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An open source cross-platform framework Appcelerator Titanium is considered as one of the most powerful solutions because of its extensive range of features that make it a right choice for developers, who wanted to develop just for once and deploy it on multiple platforms.

Being the best cross-platform tool kit, this high-end framework is based on eminent web technologies, including JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS. For developing highly beautiful native applications, Titanium can be used easily for different mobile devices and OSs like iOS, Android, BlackBerry, HTML5 and hybrid.

Currently, it is considered as the most powerful open source application framework that is obtainable for free and in huge demand. The best thing about this framework is that it includes open source SDK with more than 5000 device and mobile operating system APIs, Studio, a powerful Eclipse-based IDE, Cloud Services for a ready-to-use mobile backend and an MVC framework.

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Moreover, this supreme framework is a leading mobile development environment of choice for thousands of developers worldwide. With 76000+ mobile apps developed on 280,000,000 devices, the award-winning Titanium environment is helpful for organizations to get market 60% faster and achieve a major competitive advantage.

The framework look likes PhoneGap that supports web development. Further, it comes with a comprehensive range of features that are mentioned below:

  • An open source software framework that is obtainable for free of cost
  • Enables development of rich mobile apps for Android and iOS mobile application platforms
  • Using this framework, one can develop native apps without the requirement of Objective-C or Cocoa knowledge
  • It supports with most imminent web technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, PHP and Ruby.
  • For quick application development, developers are supplied with access to 30,000+ APIs.
  • The framework also supports JavaScript and Ajax frameworks

Apart from these impressive features, the framework offers a lot of benefits to its users that are as follow:

Technology: Appcelerator Titanium involves web technology for application development. JavaScript, a web development language, is used to develop the apps in this framework.

Cost-effective Solutions: One of the major benefits of this framework is that it allows you to save your huge amount of money because there is no need to develop a single app for different platforms. Titanium framework falls easy on your pocket.

No additional efforts: When it comes to develop an application for multiple platforms, it takes a lot of efforts for you to insert, but the app developed using Appcelerator Titanium is compatible on different OSs and doesn’t need any kind of additional efforts.

Time Saving: We all know that developing different apps for different platforms takes huge time, but if you are using Titanium framework, you just need to develop an application for once that will run on different OS, so you can save your huge time.

Cloud Services: For packing, distribution and examining, Titanium provides cloud services for apps developed on it.

Fundamental Source Code: Users are able to get way in to the fundamental source code at any point of time.

Quick Access to Code: The best benefit that users can enjoy is ability to access for writing code for all kinds of mobile applications and websites.

Along with a lot of benefits, the framework has some drawbacks as well. Below, you can find some disadvantages of Titanium framework:

No support for Using Third Party Libraries: The major drawback of this framework is that there is no support for using third party libraries. So, lots of developers said a big no to this framework. However, the framework’s analytics are wide basic in nature and third-party libraries like Flurry analytics cannot be integrated inside a Titanium App.

Poor Documentation: often, most of the users are facing problem in incomplete as well as out of date. Many of you may be think that it is bit overrated, but various developers are making use of example and instantly decrease their dependency on doc.

Not fully Open Source: The framework is not considered as fully open source as they are not accepting contributions from the community: The titanium_mobile project on github has a big list of open pull requests.

Thus, it is important to have above mentioned information for all those people, who are looking forward for developing Appcelerator Titanium applications. It is also recommended to businesses to hire a Titanium app developer, who has expertise in developing all types of applications from simple to complex.

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