commas-leftDespite the robust app development, the success in the market greatly depends on the app performance over the time. It is app maintenance and support that can bring all for your enterprise Android app. Perception System is a dependable company to sign an app maintenance plan in 2018 and beyond.commas-right


Successful enterprise App Development never ends at the accomplishment. There are much more waiting for maintenance, updates, and instant support for your enterprise solutions to deliver real value. Therefore, we can say that it is beginning of a software lifecycle.

The role of maintenance in software lifecycle is vital to adapt to changing market demands quickly and efficiently. The same goes true for the Android applications. The Android app maintenance plan by Perception System consisting of following value additions:


  • Feature Extension
  • Maintenance & Support
  • Enhancement
  • New Feature
  • App Upgrade
  • Analytics Monitoring

Why Android Application Maintenance?

  • Android OS is updated at least twice in a year, and one version is a major one. You need to update it to remain compatible and contemporary.
  • UI/UX improvement required to follow new trends.
  • Should install the security updates to make app safe and secure.
  • New hardware features introduced by the device manufactures in each new version.
  • For instance, fingerprint scanning, camera features changes and face detection.
  • Business Critical Applications demand Maximum Uptime.
  • To maintain Reliability, Security, and Productivity.
  • Live Access to IT Professionals.

Application Support and Maintenance Objectives

  • Efficiency.
  • Flexibility.
  • Agility.
  • Operational Gains.
  • Business Advantages.

Application Support and Maintenance services at Perception System are designed to reduce the cost of “Running the Business” and investing more towards “Changing the Business” initiatives. A holistic approach followed to deliver greater business, and IT values with reduced cost of maintenance inputs.

Types of Models of Application Maintenance and Support

  • Time and Material (T&M)
  • Bucket Hours
  • Help Desk (Support Center)

Perception System is in the market for the last 16 years. It has been providing application support and maintenance services to its customers. It is with a proven record of being a professional and reliable software development partner. We offer flexible and feasible models for the maintenance support services.

Key points of Enterprise Grade Android App Maintenance

  • Regular Update for Dependencies
  • Issues Tracking
  • System Evolution

It is a crystal clear fact that, app maintenance is an evitable task to sustain and rule over the app world. The app users must be engaged enough to ensure cutting the app uninstall rate. It happens simply due to technical problems and alike issues. With App Maintenance phase it is possible to sort out such issues in advance or on-time.

You must remember that your Android application usage will evolve over the time. If you have signed the app maintenance place with a reliable Android App Development Company, your end-users of the app will appreciate the well managed and smooth performance. It will reward you a lot in the long run.

Android App Maintenance Services by Perception System

  • UI/UX Enhancement
  • Auto backup
  • Security reviews
  • Renewal monitoring
  • Hosting & third-party payment monitoring
  • Optimizing Server Performance
  • Data Migration Service
  • Bug Tracking, Debugging and Fixing
  • App crash monitoring
  • Source code repository & versioning
  • Analytic monitoring
  • Converting Cross-Platform app to Native Platform
  • App store management & monitoring
  • Performance Fine Tuning

Perception System knows statistically that over half of the costs that goes behind an app ownership is thanks to the maintenance costs incurred over the time.

New Android version gets released regularly, bugs come up, and new features need to get built. We help clients throughout the app lifecycle and keeping the business of clients running smoothly. It is our main objective and pride too!

We always converse with the clients to understand their needs and requirements at first place. We offer customization services, only if required to customize the model suitably to ensure that we offer a service that fulfills the clients’ needs.

Annual Maintenance Contract with PS: What you will get.

1 – Warranty & Maintenance

You will get comprehensive warranty period of 12 months to assure all reasonable services quickly, such as repairing and replacement of the defective system without any additional cost.

2 – Regular Updates

Regular updates and support to generate monthly data reports, resetting the password, changing and exporting content, as well as email ids, general updating like CRF excel/format/codebook, and much more.

The content editing can be accomplished with the latest information, textual and image content changes (when required), and ad-hoc changes (when updating the content into the app).

3 – Health Check

Weekly health checking and monitoring include internal and external parts of your app to keep it error free and for any dynamic functionality. Troubleshooting and installing the server patch/plugin or any required service pack in order to keep enterprise app live with zero downtime.


With the awareness of app maintenance contract, you might be scrappy to learn more and to be a partner with a reliable and reputed Android app maintenance company. Perception System would be your obvious choice to bet on for an enterprise success.