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How an Android Point of Sale System Can Boost Your Restaurant Business

Perception System has recently created a custom point-of-sale system for one restaurant chain in Bahrain that is revolutionizing the way restaurants manage their operations. This point-of-sale system is designed specifically for Android OS and can be used on any Android tablet or phone. It also allows waiters to take orders directly from the table and send them to the kitchen, making the ordering process much smoother and more efficient.


The core features of Perception System’s point of sale system are extensive and cover everything a restaurant could need to manage its operations. These include inventory management, billing, kitchen management, call centre integration, Benefit pay integration, Talabat integration, loyalty points, discount management, tax management, and many more. This means that restaurant owners can manage all aspects of their business from one central location.

One of the key advantages of Perception System’s point of sale system is its scalability. The restaurant chain in Bahrain has over 70 branches and 12 franchises, and the software supports both franchise and branch management. This means that restaurant owners can easily manage multiple locations and franchises from one central location, making tracking inventory, sales, and other important metrics easier.

Another advantage of Perception System’s point-of-sale system is its reliability. With over 25,000 bills generated daily, the system is designed to handle high traffic volumes without slowing down or crashing. This means that restaurant owners can rely on the system to keep their business running smoothly, even during peak hours.

The point-of-sale system is also highly customizable, which means that restaurant owners can tailor it to their specific needs. For example, they can add custom menus, discounts, and promotions to the system to encourage customers to come back. They can also set up loyalty programs to reward repeat customers, which can help increase customer loyalty and retention.

Perhaps one of the most innovative features of Perception System’s point of sale system is its integration with Benefit pay and Talabat. This allows customers to pay for their meals using their Benefit pay account or through Talabat, which makes the payment process much more convenient and streamlined. It also makes it easier for restaurants to manage their finances and keep track of their revenue.

Overall, Perception System’s custom point-of-sale system is a game-changer for restaurant management in Bahrain. It provides a comprehensive solution covering all aspects of restaurant operations, from inventory management to billing and loyalty programs. It is scalable, reliable, and highly customizable, which means that it can be tailored to meet the needs of any restaurant. And with its integration with Benefit pay and Talabat, it is also highly convenient for customers.

The POS software can fit any businesses in Food and Beverage business to run and manage their single outlet to 100s of outlets and the franchise concept.

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Benefit of Android POS

Android POS (Point of Sale) systems can offer several benefits to restaurant businesses, including:


Android POS systems can help streamline the order-taking process, allowing waiters (servers) to enter orders directly into the system, which reduces the likelihood of errors and ensures that orders are received quickly by the kitchen staff.


Android tablets and android phones are cost-effective as compared to other operating systems.

No maintenance

Android POS will not require tough maintenance for anti-virus, ethernet cables, keyboards/mouse etc.

Loyalty App

The solution includes a loyalty app for individual brands to engage customers with the brand. With this app customers can easily login and order for takeout or delivery and earn points against the amount they spend.

On the other hand, they can redeem the points on their next order. Various rules for admin are provided in the point of sale backend to alter and offer loyalty points.

User Roles & Privileges

The backend administration comes with full-fledged role management to create waiter, cashier, supervisor and other roles as per the business need. People using the POS is bound by the role and they can access only the granted features from the back office.

Benefit Pay

Benefit pay is the wallet in Bahrain so the POS creates an easy customer experience for walk-in customers. Eg. a customer comes to dine in and after the order, he asks for the bill, the POS generates a bill and prints the Benefit QR code for the given amount. Now customer simply scans the QR and pays with the benefits app and the order is settled.

Other features

The POS includes other standard features including

  • Table management
  • Split bill
  • Transfer table
  • Waiter order
  • Multi kot
  • Payment methods
  • Special note to kitchen
  • Push notifications
  • Takeaway, Delivery, Catering and Drive Through orders
  • Cash discount
  • Coupon discount


If you want your own Point of sale system to manage your multiple branches, you can explore this blog in detail and connect to Perception System.