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Compelling Reasons to Choose Magento 2.0 for Your Automotive Store


Magento is a free open source e-commerce platform. Magento development company was created in 2008 by the IT Company Varien. Natively very rich in features, it is undoubtedly one of the best solutions on the world market. A true professional tool, Magento is also very scalable and will allow you to go from a simple and basic online store, to ambitious and complex projects, simply by changing it over the years and without having to change tools and assisting in best e-commerce website design.

Magento 2 for auto parts stores provides fast and elegant solutions for e-commerce projects. A strong focus is made on the attractiveness of customer attention, excellent product presentation and user-friendly navigation.

Magento models for automotive and motorbike sites

Magento 2 for automotive and motorbike sites provides everything needed to create a professional website for your business. It is perfect for personal or professional use and has a bunch of widgets and modules that turn your site to your personal specifics.

Once you have chosen Magento 2, you can start creating your website that will meet the needs of your business. The features are numerous and give you the necessary options to adapt your site to your personal taste. Achieving the color schemes corresponding to the identity of the original mark is simple.

The template is user-friendly to search engines allowing you to optimize page metadata and headlines to help you rank your site at the top of the best search engine.

Your completed website will be easy to navigate with user-friendly features like back-up buttons and drop-down menus.

Its themes are adaptive and compatible with different web browsers, making them visible from any device and browser. You need only one website, saving your money and effort. In addition, all users come to the same site, improving your SEO.

Use your gallery to present the cars and bikes you sell, and allowing your visitors to share them via social networks. Shared content gives you free advertising.

Hire on-demand dedicated developers of desired skill & experience.

Why choose Magento 2 for its online car shop?

More and more people are asking for version 2 of this e-commerce CMS and we want to bring you the best on the market.

Magento 2 was built on the same principles that made the success of Magento 1, namely: the flexibility of the platform, the ability to extend the functionality yourself, the ability to easily deploy new custom sites using the same back office and at the best price.

To enter the world of international e-commerce and lift your business to a higher level, you need a decent website, which will help you reach customers.

All you need to do is replace the default content with yours. The Magento platform gives you the necessary control over the look of your shop. You can also add the desired feature to your store since many plugins and extensions are available online.

Magento 2: a powerful solution for e-commerce

1. A feature-rich platform

Magento offers a multitude of features more powerful than each other.

Whether for marketing, with the possibility of polls, newsletters or promotional offers. But also cross and up selling, ie to link articles between them according to different characteristics or to suggest products with a higher value. These tools have a real positive effect on the sales of your shop.

Magento also offers you the possibility to have a multi-language and multi-currency shop. It should be known that French e-commerce is growing more and more internationally and Magento has become aware of it. Thus your e-commerce has the ability to be available in more than 80 languages and a large number of different currencies. Thanks to Magento, your shop will be able to radiate all over the world, especially in the countries where the biggest manufacturers of cars and auto parts are.

The strength of Magento is also the multi-shop. The platform makes it possible to publish one or more e-commerce sites from the same back office. In this way you can easily manage a single database produced for several sites.

Finally, Magento has set up a wide range of features concerning the management of orders and their shipping, this includes the calculation of shipping costs, choice in shipping methods, delivery management, order tracking or still creating invoices.

Magento thus draws its power from the multitude of functionalities that the platform for e-commerce proposes

2. A very advanced catalog management

Magento provides e-merchants with great flexibility in managing their catalogs, regardless of volume. The solution includes features to control stocks, prices, quantities or promotions in a very advanced way. It is thus possible to define infinity of product types that will be different thanks to certain attributes.

The management of the catalog is very important when creating an e-commerce store, the more the catalog will be of quality, the more the customer will be satisfied.

3. High quality graphic themes

One of the advantages of this platform for e-commerce is the large number of graphic themes available.

So you will be sure to find a theme that fits your industry and your universe. This is very important, because the visual aspect of your site will have a direct impact on the consumer who seeks not only to buy but to live a real experience that is a key element for him to return to your site.

Today the customer experience has become very important and many e-commerce experts consider this point as the main purchasing factor in the near future. Having a site with a visual aspect becomes essential.

4. A growing community with many tips and advice

Magento has long suffered, in France, a community too English. But today there are a large number of forums dedicated to this e-commerce solution. This allows, in addition to helping e-merchants, to help developers and thus enable a constant evolution of Magento by creating new modules that are useful and tailored to everyone’s needs.

The community is an essential point about the power of a platform; today the American solution has earned its place in France.

5. An evolutionary platform

Magento is a scalable platform because it allows e-merchants, regardless of size, to initially use the free community version and add thereafter functionalities and modules whose performance level is similar to the version business. This reduces costs, evolves over time and responds to new market demands.

For this year 2018, Magento 2 for your online store offers our new integration which is that of shipping parcels to customers around the world.

Ship your parcels automatically with your Magento 2 store

We know how the logistics of your online store can be a time-consuming and repetitive, so much so that it becomes a significant point of friction for your business.

The major benefits of the SendCloud solution are: You connect your site in 1 click, you divide the time spent preparing your parcels by two and boost your conversion rate by offering many delivery options. Also, the provision of the relay points card allows your end customers to choose a trusted method next to their home. This option is also the cheapest in terms of shipping cost, everyone wins.

Set up relay points with your Magento 2 store

Relay points are an essential delivery option for the development of your business. Indeed, less expensive than home delivery, the latter is a considerable lever for your conversion rate because of one of the preferred methods.

To integrate it at the time of your check-out via SendCloud, nothing simpler: direction your interface in the tab Settings> My shops.

Click on the small stylus to access the settings of your shop and tick the box “Relay Points”.

To then display the method on your site, go to your Magento back office, in the “Stores”> “Configuration” tab.

Then click on the tab “Sales” then “Shipping Method” and add the option of relay points.

You will now be able to access, in your overview of the shipping methods, the option “Service Point” which you must authorize by clicking on “activate”. All you have to do is define your shipping rate according to your products and margins.

Offering free shipping can also be critical to your online sales rate, but be careful to consider any potential cost of return. In short, a real calculation is to achieve to offer the best rates to your customers while remaining profitable at your margins.

Let’s go! Relay points are now available at the time of your check-out.

Here are some benefits of Magento 2 that can help us

  • Much faster for users:
  • Adding to cart is twice as fast!
  • A gain of 15% for consulting the catalog
  • Magento 2 can serve twice as many orders and 20 times more catalog pages with the same hosting
  • Magento 2 adds a systematic control of modules that are plumbed to the site to avoid bugs.
  • No more bugs during updates! : Magento 2 releases install in one click without creating bugs on specific developments: an economy in terms of significant cost.

Securing the site much more effective against virus attacks than on Magento 1.

  • For the international: Magento 2 allows sharing translations between several sites, ideal when one has sites in several countries that use the same language.
  • A responsive design native solution to access the site by all terminals (tablets, smartphones, interactive terminals in store).
  • The back office is also responsive (tablet, smartphone), the e-merchant can now easily manage his orders from his mobile and save valuable time.
  • A more complete API: Each module defines itself the list of its functionalities to integrate in the API, more need to develop a specific method.
  • A new code organization (always open source) that encourages the community to collaborate on Magento 2 via GitHub community repositories.
  • Native integration of recent technologies such as Composer, JQuery, Git, HTML5, CSS3, PHP 5.6 …

Do we really need it?

Magento therefore benefit from multiple strengths but several weak points are still worth noting.

1. Getting started

The Magento website is a bit complex and will offer you various versions of the CMS. The only one free is the “Community” version.

Magento, by the number of features it offers, becomes complex to use. On the developer side, a solid grip can take between 6 and 12 months (against only a few months for Prestashop for example).

Moreover, even if the number of forums dedicated to the Magento solution increases, several questions remains unanswered or is difficult to find, this is a real problem when you start your e-commerce activity.

2. A platform not adapted to all e-commerce

With shared hosting you may encounter some difficulties in quickly displaying a site created with Magento. A dedicated server is therefore preferred.

Even if Magento adapts very well to the graphics level for each field of activity of e-merchants, there is still a difficulty in the evolution. Indeed, online shops are becoming more complex and many are out of the scheme: order / shipment. Unfortunately, Magento has trouble responding to such requests, to remedy the changes are complex and expensive.

3. Slowness

It’s one of the heaviest CMSs, resource hungry.

A major problem of e-shops created under Magento is that they suffer from a considerable slowness compared to other solutions such as Prestashop. The problem lies mainly in a bad initial implementation but several (rather complex) solutions exist to remedy it.

The opinion is therefore formal about the Magento tool and is an excellent platform to create its e-commerce but, as you have seen, it is not for everyone. Between functionality and ease you have to choose. Before you start choosing your solution, do not hesitate to read our article about Prestashop solution, the other great e-commerce solution.

4. The customization of Magento 2

Magento still requires some technical expertise to have a responsive site and maintain it. We advise you not to use it for your first e-commerce site!

That’s why Magento 2 offers to train a Certified Professional Developer, through a mostly scenario-based review, which is designed to validate the skills and knowledge needed to customize Magento 2 in certain areas.

This review is for a Magento 2 developer who has extensive knowledge of Magento 2 development concepts and experience in implementing and customizing Magento 2.

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You now have the compelling reasons to choose Magento 2.0 for your car shop and also its disadvantages.
It’s up to you to decide!