commas-leftQualcomm Toq, the best smart-watch, has received an update today, which introduces Nuance-powered voice-to-text replies for text messages. For more information about the update, check-out this blog.commas-right

We all know that the Qualcomm Toq has the best display that you have seen in any of the early smartwatches. The most powerful Qualcomm Toq smart-watch received an update that introduces Nuance-powered voice-to-text replies for text messages.

Users of this smart-watch can reply by tapping a new voice icon button and then dictating their message instead of having to take their device out to respond to incoming text messages. However, the Taq will also show you the message, which was recorded so that it can be easy for you to approve before sending it on to your contact.

Currently, this smart-watch doesn’t support with any type of dictation or voice input while “Qualcomm said that “additional use cases are currently being explored.” At the top of my wish list, email dictation as well as reminders may get place. The thing is that the users will not require any paired headset for this to work. It also seems that Toq had a built-in microphone.

If you are looking to get complete idea about this new feature, you can check-out this video that gives complete idea:

However, the update, which has been introduced, includes improvements to the watch’s activity tracking as well as a renamed communications hub apple to “Calls & Texts.” It is also true that in the last couple of months, Qualcomm Toq has fell in price significantly.

Moreover, spots like Amazon as well as eBay have the while for as little as $2210. Further, it is really easy and smart-watch to date. So, are you ready to update your Toq? If yes, what are you waiting for? Just start updating. Once you updated your watch, the application should prompt you to update is software.