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How to Create a Better E-commerce Mobile App Checkout Process?

With the internet moving to the mobile smartphones and other handheld gadgets, sites like e-commerce and online shopping portals are also much prevalent on these devices. Therefore more and more e-commerce website have been moving to mobile commerce. People have started to make purchases via their mobile phones. However the major concern that most people have is that is the process really simple and reliable?

Looking at the current growth of the number of users turning to mobile devices to access websites and to make purchases, different companies would have to rethink their strategy and start creating simpler checkout processes. The entire process not only has to be simple and user-friendly but should be trustworthy so that more and more people can make full use of the buying process. Let’s get into a few examples and see what churns out.

In order to simplify and create a better mobile checkout process the following parameters needs to be looked into

Try to only include vital fields

It is always best to limit the number of fields you have while asking questions like name, address and so on. The more the number of fields the more time it would take and chances are that your customer may feel hassled and want to run away. Only ask the customer to fill in those question boxes that are sufficient to make the purchase and that the goods gets delivered to the customer on time.

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Allow Guest Checkout


Always provide an option to allow the customer to checkout as a guest. This should be standardized across the site especially if the purchase is being made on a mobile device. Chances are that if you are going to ask the customer to register and create an account and then bombard the person with several questions then he or she may want to run away.

Bring into use mobile user interface elements

Since the purchase is being made on a smartphone or PDA most probably the device would be a touchscreen. This is why try to keep the mobile user interface elements like buttons and graphics very simple yet distinguished so that the customer understands what to click on. This way the customer can easily move through the form and complete the checkout process.

Get rid of distractions and not content

Once the user reaches the checkout process, it is but obvious that the user wishes to make a purchase. At this stage if there is any distraction then that may frustrate the user and as a result may drive him away. You do not want to add distractions like ads that are unnecessarily running in the checkout process. At the same time you should focus on rich content and tool tips that can help the user make a purchase seamlessly without any confusion.

Show progress


Most likely the user may want to know at which stage of the buying process is he or she on and how many more steps ahead. The user would like to understand how much more time it may take. Progress bars helps to ease out any anxiety or concerns. Keep the progress bar sensible so that the user can easily understand the progress.

Keep your mobile site and checkout process light

If your site is heavy and is taking a while to download on the mobile device then you may lose potential customers. This is why you need a very light site and an even lighter checkout process. Ensure that the site can download within five seconds else it may be a major concern for the user and chances are that the page may timeout before the purchasing actually happens.

Offer Security Reassurance

The user would always go for a site that is secure this is why it is essential that you offer the reassurance to the user that your site has proper SSL certificates and can offer complete security when the transaction happens.

Use Google Wallets like PayPal etc.


The last thing that the customer would want is to push him or her into something that cannot be trusted. This is why instead of using checkout forms; try to use available trusted services like PayPal and Google Wallet. Information gets automatically populated and reduces the purchase time.

Make the most of Geo Location


One of the best things about Home Depot’s mobile website is that it allows users to pick up items off the virtual store and then enables GPS to find the closest location and also check for inventory. Also, you as the user can call for support as and when needed.

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Rigorous testing before you put the checkout process funnel into production

It is best to rigorously test the checkout process and detect any bugs and errors before it goes into production. Although mobile testing may be challenging and time taking but you do not want to rollout something that is not bug free. Also, do check the funnel in different browsers and see if the process works well.

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