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15 Tips to Build Your First Business Website

Today mobile-friendly website is mandatory for a business to thrive in the fiercely competitive environment. However, building a website is never be a rocket science as well as not a child’s play anyway. A professional website must be developed by a professional web developer or a team of developers in a reputed company.
If you are going to create your first website for your business, the current post may help you and guide you properly as well as sincerely to achieve it. I am going to only 15 tips in this regard but may prove vital for your web development project.

1: Define Goals for Your Website

Website development process today is a costly affair, particularly when you are thinking a professional website to address your bespoke needs even in small to big scale. Therefore, nobody can think of spending such big amount, time, and resources behind the website building without solid purposes so business can sustain in competition as well as grow further.

Thus, your first step is to define the purposes of your website like selling goods online (Ecommerce), informative site, automating business processes, marketing, a big web portal serving multiple purposes, or a simple personal blog to help a professional.
Write your website goals in an organized manner and also try to define the features and functionality you need in your website, of course, along with valid example sites so your web development team or company can address all beautifully.

2: Be Visitor Centric

Businesses, which are new to web identity used to try to display what they are doing instead of telling what they can do for the website visitors or potential customers and add some values in the life of visitors or customers.
It is true that everybody is self-centric, so business is telling its stories is a natural act. However, the visitors of website or business in an online sense also are self-centric! If a business wishes to please them must think of their interests first.
Therefore, a website must have design, content, and interactions focusing on its end-users, not the business. If a business is smart enough, it will try to describe the products or services it offers and also paint that how it can help its visitors or customers at the end.

3: Collect Inspirations for Your Website

Each business is unique and comes with unique requirements for the web design. It is hard for an average business to write so many technical and non-tech requirements in words. Therefore, to convey the message accurately to your website designers and developers, you must have some live website examples to depict.
Surf the web thoroughly and collect samples for an individual main feature or collective features as well as functionality. Inspiration doesn’t mean to copy the design elements, content, or interactions, but it describes the way you want the things on your website.
If you know that an image is equal to hundreds of words and a live presentation equal to thousands of words, you must provide live examples of websites as inspirations to your web designers.

4: Secure Meaningful & Unique Domain Name for Your Website

Free domains are available but always come with extension and unable to provide you ranking as well as deliver branding message with your main business keyword. Therefore, a business must think of registering own domain name for the website that includes your main business keyword or the name of the business.
Moreover, the domain name must be easy to remember and spell so anyone can access it directly typing in the browser without relying on a bookmark or copy the URL.

5: Look for Reliable and Competent Host for Your Website

Hosting is a big issue when you want smooth running and high performance of your website. It is becoming crucial in the case of ecommerce websites, particularly when the security aspects have paramount importance. Today various hosting options are available such as shared hosting, VPS (Virtual Private Server), dedicated hosting, and cloud hosting.
The selection of right hosting provider and the hosting plan is somewhat technical matter, and your web development team can guide you righteously. If you have selected right hosting service provider with an appropriate plan, it may save your website from crashes, low downtime, high uptime, hacking, malicious attacks, and low performance in loading as well as in serving HTTP requests.

6: Look for Professional Web Development Company

Today a plenty of web development technologies used with their specific tools. Moreover, it is compulsory to develop mobile-friendly websites to gain traffic as well as ranking in search engine results.
It demands a competent web development team with expertise in multiple technology stakes. Profound experiences and high-end development infrastructures are essentialities.
Therefore, you should look for a professional web development company that has earned big reputation and can show an awesome portfolio that can provide evidence of high quality work with client satisfaction.

7: Compare the Quotes

If you have friends or someone in your social circle who has prior experiences with a web development agency and you have got a positive node, it doesn’t mean that it also is the perfect choice for you. It is because two business are not always the same so you likely have unique requirements.
Therefore, the best way is to ask for quotes and present your unique needs to the more than one company. If you are unable to compare the quote, and subsequently manage the project, hire a web development consultant in your vicinity or your dependable circles with a charge.
The consultant or consultancy services help you to take technically right decisions as well as act on behalf of you during the project management. If you are capable of doing these all, go ahead and compare the quotes for the features you require and company offers.
Post-development support and services must take into account source code authority should be defined. Assure confidentiality of your data and info by signing up the NDA. Check the timeline for each quote and compare the overall cost of website development.

8: Select Appropriate Hiring Model

There are various hiring models are prevailing in onshore and offshore web development community, but some are standards such as fixed rate, part-time or full-time hire, or hourly hiring model.
You must select the hiring model for your project depending on the requirements, budget and your tech-savviness. The best advisable hiring model is an hourly model, but it requires prior experiences of project management. If you are lucky enough to get a dependable and client-centric agency or consultancy, without tech-savviness, you can obtain high quality outputs within your defined timeframe and budget.
Of course, the Perception System is a destination where you can get it for your website development project.

9: Look for Re-built Themes

Sometimes small scale to a medium range of website development project has a hard time to hire website designers, programmers,QA, and marketing team from an established company. Therefore, such businesses or professionals choose to freelancer programmers and looking for pre-built themes to avoid needs of designers and others in due course.
Of course, free themes are not of the quality that can deliver you unique websites with good performance. Therefore, it is better you spend some bucks on paid but elegant and customizable themes according to the selected platform. For instance, WordPress has WordPress themes while Magento platform has Magento themes supporting the latest versions.

10: Look for Customization

Themes are providing a limited scope for modifications, and it seldom serves the purposes of unique output that can address the bespoke needs of the business or client/profession. Therefore, seasoned web developers are using blank themes and create the site or application from scratch with required features and functionality.
However, custom websites or applications are a little bit costly and time-consuming but worth to spend for the sake of the interests of the business or profession so opt for it.

11: Look for Minimalistic Design

Too much design elements create clutter and intimidate the smooth and elegant user experiences. Therefore, include only essential and smart UI elements, so your website UIs become user-friendly, easy to use, and usable.

12: Look for User-friendly Layouts & Content

Just like the design of the website, layout and content must be user-friendly. Today, we are living in a mobile era, so mobile-friendly web layout, design, and the code are mandatory. It is the only way to thrive on present web-o-sphere.

13: Look for Multimedia Content

Textual content proves inadequate to convey messages effectively. Therefore, it is must have various multimedia content on your website to achieve your website’s goals. Images are included properly and create unique as well as optimized well to save from performance related glitches can deliver messages efficiently.
Similarly, include audio-visual content like videos relevant to your product or services can bring tons of traffic. Tell your website designer to make provision to upload and optimize the multimedia content on your website so they can help you to get high ranking in SERPs and good conversion rate.

14: Ask for SEO-friendly Web Development

Businesses are facing fierce competitions, and online business or professional success greatly depends on search engine ranking. On an average, 60% traffic comes from the natural search and with high conversion rate compared to other Internet Marketing techniques.
Therefore, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential for your website. Unfortunately, technical SEO plays a big role, and it begins with the design and development of the website.
Thus, you need to find out web development team with flairs in SEO and ask for SEO-friendly website.

15: Ask for Conversion & Performance Optimized Website

The SEO friendly website may rank you high on SERPs, but human traffic and conversion greatly depend on user engagements, user experiences, and usability of the website.
Therefore, define your performance and conversion parameters based on your business niche and your audience. Ask your web development team to go to your website performance and conversion optimization. In due course, you need to make several design changes, including the latest technologies and tools, integrate third-party tools like extensions and APIs.


We have seen somewhat 15 tips that can help you build your first business website with futuristic features and functionality. However, these tips are general and not applicable in all the cases. It is the team of skilled web designers and web programmers, which can make a real difference.
If you are in search of right web development team for you, it is Perception System that harbors skilled and experienced web development team along with the latest web development infrastructure.
Run a query for a free quote for your first business website, compare it with the market, and settled with Perception system for long-term benefits that hardly any company in the industry offers.

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