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5 Factors That Determine Cost of eCommerce Website Development In India


The cost of eCommerce website development in India determines on the level of complexity and many technology solutions. When deciding to start eCommerce business, it is essential to plan out what products/services you want to sell through your site

eCommerce website must have some exceptional features apart from basic to make it more attractive. And, integration of such features and other factors decide price. Here, we have mentioned five important factors that give sketch of actual eCommerce web development price.

eCommerce Merchant Account

An eCommerce business will require a Merchant Account to receive credit card payments. Not to tie to the bank for a Merchant Account as its market is highly competitive.

Having a Merchant Account charges a percentage of each transaction. There are some Merchant Accounts that restrict the type of supplies sold.

Note: Ensure to have an eCommerce Merchant Account not a standard Merchant Account.

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Hosting and Maintenance

Hosting is one of the important things you must have for your eCommerce site. The hosting charges depend on the type of hosting needed. It is advisable to ask suggestion from developer about hosting.

User Interface and Architecture

Ensure to develop eCommerce site that is easy to use by customers, customer service reps, administrators, manufacturers as well as designers.

Purchase template-based e-commerce sites can cost little amount that suited to your budget. Optionally, you can also go for enterprise-level all-in-one solutions and customized programming.

Customer Relationship Management

The cost of servicing customers by email, phone and online chat is also considered along with advertisement. Additionally, you can also consider cost of collecting taxes, suppliers, managing inventory, and analyzing traffic to decide problem with converting visitors into customers.


Inviting unique visitors to your site is one type of marketing analysis. One can have to decide average Cost Per Visitor and on the basis of CPV of other similar e-commerce sites.

The best way to decide the CPV is to see ads running when you conducting a Google Search for the product. Moreover, Google AdWords can also be used to estimate the CPV for keyword phrases.

eCommerce merchants have to pay money or time on marketing to see heavy traffic on their site. Running any promotional activity helps to establish brand and loyal customer base of repeat visitors.

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