commas-leftIt comes to know that Apple soon to acquire Basis, a company that known for developing Health Tracker that helps people to incorporate health habits into their daily routine. Along with other tech companies, Apple is also interested in purchasing Basis.commas-right

Basis is one of the leading companies that is known for its rich health fitness tracker which is especially designed to help people incorporate health habits into their daily routine. Recently, the company has put itself for purchase and it also discussed the chances of a takeover with tech companies comprising Microsoft, Apple, Samsung and Google.
According to TechCrunch reports, along with other tech companies, Apple is also interested in acquiring health tracker maker Basis. “The price we’ve heard for any possible activity is “sub-hundred million” which could mean a small return for investors like Norwest Venture Partners, Mayfield Fund and Intel Capital, who have poured over $30 million into the company.”

Still, it is mysterious that whether Apple is interested in purchasing the San Francisco-based company or not. However, recently we also come to know that the iWatch from Apple will come with optical sensors to measure physical functions. So, we can say that Basis has hands-on experience in developing advanced fitness tracking products and it would make sense that Apple may have interest in purchasing Basis.

These days, Apple is very much interested in integrating more health centric technology into its smart watch product. Moreover, Basis has launched its recent tracker that comes with the ability to monitor health-related metrics like movement, heart-rate, skin temperature, sleep activity and more and all these features are similar with iWatch’s features.

Along with it, it also comes to know that Apple is developing a “Healthbook” app for iOS 8 that also can be boosted by the technologies that presently fond in Basis’s products. Moreover, Apple also hired some health professionals, who are expert in heart rate monitoring and fitness tracking.

Over the couple of months, two executives from Pulse-Oximetry Company Masimo has joined the Apple Company that comprises its former Chief Medical Officer. When it comes to other professional, the company hired him from C8 MediSensors, a company that known for developing non-invasive blood monitoring sensors.

In short, we can say that the complete information about Apple’s iWatch is very limited, but more information revealed soon as the time of releasing grows closer. Still, it is unknown that when Apple launch its iWatch, but it is expecting with iOS 8 and next-generation iPhone. To get more information on Apple’s iWatch and its other solutions, you can stay connected with us.