Athar Mir

Head HR Management, Talent Acquisition

  • Team Planning
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Head of Staffing
  • Strategic Recruitment Practice
  • Performance Management
  • Personal Management

14 years, mostly with Human Resource Deployments

Augmented his Science Bachelor’s Degree with Masters in Business Management

Athar is the Managing HR Operations at Perception. Athar has used his dynamic communication and management expertise to shape up Perception’s staff culture. He is analytical mind and uses industry insights to provide valuable inputs for motivated Team to enhance productivity.

Athar is playing dynamic role of Talent Acquisition at Perception, responsible for implementing our vision at all levels of Team Building. He also leads for strategical roles for talent sourcing, screening, and recruitment.

As Head of staffing at Perception, Athar responsible for boarding each new candidate on ideal position, client’s project and team, through an agile process that coupled with deep technical compliance.

Athar strongly believes that each resource of organizational crew and skills is asset, and hence he developed multicultural atmosphere personal capital development and strong interpersonal connection that everyone feel part and parcel of the Perception Community. He always sensibly played moderator role between employees and organisation with the mission of talent endurance for lifelong enjoying the best possible workplace that thrives on personal harmony.