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The Technical Guide To Common Magento SEO Issues


Here, we are going to emphasize over them that how these common Magento SEO issues can be fixed. Let’s check it out all these issues.

To Increase Speed On Mobile

Gone are days when we used to get stick up with tablet, computer or laptop. But they all have been replaced with the smart phone as they can be accessed whenever you want. Speed is the most important thing that cannot be circumvented at any rate.

Magento gets slow in some cases and it can truly affect the organic search performance. Do not let affect the crawlability of the website just because of slow speed. Magento Development Company always emphasize on this and they keep informing their customers in respect of this.

Technical Guide To Fix This Issue

You can follow this guide prior to and after setup:

You can also go for utilizing the content delivery network using the Cloudflare.

In order to reduce the weight of assets, it would be good to compress front-end assets and images. It is quite beneficial for increasing the speed.

Go with a server coming up with sufficient RAM and configure it correctly.

Do not forget to disable Magento logs (which generally comes up as default). You need to ahead to enable log cleaning in the back-end.

Hire on-demand dedicated developers of desired skill & experience.

How To Do Product Title and Header Tags

It is being mentioned that Magento by default does not take the product name as title tag in proper way. This thing does not help in respect of SEO.

Technical Guide To Fix This Issue

Go for manually assigning the title tag in order to get desired result in respect of SEO. But for a large e-commerce site having a legion of products, manually assigning would not be helpful.

To fix this issue, it would be good to go use a template for products having variable like type of the product (shirt), color of the product (white), what about the brand name and what gender is being targeted. This way helps to make the page a bit more effective. And the most important title tags can be optimized manually.

Layered Navigations & Parameter URLs

Many of you may be thinking what does it means by the layered Navigations. Actually, it is also called faceted navigation. It is the same section having different categories that you find first on the product page to go for filtration. It plays a major role to get the desired product following the multiple filters like shade, price, and manufacture and so on.

Though it is useful but this technique also lead towards the content duplication issues and over-indexation as well. It does not associate with a particular platform but it goes with all sorts of e-commerce platform. It creates SEO oriented issues.

First, quite long URL are not that way much useful in respect of SEO. Filter option does not bring variety of pages but most of pages hold similar data. They also do not have unique meta tags and content and it leads to low quality.

Technical Guide To Fix This Issue

Head to MANAdev Layered Navigation Filter and you will have several Tabs like General, Advanced, Color and Images and appropriate sections will appear after clicking the tab. Some tabs might be shown or hidden.

Amasty Improved Layered Navigation will surely help to stay away from these issues. Moreover, it doubles the profit.

Number Appendages

And there is another Magento issue that it tends to add a number of the end of the URL. You may be thinking why it happens. It is because of using the same URL already being used. Ignoring them can also lead to big issues. This issue also occurs if products are updated via a CSV.

Technical Guide To Fix This Issue

It is too easy to fix. You need to remove the rewrites from the rewrite table. It is quite easy to do as well as bring the best benefits to your site.

Search Pages

Though Magento is quite helpful to bring the best benefit to your e-commerce but sometimes it is too annoying. One of the most irritating points in respect of Magento is when catalogue search pages index by Google. Now, the point is that how you can fix them since they can be a legion of.

Technical Guide To Fix This Issue

To get rid of this issue, we suggest you disallowing the assigning noindex. What you need to do is just follow Meta robots tags to the search page and the children queries available in the directory. Are you have any sorts of issues with crawl budget, then you may go for using the robots.txt file instead of Meta robots tags.


Magento is being used on a large scale as it targets a number of benefits in one go. But it is pretty rubbish at the same time when it comes to create XML sitemaps. With the help of XML sitemaps, it becomes easy to create the standalone sitemaps having pages that you do not wish to get accessed by search engine.

Technical Guide To Fix This Issue

To get rid of this, it would be good to create two XML Sitemaps at the same time. These two would be good in order to manage one for products and second one would be category & content pages.

Having two XML sitemaps makes easy to visible the indexation of pages via Google Webmaster tools. This thing also makes easier to get accessed all pages by Google. This thing must be followed if you have a large site.

It would be good to split products out either by its brand or type in case if you are running a large website. Following this tip also makes possible to provide more insight into indexation.

In an index sitemap, it would be good to add difference reference. You can do it on your own if you have enough knowledge otherwise you may go with Magento Development Company.

How To Configure Magento To Work With A New Domain?

Are you also contemplating that how to configure Magento to work when you want to work with a new Domain. It is being mentioned here that there are two ways to configure in order to work with a new domain-

Edit the Magento database to Work Within A New Domain

This is the first way in which you have to go for editing the Magento database. Now, you may be thinking that how to do this. For this, you need to go to your cPanel php MyAdmin. Here, you need to choose your Magento database available at the left menu.

Get the table called core_config_data and then click on it. After this, you need to click the Browse tab and they you are all set to edit the first two fields: web/unsecure/base_url It is time to click the pen icon in front of each of them to replace the old domain. Feed the new one and press the button “GO” in order to save the changes.

Clear the Magento cache to Work Within A New Domain

The new one is dedicated to clear the Magento cache. Here, we are going to mention how you can clear the Magento cache. Head to Magento Installation directory since Magento cache folder is available here then you need to follow this -/var/cache.

Just head to cache and delete the folder. It is being mentioned here that variety of Magento issues can be fixed just by deleting the cache. If you have been going through the issues, then you may follow this tip.

Hire dedicated team for your next web development project.

In The last

To get Magento Migration done, you must hire best magento developer who having enough knowledge. They know how to get it done in a right way. It seems important to mention that every Magento implementation is different and they need the different ways to get treated.

The new SEO challenges can be identified from case to case to as they all differ from each other. There is no particular one rule can go with all sorts of Magento implementation. It is being suggested that an expert technical SEO must be added at the earliest stage of the site to keep going in a right way through the development of the site.

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