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4 Reasons Why You Should Stand-up For Your Employees


We know customers’ criticisms can reach to thousands of their “friends” and many companies are worried that unhappy customers can wreak destruction on a brand. Its manager’s duty to manage the whole deal between satisfying customers’ expectations along with protects their team members.

So, what is manager’s job in such case? How he stands for their employees? Here are some common-sense approaches that must work for your employees.

Know Your Values

It is essential for you to know what you will stand up for and what won’t. It simply means you have to know your values and also understands your organization’s values and mission.

You must ask question yourself whether standards of behavior matter you a lot or not. What you do if your member breaches your company’s standards?

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One can’t think over every situation occurred, but he/she should prepare themselves mentally about some situations

Study the Situation and Assess Risks

You have enough understanding about where and what to speak in someone else’s defense. In such case, you have to trust your own judgement to make an excellent decision. It is advisable to take
You may have to decide at a moment’s notice whether to speak up in someone else’s defense.

In these cases, you’ll have to trust your own good judgment to make the best decision. However, it’s best to take some time to analyze the situation first, if you can.

Don’t rely on one-side story. Here from both the side and give your suggestion of take decision. Apart from, other part of analyzing has to perform with person whom you are defending.

Make Decision on Action

After analyzing situation, you have to move forward on the action that you will take. Ensure to fully justify to your team member and take decision in their favor.

As a manager, it is your duty to take appropriate steps and ensure that such problem doesn’t happen again. On other side, if you are thinking that person doesn’t deserve your support, it is advisable to let him/her know about your non-defending actions in his/her favor.

Defend Properly

Think and plan about what you are going to say in your member’s defense, if it is possible. Let they know why you are standing with them and highlight the steps that they have taken.

If you are going to take responsibility for their actions, let them know why you are and ensure it doesn’t happen again. Ensure to make a good relationship with that person, whom you are speaking, don’t be so ambassadorial while you are assertive.

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Though criticism is unjust, it is must to communicate calmly and up to the point. These are some approaches that you have taken to stand-up for our employees. If you know more, share us your knowledge through comment section.