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17 Best eCommerce Sites Deliver Exceptional User Experience


Do you know that the website is the first interface between the customers and the seller? Thus, your website designed in the most exceptional manners that worked and handled customers trouble-free.

Having a good design always attract more shoppers and make you unique from others. When designing your site, it is must to add some creativity or rich graphics effects.

There are many websites that become inspiration for all of us. Check the out 17 of such websites that have something unique that other websites don’t have.

Barbour’s Christmas site


An interesting website, Barbour’s Christmas site has some amazing animations like parallax scrolling, running dogs, snowflakes, hotspots, Roaring fires, and robins. To see the effect, you just have to put mouse cursor on the image.



Soulland’s entry page shows video of missile, which seems great. This website has a lot of animation, from home to product pages.
Soulland is a perfect combination of animation and graphics that bring pages to life and surely wow to the shoppers.

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Bonarium has a drop down functionality that contains little drawing andnavigational labels. Its ‘Try Me’ mix and match tool helps you to make combination of clothing by bunching items to the dressing room
Sinstar is another online store that has amazing and interesting slider for showing products. This site makes the most of hotspots and lookbooks.


The wow factor of this website is a full screen image that comes with a menu with slider. Its slider moves from right that features some of the featured products.

Users can also find some nice micro UX touches like some slow movements that you can see when you point the mouse.



Vertty is one of the attractive and single product website that has reinvented the beach towel based around a bunch of triangles. Its homepage has a carousel of sorts that enable users to choose their favorite color.

You should find a lovely color coding: both the slide and ‘coming soon’ button’s color change immediately like the product page.

Two Socks

Two Socks is one of the remarkable websites with better presentation with having a simple use of text for navigation. This website have a good user interface, however, its product pages doesn’t contain enough information related to product.

Users will find a non-threatening warning message, if they fail to start their foot size. Additionally, they can also find read flashes that highlight where they have to look.

The most exceptional thing is its cute ’emergency’ tool that helps person to shop socks fast even they don’t have enough time. This site also has a one-armed bandit.



Decorated homage with a collection of quality product shots, a color pickers and so on, Robstep is vary eye-catchy and created with best color combination. Its home page also contains the use of hotspots as a navigational / discovery tool.



The most eye-catchy website, MACK has a view room / view products toggle button at the top navigation. You just have to click to see the room view and after that, hover over various parts of the room to unveil its product information. This website is best for shoppers available in browse mode as it shows room from different angles.

House Of Fraser


I have found a newly revamped House of Fraser website that does many things excellently. This website has the True Fit tool that helps to minimize returns by helping shoppers to search a perfect fit. You can also find smart technology and dynamic content FTW.

Kershaw Knives


Kershaw Knives is the finest eCommerce site that offers superb usability to its users. In this site, we can find amazing navigation and feature filtering and some information across the site.



KitchenAid is listed here because of its suggested search functionality with auto-complete. You cannot find it unique, but it delivers easy shopping experience. Thus, many retailers have not bothered to add this feature to their websites to sort such things.

Colette Malouf


Colette Malouf is one of the favorite sites of females, where they can find a collection of jewelry of different types. The best thing is you can get information of jewelry by hovering on particular product to revel its information, including price.

The absolute amazing thing is its product display. Shoppers can use their mouse to drag to rotate the shoes around.



Bellroy’s ‘Slim Your Wallet’ campaign is a full of complimentary for me. This website is a great combination of beautiful mix and match typography, sliders to play with, lovely feature filtering graphics, icon-based navigation, and so on.

All such features help the site to look good and make good business.



Have you seen a little microphone icon in the search box? Yes!! This is voice activated search added in this eCommerce site to find product by voice.

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If you made purchase through Amazon application, you phone will vibrate when you add an item to the basket.


Bonarium has a drop down functionality that contains little drawing andnavigational labels. Its ‘Try Me’ mix and match tool helps you to make combination of clothing by bunching items to the dressing room in a store.\

Thus are 17 best examples of eCommerce websites that provide unique and innovative user experience. If you want to add such features in your eCommerce website, then hire eCommerce developers with flexible pricing from Perception System.

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