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15 Things To Must Know Before Developing Website

Want to create brand awareness on the internet? We are here to give some effective tips that you should consider while developing website to make it more attractive. In this article, we are going to discuss 15 things that make your website beautiful and catch visitor’s attention as well.
Choose Proper Domain:
It is a fact that people know your business through the website’s name. So, it is must to select the name of domain that related to your store type and people can easily remember. No matter, whether you are using .com, .net, or something else, it is must to choose a domain name wisely.
Choosing an appropriate hosting is one of the important tasks, you have to perform with your website. it is advisable to go for reliable hosting and according to capacity, you needed to store your website.
The technology you Use:
creating a website needs lots of research of technology that we are going to use. So, it is must to choose proper technology like HTML5, CSS3, PHP, JQuery, Javascript, etc. to develop website with rich-functionality.
Know Your Purpose of Creating Website:
Deciding the purpose of website is must before developing it. There are many types of website like business, corporate, e-commerce, etc., choose your business type site and develop accordingly.
Choose Attractive Layout And Colors:
An attractive feel to the website is only given with the proper combination of the colors and well-managed layout. Neat and clear layout is always preferable by the users. To make it more attractive, add footer section as well.
Add Informative Content:
Content is king, we all know that. So, it is must to provide informative and accurate content to your users. Write content is such a way that gives information to users and providing ranking in search engines by targeting certain keywords. Place proper images and videos as and when required, but ensure to take care of speed as well.
Include Site Map:
Include site map and flow chart to give proper idea to the people about services/products that available in your website.
Type of Audience You want to Target:
Know your visitors and create site accordingly. You can also grab attention with some freebies, contents, etc.
Pop Up Message:
I personally advised to webmaster to stay away from pop up message as it slow down your loading speed. If you are willing to put, then ensure to put close button.
Call-to-Action Buttons:
‘Call-to-Action’ Buttons are much important to have in your website. Ensure to have a bright color buttons with phrase like ‘BUY NOW’, ‘DOWNLOAD NOW’, etc.
Select Proper Background:
Having a clean and colorful background attracts user towards your website. It is advisable to avoid bright colors or you can also use patterned background as well.
Screen Resolution:
Taking care of screen resolution is must while developing site. Previously, 980px in width is considered while designing site. Now, it is trend of responsive, so you have to design site up to 1230px in width.
Social Media Functionality:
These days, social media website plays an important role. It allows you easy sharing of content and helps to get connected with your clients as well.
Cross Browser Capability:
If you want to attract visitors from all types of modern browser like Google, Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, etc. it is advisable to create well managed website that can be viewed easily on any browser.
Maintain Security Level:
Creating security is one of the most things that you have to keep in mind while developing site. Before handling your development project to any web development company, it is must to consults security clauses that they are going to add in your website.
So, all these important things you must add while develop website for your business. More than anything else, it’s simply exciting to see well-featured site that serve every wants to visitors. If you would like to know more about web development tips, visit to click below Image.

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Publish on Jul 30 2013