Many of you all imagine the future of Google Android by 2020 like what are the features that it going to add and what it will offer.

In this blog, I have discussed four major features of Android that you can get by 2020.


Have you remember when the first Android powered handset launched in the market and got huge limelight? When Google first declared about its own Chrome browser, we all got first look at the company’s new mobile OS on the T-mobile G1. When it comes to talk about the Android 2016, it is far away from 2008 version, where the Android market was in its childhood days.

At that time, there were no native video playback capabilities and the G1 had no multi-touch support. Today, Google is still innovating and enhancing it’s mobile OS so that its OS always stay ahead and have big market share of the smart-phone market. You would find lots of people, who are thinking the future of Android in order to look what might Android look like in the year 2020.

We all know that there are many new Android monikers appearing in the market and its codename should start with an R. Well, let’s have a look on Future of Android OS like what kind of features we can expect from this OS in the year 2020.

Android Messaging


Since its inception, Google Android has made it clear with Hangouts upgrade as we all have got at I/O this year. Today, with WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, FaceTime and Skype, there is no doubt that we can see that Google is also pushing into messaging game, email, covering SMS, instant messages and video calling with numerous tools that are baked into Android.

There is no need to have separate applications for each of these as the UI will be united in a way which makes it easy to trip between each method of calling.

However, UK users can get Google Voice by 2020, so don’t hold your breath. We can imagine that how far Google can go and give sturdy competition to its competitors as the company has launched an ultra fast internet service in the US and it has been sniffing across wireless range frequencies too.

Along with, users can see free 5G video calling as well as texting between Android devices by 2020 with all the conversations grouped by person instead of platform and archived and searchable in Gmail. The best thing is that Eric Schmidt predicated that every human will be online by 2020, and the more people his company can help get connected the better for Google’s bottom line.

Android hardware:


We can say that Android hardware will play a significant role in Android’s roadmap. Today with smaller, faster and thinner screens of phone, we can expect a bendable screens in the near future like Samsung have the teach already in production and Android will surely change to adapt itself through scrolling rivers of news, status updates and other notifications.

The order of today’s generation is every changing and ever optimizing displays and when it comes to batteries and mobile processors of 2020, it should be able to keep up. This year, Google Glass has got tremendous attention in the market and we heard lots of rumors that Apple iWatch will compete with the Galaxy Gear.

In looks, it appear like the wearable tech revolution and by 2020 it could mean miniature devices on our glasses, wrists and clothing, so get ready to capture each and every moment. Since Google will pick out some excellent pictures from the unedited stream of the day’s events, there is no need to take pictures anymore. Though, you don’t have to decide about the dinner because Android 2020 knows everything like what are you doing and it can pick up the excellent food for you.

Android Maps:


As we all know that Apple’s Maps application do not set the world on fire when it first launched in the market, so Google should work hard to stay ahead in the market. We know that 2016 Google Maps has refresh brought with best customization based on your personal searches and it can increases in the future.

It becomes easily possible for you to see directions to your favorite pub appear on screen with Google Latitude and Google Now. You may find it triple of your choice waiting for you when you will arrive if the pub in question has an Android powered bar installed.

Looking at all the services of Maps, Google has hired the Street View Cameras and allowing you to glance inside buildings. By 2020, you can expect Android to provide better imagery of most public buildings and tappable info as you move across.

Android Payments:

In the next few years, making payments through our phones become more important like transferring money and verifying the identity. As Google Authenticator application of 2020 will work with your device’s NFC chip to automatically log you into Gmail when you sit with your laptop.

We have noticed tattoos and pills that shown off as possible authentication triggers of the future. Android 2020 will a very crucial role in showing you are who you say you are, whether it is at a coffee shop or Google I/O.

Face recognition is already obtainable as it is very basic feature, but in the years, it has the potential to get much more perfection. It can offer fingerprint or retina scanning built into Android’s camera application; however, now Apple has shown that fingerprint scanning option with its new Touch ID technology.

So, these are some of the great features that we can expect from Google Android by 2020,s o Android users just crossed their fingers and wait what’s going to happen in next few years.

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