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7 Important Magento Ecommerce Extensions for Your Ecommerce Site


There is no doubt that Magento is one of the demanded and customizable eCommerce platforms among developers and webmasters. All thanks to Magento extensions that helps to enhance functionality of ecommerce website developed through Magento extensions.
Different types of free and paid Magento extensions are available for different purposes that used to develop ecommerce website without any programming knowledge. In this post, we are going to discuss some essential and most reputable Magento extensions that will add more functionality for your potential users or customers.

Magento WordPress Integration

WordPress IntegrationMagento WordPress Integration is remarkable for Magento eCommerce that allows incorporating WordPress blog with your Magento store. Users can use this extension in Magento Community Edition, Magento Enterprise and Magento Professional. Magento WordPress Integration comes with full translations for Czech, Danish, Dutch, Norwegian (nb_NO and nn_NO), Polish, Portuguese, and so on.

StrikeIron Extension

StrikeIron ExtensionWith StrikeIron Extension, users can easily integrate your eCommerce store with a system. It helps automatic, twice-an-hour currency refreshes to make sure that your customers will always be paying the proper rate for your goods and services globally. Additionally, customers’ emails on a constant basis are validated by StrikeIron to instantly enhance email deliverability and marketing.

Magento Debug

Magento DebugBeing a powerful ecommerce platform, Magento’s power does come with a level of difficulty. In order to solve many debugging challenges, Magento Debug extension is available with many amazing features. Users can have Magento module listing, Toggle Magento modules on the fly and so on. Using this remarkable extension, one can simply view script execution time and peak memory usage.

Google Content API for Shopping

Google Content API for ShoppingGoogle Content API for Shopping is the best extension for shoppers as it manages and uploads product and catalog information in the most convenient manner. Using this extension, developers can easily migrate their eCommerce stores into the new API to make sure that they come up in Google searches.

Fooman Speedster

Fooman SpeedsterFooman Speedster is one of the remarkable Magento extensions, combines Javascript and CSS files into a single Javascript file and single CSS file to minimize page loading time. One of the best things about this extension is it constricts files without any gzip support on the server. Users just have to install this extension once when Javascript/CSS files are updated.

Facebook Connect Social Shopping

Facebook Connect Social ShoppingFacebook Connect Social Shopping is another remarkable Magento extension that allows visitors to connect with their friends without getting out from eCommerce site. Moreover, using this extension, one can simply refer product to their friends and also ask advice whether or not to purchase products. Facebook Connect Social Shopping also helps to increase conversion rates on your site and pull traffic as well.

SEO Friendly Categories

SEO Friendly CategoriesWe all know that Magento is creating long URLs for the products that have many levels of subcategories. Moreover, it real drags for your product SEO as Google is only pay attention to few words in URL. Having this extension helps to enhance categories’ and products’ SEO. In addition, flat URL structure for categories is also created.

List of latest Magneto extensions are not completed here, there are many other remarkable extensions. Developing an ecommerce website by using Magento extension helps to enhance functionality and thus, conversion rate also increases. If you want to develop ecommerce site for your business, Contact US with your details.

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Publish on Sep 23 2013