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Best Wedding Planner Apps, Websites, Software, and Tools


Weddings are expensive, stressful, and require a lot of planning. Everything should be perfect for organizing a beautiful dreamy wedding, from managing emails, taking notes, and contacting vendors. Being a wedding planner, you should know what is coming down the road.

Fortunately, you will find innovative wedding planner websites, software, and tools that help you manage your tasks flawlessly. Implementing wedding planning software and tools is the most productive way to manage all the wedding activities right from one dashboard.

With our ingenious experience, we have curated a comprehensive guide to help couples invest in the right software and tools that manage their budget, proposals, and guest lists in the most productive way ever.

Top 10 Wedding Planner Web Tools

These days, wedding planning is mostly done online. According to statistics, more than 80% of newly engaged couples use wedding planner websites and tools to make their wedding more efficient. As a wedding planner, you should not ignore these important facts:

  • Using wedding planner websites will enhance productivity by 27%
  • The guests are 20% more likely to attend the wedding
  • You can save up to 30% on your wedding events.

Here are the top ten wedding planning tools that can transform your wedding to the next level, unlocking countless benefits.


After its inception in 1996, it is popular amongst the modern-day bride for many good reasons. Acclaimed as the largest global wedding company, it has extended its brand to every venue the bride and groom turn to plan their wedding. With interactive features and resources, the Knot provides millions of couples getting married each year.

Here are the interactive features you will find on the Knot,

Hassle-free registry for couples

  • Ideal for weddings with a limited budget
  • Personalized wedding gifts
  • Manage guests with tracker
  • Free counseling for wedding planning
  • Catering and vendor management

You will find Zola a one-stop-shop for all your wedding requirements, from wedding attire to personalized wedding gifts. It has tied up with some of the most popular brands like The Dessy, Bridy Grey, and Flora Vere, including wedding attire, personalized jewelry, decorations, accessories, and much more. All you need is to create a free registry on Zola, create your wedding website, send invitations and other paper goods, and plan the wedding in a hassle-free manner.

Create a beautiful website for your D-Day

  • Cash funds for marriage and honeymoon
  • Endless collection of gifts
  • Free and scheduled shipping of gifts 
  • Uninterrupted communication with your guests
  • One-stop shop for all wedding essentials 

With this app, you can easily say “I Do” without worrying about your wedding essentials, guests, and catering. This iPhone app will help you manage your wedding flawlessly and organize everything, including catering, guest management, decoration, and personalized gifts.

Quick login and easy setup

  • Secured Payment integration and tracking
  • View recent planning activities
  • Invite professionals to your planning team
  • Chat feature for uninterrupted management
wedding wire

It is the leading online marketplace that helps to connect newly engaged couples with wedding planners and creative professionals. The users can connect with more than 3 million professionals, including caterers, vendors, florists, photographers, designers, and wedding planners. The couples can search and optimize the designs and creatives and compare their budget from more than 400K businesses.

Ideal for budget planning

  • Connect with wedding planner experts
  • Catering management
  • Venue management
  • Layouts and floor plans

Joy helps you to keep your wedding at your fingertips. You can explore gorgeous website designs with matching patterns and prints. From classic to modern vibes, you will find a wedding theme that matches your wedding style and personality. You can also get personalized fonts and hand-crafted designs, especially for you and your beloved one. Send a unique online wedding invitation that hits the recipient inbox directly.

  • Free wedding websites
  • Beautiful RSVP templates
  • Unique wedding invitation ideas
  • Hand-crafted designs and patterns

You can create extraordinary wedding experiences with this web tool. Honey-fund offers modern couples a new and innovative wedding registry that reflects what they want. Just like the name itself suggests, it helps you show how much money you have for the wedding. It has helped millions of couples to transform their fairy-tale wedding into a real-life experience.

Wedding vendor directory

  • Honeymoon resort directory
  • Personalized wish-list
  • Gift card registry with more than 200 brands
  • Universal registry with one-stop shopping
  • Quick access to gift funds

At the Brides, they are committed to bringing an inclusive look at the word of weddings for every type of couple and every type of celebration. The professionals at Bride will guide you, inspire you and entertain you throughout your wedding planning experience. Whether you are looking for the most beautiful wedding dress or searching for the most romantic honeymoon location, the team of Bride got you covered.

Unique gifts and registry ideas

  • Bridal shower and rehearsal dinner planning
  • Wedding dress, hair, makeup, and accessories
  • Professional advice for wedding venues, cakes, and photographers
  • Expensive wedding jewelry

What makes BrideVue different from the rest wedding planning website is that it offers real-time virtual conferences with the professional wedding planners and expert event consultants. You can easily kick off your wedding planning with its innovative features. You can even get design ideas in the most efficient, concise and affordable way.

Virtual consulting with expert wedding planners

  • Multiple venue management
  • Scheduled wedding timelines
  • Budget planning and catering management
  • Floor plans and customized templates

Pinterest is the best way to plan your wedding with some unique pins online. You will find some mesmerizing ideas regarding wedding invitations, decoration, wedding gifts, attires, and wedding venues.

Endless options for creativity

  • 200+ wedding planning checklists
  • Eye-catchy creatives for D-Day
  • Safety guides for weddings in pandemic

It is the smartest tool for creating a smoother event. It is an all-in-one online wedding and event management tool that streamlines how you plan and promote your wedding. You will find more than 30 wedding tools and software that help you manage every minute detail most efficiently. It is responsive to help you access your wedding planning through smartphones, PCs, and iPads.

  • Catering management
  • Floor layout plans
  • Vendor management
  • Guest management 
  • Multiple wedding management 
  • Budget planning

Top Wedding Gift Registry App

Now, you have to know the top wedding planning websites and tools. It is time to set up a wedding gift registry to receive gifts from the wedding guests. Here’s how you can set up your gift registry to avoid unnecessary and duplicate gifts from guests.

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What is Gift Registry

Gift registry is a service provided by websites to engaged couples to communicate their gift preferences to the wedding guests. This helps the couple to receive different gifts from different guests by avoiding unwanted and duplicate gifts.

How does the gift registry work?

To take the services of a gift registry, the couple needs to create a wish list of their preferred gifts. The access will be granted to wedding guests so that they can view the preferences of the couple and can choose the gift of their choice in budget. After purchasing the gifts, they will be directly sent to the couple’s preferred address.

The best advantage of a gift registry is that it gives couples the perfect opportunity to stock up the right arsenal. On the other hand, it also helps the wedding guests to avoid the hassle of selecting gifts, going out to buy them, and delivering them.

Features of gift registry

Here are some of the good features you will find in a gift registry site or app:

  • No need to carry gifts in a wedding
  • The couple can shortlist perfect gifts
  • Endless variations in gifts to choose from
  • Easy way of sharing gift expectations from guest

Top gift registry apps

Here we have listed some of the top gift registry apps that you might use for your wish-listing your wedding gifts.

The Knot

The Knot helps you to create a wish-list from the most versatile brands, with thousands of products. It allows you to create a list from their selected brands and share it with your wedding guests. The guests then can decide to buy the gifts that fit their budget or their desire. Then they can directly send their gifts to your preferred location.


Zola offers customized gift options to its users. You can create personalized gifts, personalized gift packaging for your D-Day. Besides, it also helps you to create digital albums, virtual gift cards, and many other others.


HoneyFund is the best way to create your desired wedding gift wish-list. It helps you to avoid duplicate gifts by crossing out the items already bought by the guests. In this way, every guest can see what other guests have bought. You can create a honeymoon fund with the help of gift cards.


Recommended by successful Bollywood Actress Priyanka Chopra, Amazon holds prominent importance when it comes to gifting products. You can select from more than 2 million products, the largest collection on the Internet.


You can choose from an exquisite range of intricate jewelry to personalized gifts with the help of this gift registry. There are many more options to create gifts for your wedding day. You can share the curated wish list with your guests to give you the best gift possible.

Top Wedding Event Management Websites

The wedding event management includes creative minds including the photographers, videographers, wedding event planners, florists and make-up artists. Right from presenting the websites, to getting gifts, you will find countless websites offering wedding event management.

What is wedding event management?

Wedding event management includes seamless integration and management of wedding tasks such as venue booking, catering, decoration, selecting attire and managing guests. In this advent of technology, couples are taking help of websites to manage their wedding event. These websites feature everything that helps to say “I Do” without worrying about food, floor plans, wedding gifts and budget.

How does wedding event management work?

The wedding event management website helps the newly engaged couples to plan their wedding in the most efficient way. With the help of wedding event management websites, they can send digital wedding invitations, can create a wish-list of their wedding gifts and share it with the wedding guest, and can hire the right professional for the right job in a few clicks.

With the digital planner, they can easily schedule their rehearsal dinner with the guest, can keep in touch with their professionals and wedding planners and can sleep peacefully without worrying about any single glitch in their wedding.

Features of wedding event management websites:

Here are some of the features that you will find interactive and innovative while planning your wedding.

  • Schedule virtual meetings with professionals, guests and planners
  • Create digital wedding invitation
  • Make a personalized decoration
  • Connect with hundreds of professionals in a single click
  • A hassle-free way to connect with wedding guests and track their activities.

Top wedding event management websites

If you want a smooth wedding, then you must use these websites for efficient and concise planning.


Ranked as the top wedding and event management software, you can plan, manage, organize and track every single detail of your wedding. With this tool you will have access to more than 20K professionals and constant communication with them for a smooth planning.

Aisle planner

Designed by wedding event professionals, it is a one-stop for all your wedding needs. You can collaborate with new professionals, connect with guests and plan your wedding in a seamless way. This wedding management software houses all tools and features that you need to plan your dream wedding.


Just like the name suggests, a honey book is everything that you need to get done. It offers an end-to-end tracking of your events, wedding guests and planners. The users can have total control of their wedding events, their professionals, guests and gifts. 

Top Wedding Venue, Invitation Planning & RSVP Tools

Wedding invitation is the first and foremost glimpse of your wedding. It must be appealing to please your wedding guests. Here’s how you can use some of the best wedding venues and wedding RSVP tools that help you create some mesmerizing invitations.

What are wedding venues and RSVP tools?

Wedding venue tools help you to select the best location for your wedding, in accord with your wedding theme and budget. You can select some of the best locations according to the weather and guests’ preferences. Similarly, RSVP tools help you to create customized wedding invitations to mark the memorable day.\

How do wedding venues and RSVP tools work?

The wedding venue and RSVP tools offer full control to the users to select their desired wedding location. The users need to enter their likes in terms of location, weather, number of guests and duration. The tools will help the users to select and book their wedding venue by checking out the photos and pictures and connect with the professionals for hosting their wedding.

Similarly, the RSVP tools help the users to curate their customized wedding invitation. Rather digital or physical, they users can hire graphic designers to create a mesmerizing invitation that matches with their wedding theme.

Features of wedding venue and RSVP tools

Here are some of the most interesting features of wedding venue and RSVP tools:

  • Select some of the most scenic venues
  • Customize wedding invitations
  • Virtual conferences with professionals and experts
  • Hundreds of venues and templates to choose from

Top wedding Venues and RSVP tools

Here we have collected some of the best tools that might help you to select the best aisle location and wedding invitation.


At minted, you will find the most unique art forms and creativity to create the most enchanting wedding invitation ever. Designed by independent artists, you will find versatile templates that range from formal to funky. Foil pressed, gloss-presses, or letterpress, you will find everything that you need to create beautiful invites.


Wedding Happy provides versatile design options to the users including rustic, botanical, water color, beach and nautical, cities and states and everything you name it. It is the best website for creating a perfect invitation that matches your dream destination.


From themes to layout, custom questions to secondary events, online payments to online invitations, it gives you complete control over your entire wedding invitation. You can even track the invitees with the tracking link included in registration.

Top Wedding Seating Arrangement Tools

Create a proper seating arrangement in your wedding so that your family, friends and colleagues can fully enjoy your wedding without any hassle.

What are wedding seating arrangement tools?

Wedding seating arrangement tools are designed to create wedding seating chart templates without mixing your friends from different periods of your lives, different social circles, immediate and extended family members from both of your families and other guests that don’t fit into any category such as family friends, divorced parents, work colleagues and others who have meant a great deal into your lives.

How do wedding seating arrangement tools work?

Wedding seating arrangement tools work with a digital seating chart that helps you to move guests around from table to table with ease and even design the space you are working with digitally based on specs from your venue. These tools ensure that everyone is on the same page, right from your venue and vendors to key family members.

Features of wedding seating arrangement tools

Streamline your wedding guest lists with some of these interesting features of wedding seating arrangement tools:

  • Drag and drop seating chart for quick decision
  • Customized seating plans and table shapes
  • Creation and tracking of RSVP invitation
  • Export floor plan to your venue, guests, keeping them in loop

Top wedding seating arrangement tools

Avoid “post-it” notes with these free wedding seating arrangement tools:

All seated

It offers complimentary access to its online suite of tools, including its long list of venues to choose from. After signing up this tool, all you need is to import your guest list and assign tables based on your floor plan. You can even utilize this tool for other wedding related events like rehearsal dinners, day-after brunch using the same seating.

Social tables

By using social tables, you can create a drag and drop seating chart that can be customized according to your needs. You can create and track all the RSVPs at one place. It also enables you to share your fancy digital wedding invitation chart with your guests, helping them to find out their table with ease.


This savvy organization tool helps you to tag names or numbers to your tables. You can make notes like the dietary requirements or tag a friend with kids. The drag and drop features easily help you to configure with the right guest at the right place. You can also import your guest lists from your contacts.

Top Wedding Dress Website

Wedding dress adds glamour to the entire event. The only thing that your wedding guest wants to see is your wedding dress. So, you must invest time and money to find the perfect gown that enchants all the guests at the aisle.

What is a wedding dress website?

A wedding dress website houses a designer collection of wedding gowns. The user can easily browse hundreds of designer wedding gowns and can buy one that fits their theme, budget and destination. Just like any eCommerce site, you can order your gown, make alterations and wear it on your wedding.

How does a wedding dress website work?

The wedding dress website is designed to bring countless gorgeous gowns on your fingertips. You can browse these gowns, can schedule a trial at your home or can ask for alteration at the same time. You can even create a wish-list on the website and save the outfit to buy later.

Features of wedding dress websites

The wedding dress websites offers many unique features and some of them are as follows:

  • Determine a perfect fit in accord with your body shape
  • Talk to designers for selecting the better option
  • Filter the gowns in terms of designers, style, price, neckline and silhouette
  • Invite and communicate with friends to make a better decision

Top wedding dress website

Make room at your home screen and try out gowns from these websites.


Just like the name itself suggests, it holds a prominent place when it comes to doing bridal shopping. Right from A-line dresses, to formal frocks, you can instantly easily find your dream dress while browsing brides. You can even browse matching accessories like the veil, shoes, bouquets and necklace for your D-Day.


While using Azazie, all you need is to enter the Wedding Shop and browse beautiful bridal gowns from labels like Kleinfeld and Lace & Liberty. You can buy them instantly. That’s right, you can cross “find wedding dress” off of your to-do list with just a few swipes and taps.


Consider this app as the Tinder of wedding dresses. Browse all of the budget-friendly wedding dresses it has to offer and save your favorites to your own personal showroom. You can share it with your bridal party, mom, or fiancé, who can offer their thoughts. After you have your bridal ensemble sorted, you can create a bridesmaid dress showroom where your BFFs can add or choose their favorites.

Top Wedding Ring & Jewelry Website

Brides put in a lot of time and effort to look for that perfect lehenga but not enough searching for the right bridal jewelry. But not anymore, with some innovative sites, you can find exquisite jewelry, bridal sets and engagement rings with just a few clicks!

What is a wedding jewelry website?

Just like any other online shop, you can buy wedding jewelry from dedicated websites. These websites only offer wedding jewelry and engagement rings that are curated for this special occasion. You will find many authentic sites that help you to buy your matching accessory right from the comfort of your home.

How does a wedding jewelry website work?

The user can browse different types and styles of jewelry from the search features of the website. They can create a wish-list and save their favorite designs to buy in the near future. They can even invite their friends and family to make a better decision.

Features of wedding jewelry website

Right from selecting engagement rings to buying rose-gold heart shaped necklace, you will find many interactive features:

Top wedding ring and jewelry website

Here are some of the best jewelry sites that offer inexpensive over-the-top diamond engagement rings and wedding jewelry.

Blue Nile

Blue Nile offers vintage & handmade shopping boasts more than 600k engagement rings, including any sort of shape, size, metal, gemstone or diamond and you’re bound to find the perfect ring.  Ever-stylish and in a cool price range, it keeps the site fresh with new designs from cult indie designers like Satomi Kawakita, Sofia Zakia, Jennie Kwon and more.


It’s no secret that girls are massive fans of shopping for sparkling jewels on Etsy. From custom-designed engagement rings to vintage, heirloom wedding sets, you can find just about anything your heart desires on Etsy. And even if you don’t, so many of Etsy’s talented designers will happily craft the custom engagement or wedding ring of your dreams.


For the visual buyers who are scrolling through Kay, this website makes it easy to shop for the engagement rings and jewelry of their dream. Their refined designs focus on their sustainably stunning diamonds. It offers a generous proposal care packages that involves an annual shine and lifetime warranty.

James Allen

With plenty of products under $2,000 and matching wedding sets aplenty, shopping for wedding jewelry on James Allen’s website is about as easy as it gets. The selection of sparklers is concise & well-curated, offering contemporary designs fitting of trendsetters & subtle art deco pieces for the vintage-minded.


Is it worth it to invest in wedding planning websites, software and tools?

Investing your time and funds in a wedding planning website is a good idea, as they can save a lot of time, cost and effort while planning a wedding. Right from selecting the venues, to seating arrangements, you can easily manage every task of the wedding.

What are the prime features of a wedding planning website?

Here is the list of common, yet essential features that your wedding planning website or software should possess:

  • Virtual consulting with professionals and wedding planner experts
  • Sharing option with friends and family to take better decision
  • A dedicated chat option with wedding guests and wedding professionals
  • Wedding guest management and tracker
  • Gift registry and tracking
  • Catering, venue and event management
  • Mobile responsiveness to manage everything on the go
  • Cost analysis and tracking for budget

How much time does it take to create a wedding planning website or software?

The time to develop a wedding planning website or software may vary from one website to another. The time for the development can also be affected by selected features and the complexities of the websites.

What is the cost of a wedding planning website, software and tools?

The cost of the wedding planning website, software and tools depends on the type of product, their complexities and their number of features. You can get a rough idea about the cost by multiplying the number of hours with the hourly rate of the developers. 

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