.


Reason No.2: Grab Unique Promotional Opportunities Using Mobile App for Restaurant

Have you heard about FourSquare and its marketing techniques? The most applicable technique is check-in basis incentives and loyalty programs. By combining GPS or location-based technologies with your marketing campaign, you can offer unique opportunities for the dinners.

Many dinners are always looking for redeeming coupons, vouchers, discounts, or gifts by physically visiting the business location and grab the check-in benefits through their mobile apps.

Yes, it is not possible and practical to offer such unique marketing opportunities through a mobile-friendly website.


Pizza Ranch has run a unique promotional program by giving its diners/customers double points who buy or check-in on a particular day. Thus, it has acquired nearly 70% more business.

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Reason No.3: Better Pick Up the Food Services Using Mobile App for Restaurant

Due to several reasons, people love to pick up the food from their favorite and nearby restaurants frequently. Booking the pickup order on the phone is not a good experience for many.

Moreover, payment mode at the time of delivery leave restaurants in jeopardized conditions. To remove the uncertainty of payment and quick booking experiences with a receipt, bring sight to the face of both ends.
It is only possible with a dedicated mobile app for your restaurants.


Food ordering app GrubHub has a number of satisfied clients and restaurants subscribing its pick-the-food services.

Reason No.4: Better In-Premise Food Serving Using Mobile App for Restaurant

If you want to cut the burden over POS representative and accountants of your restaurants, your dedicated app can do it be spoken ways.

  • With your app, your dinners can book their tables before they arrive even before days or weeks
  • You can incur booking charges to assure their booking as well as provide their automatic refund facilities in the case of cancellation of table booking
  • After arrivals, dinners can get a welcome message and enter into menu selection process or allows you to the pre-selected menu to serve. Of course, if they are repeated customers, your app can let them select menu items from previous orders
  • Your app can cut the hurdles for waiters as well as staff in kitchen when changes in menu takes place, or new orders arrive
  • Your app can acknowledge your loyal dinners through push notifications regarding special items and offers while they are in waiting for food to serve or accomplished the eating process so they can reserve their tables in advance for those days


Taco Bell is an excellent app to provide all possible in-premise services including order placement, modification in the menu, and finally, payment through the app without waiting in the queue at POS desk or accountants’ desks.


Reason No.5: Driving More Customers Using Mobile App for Restaurant

The mobile application can display your delicious food items more enticing ways than the website. Thus, it provides first opportunity to win the hearts of diners who use the app.


Pizza Hut display pizza to arouse sensation of appetite in the dinners and win more favor. It has driven 50% more traffic.

Reason No.6: Better Branding Opportunity Using Mobile App for Restaurant

Brand augmentation is only possible with public ratings and reviews so prospective customers can know the actual user experiences from the actual users in real-life.

Third party review sites and ‘rating & review section’ of your website for the restaurant. If you are going to ask your customers to leave reviews and ratings regarding their dining experiences in real-time, I don’t think more customers can provide reviews willingly on the slow mobile sites without better UX.

If your customized app is integrated with Yelp like leading review site through APIs, your customers can provide prompt reviews once they are accomplishing the payment.


Pho Ha Tien is giving the instant opportunity to provide reviews and ratings along with personalized comments to make reviews more trustworthy and transparent.

Reason No.7: Better Social Sharing Opportunity Using Mobile App for Restaurant

When the customers feel satisfied with your food and services, it tempts them to tell others regarding what they have eaten and how the excellent services were. The online social networking sites are providing an excellent opportunity for sharing and caring.

You can use your app for social sharing purposes by integrating social media APIs for various networking sites. Thus, you can enable your dinners to share their experiences and opinions instantly and transparently at any moment they wish to. Whether they are in between dining process or after the payment, they can freely share everything with their comments and pictures they have taken or given in your app.


Silver Plate Fine Dining is offering social sharing button next to a text indicating if you share this, everyone automatically becomes liable to redeem lower prices as you have received.

Reason No.8: Superior Point of Contact Using Mobile App for Restaurant

Websites offer FAQs pages to know the solutions to common issues and a contact form to establish an email relationship. Against it, the mobile app can offer more than FAQs and contact form, and it is Click-to-Call button for customers who want establish direct contact with your service department or point of a contact person in real-time.


Besides these, the app can provide restaurant details that any customer can expect. Chili’s mobile app provides dynamic location map with Google Map API integration to find the direction of restaurants from your location. Such mobility only comes with an app.

Reason No.9: Better Payment Process Using Mobile App for Restaurant

We have seen that dinners have to pay for in-premise dining, food delivery at your place, as well as for takeout food. Therefore, easy, reliable, and quick payment experiences matter more for business.

  • With an app, you can cut
  • Risk over false ordering
  • Stresses related to having a cash
  • Risks of losing customers prefer digital payments only
  • Theft of sensitive financial data during transactions


Outback has made outside as well as in-premise dining payment process easy and quick by integrating is with POS system of restaurants to create invoice and receipt for the payment.


Reason No.10: Reach Precise Targeted Audience Using Mobile App for Restaurant

Among the various marketing techniques, email marketing has the biggest disadvantage, and it is the scanty email opening rate. It is because recipients have lower tendency to open an email from an unknown sender.

Against it, mobile users immediately pay attention towards the push notification emerging from your app installed on the device. Some more reasons for that push notification work to address your targeted audience precisely and those are:

  • People keep mobile device handy most of the time
  • Push notifications can bypass the locked screen
  • Push notifications are short and sweet to read, so people love to read it immediately

Fortunately, we have GPS and Beacon like technologies to send a push notification to the precisely targeted audience in real contexts.


Bookatable is using Beacon technologies to send a push notification to the precise audience in certain contexts.

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After considering the benefits of having an online and mobile visibility, restaurants can make a huge impact on their sales. All they need to do is leverage the power of the mobile app. Of course, we need different marketing tactics to take any business to the heights of success, yet mobile apps play an incredible role in this endeavor. Ensure that your app has exceptional user engaging design and utility tempting people to download your app and subscribe for notifications.

Now, the question is who can develop Restaurant mobile applications for you? Of course, we can guide you righteously in this regard; please come into contact with the team of mobile app development at Perception System to know further.

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