About the Client

Location India

Industry Education & Welfare

MyPustak – a noble cause for spreading education beyond a limit, was established a couple of years back in India (Kolkata). MyPustak was formed with a vision to bridge the gap between those having books and those who need books. This concept became became India’s leading Socially Responsible Online Book Store to provide quality assured Pre-Owned Books for free to Readers of India.

MyPustak achieved this mark by providing books of every category, be it educational books, novels, children’s books, self-help, or any genre to the readers for free everywhere across the country. Down the road so far, we have employed our best efforts to welcome every book donor and mapped their books to the needy readers.

Services we offered

  • Web design & development

The Challenge

This client belongs to India, who was inclined towards an idea of doing complete revamping of their existing website – MyPustak. It seems to be an easy task of just developing a website with the new look and feel, though few of the points seem to be challenging here – a data and files migration from existing website to a new website, considering user accounts, donations, orders, testimonials etc, and inventory management. The inventory was a challenging part just because its requisition was not in the platform’s hand but in the hands of donors. The platform is fully dependent on the donors for the inventory requisition instead of placing an order in the market. Summing up all the expectations, the client was looking to have an IT consultant, who can offer a complete solution, covering website revamping and database migration expertise.

The key point was to better understand the client’s vision about a complete revamp of the website with certain exciting features as well as a clear visibility of the books inventory so according to that the volunteers of MyPustak may put the efforts to procure the donors who have list of books on particular subjects so a gap filling happens on a declining inventory of books.

Project Scope

As a major part of the project scope was to completely revamp the existing website of MyPustak, hence we were quite aware of the scope boundaries, though as said earlier, certain points such as – data migration and inventory monitoring were the crucial factors forced us to deal with the project execution in a tricky way.

Perception System allocated the senior engineer team, involving a business analyst, senior developers, QA engineer, and DevOps engineer. Starting from the role of a business analyst, who discussed, analyzed and then brought their business requirements on paper. The outcome of this business analysis process was – a detailed document, accompanying user flow diagrams, sketches, and wireframes.



As stated earlier too, the key challenging factors for us were the inventory clarity and data migration. A teamwork involving key members has attained these with patience and delivered it as per client’s expectations.

A Perception team planned out the execution in 14 sprints and worked directly with the end client to deliver a solution on time.

We built the entire new MyPustak website in a span of 14 weeks with all requirements using the latest and stable technology stack/frameworks at that time.

We Used

  • PHP


  • HTML5


  • CSS3


  • JavaScript


  • Bootstrap


  • My SQL

    My SQL

  • AWS



Milestones & Deliverables

A complete new website with a trendy look and design, feature and functionality achievements, and a data migration of an existing website.


A new website influenced more donors, and volunteers to join the platform, raising enormous donation activities.


A new website suffices the needs of client’s daily routines (interactions) in an easy and effective way.

Value Delivered


“Working with Perception Systems was a professional bliss, great work under budget and reasonable execution timeframes, my current go-to for python-web development solutions!”

Luis R. Soenksen,

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Striking Features


Responsive design

Group 16

Donors registration

Clinical Workflows

Easy donation process


Volunteer registration and dashboard

Group 5

Customer registration


Books database

Configure Product

Easy order placing

Group 15

Track your order


Customer testimonials


Easy refund policy

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