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5 Tips for Optimizing an E-commerce Payment Page


How can one sell anything if customers can’t make payment page proper and secure? Having a secure payment page increases your business’s revenue. In a nut shell, payment page plays an important role to improve site’s visibility and increase faith among shopper’s mind. A secure payment page is important as it converts your website visitors into customers.

If online merchants have to increase their checkout conversion rates, they have to make few changes to their payment page by reducing payment page abandonment. Having a customize payment option will minimize your problem and helps shoppers to feel secure while they are purchasing anything from your site. In this post, we are going to discuss some important tips that help online merchants to optimize an e-commerce payment page.

Mod 10 Luhn check

Confused!! It is one type of Luhn algorithm or Luhn formula, which is used to validate an array of identification numbers such as credit card numbers. Luhn formula is also known as “modulus 10? or “mod 10? algorithm that used by credit cards to differentiate valid numbers from collections of random digits. It is one of the quickest ways to minimize credit card number errors before making payment for existing transaction.

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1Click payments

With 1Click Payment, card holder only has to insert CVV after the commenced transaction. The checkout experience simplified by 1Click Payment and also minimizes the amount of data that card holder inserted on the payment page. The card holder’s details will be tokenized by the payment gateway at the time of initial transaction so that the merchant doesn’t save any card data. After that, card-holder only requires to enter their CVV to complete payment process.

Validating the CVV length

A three-digit CVV number is used by Visa, MasterCard and Diners that placed on the back of the credit card while a four digit number is used by American Express on the front of the credit card. Validate that means the CVV codes must have an appropriate number of digits according to the credit card type. For doing this, e-commerce services provider have to work on two parameters, i.e. the card number and its CVV number.

The main card number decides the connected account linked to the card. With first six numbers of cards, the card issuer is identified, for e.g. MasterCard or American Express. After that, code will be checked about 4 digits long, if customer’s card is issued by American Express. On other side, CVV code has three digits and users enter CVV too long or too short then card holder to modify before proceeding.

Payment page error handling

If online merchants want to control over the common made mistakes, it is recommended to use in-line error handling. It minimizes payment processing steps. Additionally, transaction request does not proceed to the payment provider, if card holder doesn’t add accurate information. One of the best things about Error handling on the payment page is it alerts data’s cardholder while he/she is inserting wrong information before proceeding with the transaction.

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Numeric validation

Numeric validation only allows numeric characters to enter and stops special characters or alpha from being entered into the text box while entering card details or payment information. This helps to reduce finger error and completes transaction easily.

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