commas-leftIn recent times, the demand for portal development has increased as businesses are looking to get a portal for their business as it is one type of web site that works like a single source for different information on particular domain.commas-right

what is portal development

A professional and master-piece of portal provides its users a range of information that arranged in an efficient way that is perfect for users to access. If you get one such portal that designed and maintained efficiently, it becomes an entry point of a web user that initiating him/her to different information, resources and other web sites on the web. A portal is a great choice for businesses that presents information from different sources in a combined manner.

However, all types of businesses and organizations can adopt portal development as per their business requirements and get lots of benefits. They can make a choice of portal and select such portal that best meets with their needs and offer them complete information.

Now, small and medium-sized businesses can also opt for portals as there are lots of portal development companies that offer end-to-end solutions at affordable rates. As we all know, portals are browser-based apps that allow multiple activities like merging business processes, integrating applications to support the business processes, amorphous data, offering access to real-time information and more. On the web, users can find various popular portals on the web like Yahoo, MSN and many more.

When it comes to develop a portal for any company, it is essential for them to choose a perfect type of portal that they are looking for. Portal developers are capable of generating different types of portals and each of these portals has its own features and benefits to offer its users. Let’s have a look on different types of portal development:

1) Vertical Portals:

When it comes to talk about vertical portals, these are one such type of portal that mainly focuses on particular domain and industry. Vertical portals are such portals that offer information, statistics, tolls, articles and more on specific industry. Through these portals, businesses will get an idea gateway for their business to market their products and services. However, this category portal has different types of portals under its category:

Corporate Portal:

Corporate portal is a great portal for companies and organizations that are looking to manage their huge information. This type of portal offers personalized access to selected information of any particular company. Big companies can get portal development service and get numerous benefits.

Commerce Portal:

Commerce Portal is such type of portal that can be adopted by e-Commerce websites. This type of portal supports business to business and business to consumer e-Commerce, so e-Commerce companies can opt for such type of portals to gain lots of features and advantages.

2) Horizontal Portals:

Horizontal portals are one such type of portals that mainly focus on different interests and topics. The main aim of these portals is to present something that, which is helpful for different people. Being an entry point, these portals provide information and content on various topics of interest and guiding towards in accurate direction to obtain resources and information.

Education Portal:

Education portals are mainly used by universities, schools and colleges to provide their students accurate information that is necessary for them. These portals will provide latest updates about nay course, exams and information on particular topic that is useful for those students, who have missed the class. So, universities and schools can get a perfect education portal for them and get lots of features.

News Portal:

On the web, you would find numerous news portals that contain essential information on regular updates. Through these portals, people will get latest news and make themselves aware about any happening. So, companies should hire a portal developer when it comes to generate news portal.

However, there are many other types of horizontal portals that include enterprise portal, intranet portal and many more. No matter what type of portal you are going to adopt for your business, but make sure to hire a professional portal developer, who generates quality portals to suffice your needs.

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