commas-leftApple being one of the most popular tech giants knows its tricks, keeping its consumers on their toes eagerly waiting for the latest devices with new features and designs.commas-right

We have just experienced the launch of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S this fall and now looking forward to iPhone 7 launch. We are eagerly waiting for the launch of iPhone 7 though just this September iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S have been launched, and probably iPhone 7 will be launched next year.

Many speculations are being made about the new iPhone. Many rumors are circulating on the web. But then not every rumor is going to turn out true.

Let’s see some of the rumors that we want to turn out to be true, becoming new wonders in new iPhone.

Unique Display

The rumors are circulating as such on the web about our most awaited iPhone, that it is getting the new sapphire display, which is currently used in the display of the Apple watches.

Having sapphire display in the latest iPhone 7 can make it more scratch and shatter-resistant than the previous versions of iPhone in the market. If not sapphire display then Apple may use the super-hardened ‘Project Phire’ Gorilla Glass.

In the present versions of iPhone in the market Apple uses LED backlit LCD technology for its Retina display.

But then Apple may change its mind and use the OLED technology, as the OLED technology is used in the assortment of latest Android smartphones giving them the best-in-class black levels, contrast, and colors.

Apple can also introduce a curved display. It is one of the wonders we want to experience in iPhone 7.

Apple can also increase the screen resolutions.

Thinner Body

Rumor is that Apple may reduce the thickness of iPhone 7 by 1 mm which will bring it to the thickness of 6mm and 6.5mm, which will make it the thinnest of the iPhones till date.

For reducing the thickness, it is likely that Apple may eliminate the headphone jack from the device introducing the all-in-one lightning port. This new lightning port will be supporting both the charging and music playback with the help of lightning-equipped headphones.

Apple can also include the EarPods with a lightning connector along with the new iPhone, as well it can supply the adapters with it for the existing headphones to plug into the device.

Larger Screen

Some of the consumers speculate that Apple may remove the home button altogether introducing the 3D touch technology and make the screen larger without adding inches to the device size.

It is also believed that Apple may remove the home button, but, to reduce the inches in the device size. Apple may or may not increase or decrease the device size removing the home button may be a great deal for the company.

It may not do anything about the home button, but it should make smaller iPhone 7 which can be called as iPhone 7 mini for the consumers who prefer smaller sizes in their phones. For large screen lovers, Apple can increase an inch in the screen or keep it according to the previous screen size.

Non-Metal Body or Liquidmetal Chassis

The new version of iPhone that is iPhone 7 is speculated to be having a non-metal body dropping the previous aluminum ones.

The options being speculated about the new non-metal body are, it may be made up of liquid metal, ceramics, plastics or sapphire.

The chances of iPhone 7 having liquidmetal chassis are more compared to any of the materials, as it is more durable than the previous material used in the manufacturing of iPhone body.

Liquidmetal chassis will make the bigger iPhones thin and light eventhough the screen size being increased.

Make it Waterproof

We obviously want our next-generation iPhone to be waterproof.

By ditching the traditional aluminum body and introducing the new material in the casing of iPhone 7, Apple can strengthen and make it water as well as dust proof which will give it more immunity towards the elements when exposed.

A few other desired features

A few other features we desire to included in the new iPhone are the better cameras, better battery life, increased storage space and a much desired anti-overheating technology.

Apple can increase a few megapixels making the images more better making its photography loving consumers happier.

The Company can also increase the battery life with the help of new technology, which is already being demanded by the present iPhone users.

iPhone users are demanding more storage space as they have too much to fit in just 16GB of storage space.

And then there is the issue of overheating, for this issue the solution is to use the built-in temperature sensor that efficiently monitors the temperature of the device and adjusts the power usage according to it.

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