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Product Video – A Highly Advanced & Elegant X-Cart Module by Perception System


One of the highly advanced and elegant X-Cart modules ‘Product Video’ has been launched by Perception System for X-Cart website owners. Now, all the X-Cart platform users can easily download this high-end module for their website and expand its capability.

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The company has launched this wonderful features carried module that gives your customers a valuable video demonstration of the products. It is highly essential for all the X-Cart professionals to give their customers a video demonstration of their products so that customers get a complete idea about the products and get ready to purchase it.

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Currently in the market, it is one such C-Cart module that allows store owners to add YouTube video of the product that they are going to sell. The company designed and developed this module by considering the needs of your customers, therefore you do not have to give a second thought on this module, just download it for your site to enjoy lots of features.

Moreover, product video adds a competitive benefit and makes your product more dynamic. The best thing about this module is that it clears all the hesitation of your customers that they have about your products.

Additionally, it makes you competent to market your products with the help of emotions as well as activity that you can perform in the video advertisement. To show video testimonials to your website visitors, you can also make use of X-Cart product video module. However, users of this module can easily configure it by following some simple steps:

  • Login to admin panel
  • Navigate to Extension >Installed Modules
  • Scroll downwards to located ‘Product Video’ module addon and click on enabled link to enable the module.
Product Video

  • Just, simply navigate to Category > Products
  • Click the product where you need to add product video to be displayed on front-end.
  • Once you have the details page opened, scroll a bit downwards to located ‘Product Video’ section.
  • Place the embed URL of the video that you want to upload and click ‘Update Product’ button.
Update Product button

  • Now, open the related product on store front-end.
  • Scroll a bit down to get the tabbing section.
  • You can view an additional tab ‘Product Video’ where you can view the uploaded video.
Product Video

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So, X-Cart website owners can follow these easy steps to configure this module that allows your customers to check a video demonstration of your products. For more information about X-cart solutions send your quiry here : info@perceptionsystem.com

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