One of the most excellent Google programs, Project Ara aims to develop a platform for modular phones that allows Google to sell endoskeleton while third-party players will sell different modules.

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The Google’s ambitious plan, Project Ara is designed for modular smartphones that comes with interchangeable pieces. The main idea is to develop devices, whose individual factors such as camera, processor or display, can swap out, so users can have more options to personalize their device at the affordable price. Spiral One is the latest prototype, which is the most functional Ara prototype. Below given are three-minutes video demonstration that shows Android device is powered up, an app launched and the display unlocked. The video only have 15 seconds of device’s footage while it is actually turned on.

According to the Google, Project Ara is like Android, but is only for hardware, not for software. Google comes with an idea of modular phone that enable many small companies to develop unique modules and reach to their customers with excellent technologies. The head of team working on Project Ara, Paul Eremenko comes with an example that the company is already working on a module that connected with a Project Ara to deliver consumer ability to check the contamination in blood or purity of water.

There are also modules that can calculate pollution in air or oxygen level in the blood around the users. Some modules can allow to quick change battery modules, so your device doesn’t switch off. Moreover, they will also able to place some special cameras for those users, who are interested in photography. Everything will be designed in modular. The factors and functionality will be chosen by the consumers.

Can Users Able To Choose The Camera Or Battery In Their Phone?

Obviously, users can choose the camera, processor or battery in their phone. However, it depends on what third-party companies come with. Moreover, they can able to update such components without replacing the whole phone.

Won’t the phone collapse when it is kept in a pocket?

No, it won’t collapse no matter there are no screws or glue in the Project Ara phone, it remain attached. Technology like Project Ara phone is used by Google that will keep the modules attached. One can transfer data through inductive coupling technology that means module doesn’t have wired connections.

What are the Cost of Project Ara phones?

Right now, the cost of the phone is not decided. However, according to Eremenko, the team has an engineering goal of limiting the cost of endoskeleton to $100. Moreover, the Google engineers are working excellent to cut down cost up to $50.

When Will A Project Ara Phone Come In The Market?

Soon, the device will available in the market with limited quantities for chosen customers in 2015. Additionally, it may take about 2-3 years before one can purchase modular phones from Google. And if everything goes according to the plan, the Project Ara phone is soon available for sale.

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