Have you purchased a new iPhone 6/iPhone 6 Plus or already own an iPhone 5?

Whatever iPhone model you have, It is must to have a great collection of applications that make your device stand out.


iPhone Applications list for Download

We are back with the top 15 iPhone applications that you should download in your device to make your work a lot easier and simpler.

Here, you can find a complete list of best and top iPhone apps that are incredible in terms of features, functionalities and performance:

1. Asana:

Asana Team Tasks  Conversations

A free Web application Asana is a highly advanced tool for getting teamwork done more efficiently.

Today, it is the most popular productivity application on the market that allows businesses to put tasks and conversations together, so everything your team is working on and talking about is in one place rather than scattered across email threads.

If you are making use of Asana application in order to manage your tasks, the iPhone app is an important addition.


2. LinkedIn Connected:

LinkedIn Connected

When it comes to talking about the new LinkedIn Connected, this impressive application is an extremely fast, easy and smart way to strengthen your professional relationships.

If you are thinking that why this application is important, there are many opportunities that come from the people you already know.

Moreover, breeding relationships can help you out in becoming more successful. The application gives you complete updates regarding all those people, whom you know.

LinkedIn Connected

3. GateGuru:

gateguru airport info flight

GateGuru is the only travel application, offering all the important information about the flight and airport that you require to manage your ENTIRE day-of-travel.

Now, with a great looking, seamless and traveler centric design, users can get huge information that they require.

So, get real-time flight status with push notifications and a wealth of airport content particularly customized to your itinerary.


4. Yahoo Weather:

Yahoo Weather

Now, you can experience and see the weather like never before as Yahoo Weather beautifully merges stunning pictures with accurate forecasts across iPhone and iPad.

The application’s impressive experience makes checking and sharing the weather report entertaining and a lot inspiring.

Yahoo Weather

5. Google Drive:

Google Drive

Now, people can easily get started with Google Drive as it is free of charge application that enables you to have all your files within reach from any smartphone, computer and tablet.

All the files in Drive like your pictures, videos and documents are backed up safely.

Moreover, users of this application can invite others as well to view, edit or leave comments on any of your folders or files.

Google Drive

6. Hotwire:

Hotwire  app iphone

Hotwire is one of the best mobile apps about great deals on hotels and car rentals. Users of this application can get $10 off on their Hotwire care booking with promo code WATCH 10.

No matter whether you are traveling for a last minute working trip or a relaxing vacation, you just need to book your trip with this application.

This application is extremely easy and fast, so users can get huge discounts on big brands.


7. LevelUp:

LevelUp Pay With Your Phone

A free iPhone application ‘LevelUp’ allows users to pay with their phone at numerous businesses worldwide.

Whenever you visit a business for the first time and use LevelUp to pay, you can instantly save some of the bucks. Gradually, you can unlock more money to spend there.


8. MenuPages:

MenuPages iPhone App

MenuPages is a great iPhone application that provides up-to-date restaurant menus and reviews.

This application is your indispensable food and drink resource, which locals trust and love in Los Angeles, New York City, Washington, Philadelphia, D.C and South Florida.

Moreover, the application has tons of menus as more than 30000 restaurants in 8 different markets.


9. Hipmunk:

Hipmunk Travel Hotels  Flights

Today, Hipmunk is the best iPhone application that compares the top travel websites to search the best hotel and flight deals.

Users of this application can get up to 60% off hotel deals, free flight fare alerts, deal-scoring features and more.

Without any hassle, users can book flight and hotel booking by finding the lowest prices on the airfare.


10. IBooks:

iBooks iPhone Application

An amazing way to download and read books, Ibooks is the best application that comprises the iBooks store, where you can download the top best-selling books or your favourite classics day or night.

You can browse your library on a bookshelf, flip through pages with a swipe or a tap, tap a book to open it or add notes to your favorite passages.


11. Kindle:

Kindle Read Books  eBooks  Magazines  Newspapers

A highly advanced application, the Kindle app is optimized for the iPhone, iPad and iPod, enabling users to read Kindle books, textbooks, newspapers, magazines and PDFs on a easy-to-use interface.

Users can get an access to more than 1,000,000 books plus hundreds of newspapers and magazines.

The best thing about the app is that its Amazon Whispersync automatically syncs last page you read, notes, bookmarks and more across devices, so one can pick up their book where they left off on another device.


12. My Data Manager:

My Data Manager

When it comes to talking about My Data Manager app, it is a well-known iPhone application, which helps you to take control of your mobile data usage and save huge amount of money on your monthly phone bill.

If you want to track your data usage, you can use My Data Manager application every day and make sure that you do not go over your monthly data bill.

My Data Manager

13. Pocket:


A top iPhone application Pocket has been named as the best app for iPhone and iPad by the App store.

More than 12 million people are using this application in order to save videos, articles and more for later. All of your content goes to one place with this application, so viewing it becomes a lot easier on any device.

In addition to this, there is no need of an Internet connection. Just save important stuff to pocket.


14. Slack:

Slack Team Communication

If you are in search of app that makes your team’s communication in one place, instantly searchable and obtainable wherever you go, Slack is the right application that makes it easy real time messaging, file sharing and supporting one-to-one group conversations.

A lot of integrations with tools included like Asana, Dropbox, Google+ Hangouts, Zendesk and more. Many new integrations and features are added frequently. So, users of this app can get various other features as well.

Slack Team Communication

15. Touchfit: GSP

Touchfit GSP

All the iPhone users can download touchfit: GPS today and join the legions of others, who already have achieved top results with the first home training program that is specially designed to adapt and evolve after every single workout.

Fitness was never so easy, but with Touchfit: GPS, every single workout is tailored particularly for you. The application’s technology gets you to your goals very instantly.

Touchfit GSP

Above mentioned 15 applications should be downloaded for every single iPhone user, who wants to make their life easy and simple.

However, if you want to develop your desired iPhone app, you should hire a professional iPhone app developer from any trusted iPhone app development company.

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