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Guide of Successful Web Development Process- From Beginning to End


Data Gathering

In the first step of designing, you have to collect all the essential data that require while developing website. This initial phase of development is considered as important as it requires solid understanding of the company of which you are creating website. Understand their dreams and goals and find the reason how web can be used for attaining their goals. As a web designer, you have many questions to ask and understand deeply. However, you forget something. Below you will find certain things to consider while designing website:

  • Find out the purpose of website. Whether they want to provide information, sell products, promote service or want to do everything.
  • Ensure to ask what other things they want to achieve rather than making money and sharing information.
  • Most importantly, ask the type of audience they want to attract. Is their particular group of people that want to attract? This thing will helps you to design website accordingly by considering age, sex or interests.
  • Make to gather typical information about and validate for Control panel log-in information, FTP host, username and password, database configuration, any installed languages or frameworks.
  • Another thing you ask is information that adds to target audience. Whether you want to add particular information, review of products or things related to online order.

Input– Gather Data for content, designing and development
Output– Decided type of target audience, structure of design, etc.

Data Analysis:

Now, get ready to analysis all the essential data that you have gathered from step one and plan out strategy for website. In this step, site map is developed that gives idea about number of pages should be created in the website. Through site list, you can sort main topics and sub-topics as well and fill information according to the requirements. Make sure to develop a reliable website with easy-to-access navigation system.

You will get proper idea, if you are considering user while designing website. As users are the people, who are going to purchase your products and read information, define in your website. An easy to navigate website only creates by good UI. Moreover, at the time of planning stage, web designers helps to webmaster to decide various technologies that should be implemented while developing website. There are some essential elements like interactive forms, ecommerce, flash, etc. discussed at the initial stage of development.
Input: Discussion with clients regarding website requirements
Output: Work Plan, Member requires for development, Hardware-software requirements, Supporting documents and approval.


There is no doubt planning stage is bit difficult for clients as well as designers. It requires full concentration of clients to manage what to add and what not in website. In this stage the most important things like copyright ownership project closure clauses, payment terms, termination clauses, and timelines should be taken into consideration. Ensure to be careful about document. Moreover, you also have to access of server for creating folder structure.
Input: Requirement created after analyzing
Output: Deliver complete requirements to designers and customer/customer’s representative.

Website Design for Client Review

After gathering information and planning for web development, it’s time to give a new look to your site by arranging data in the proper manner. One of the most essential factors to consider is target audience according to the site aim. For example: website created by for teens is much different than website created for financial institutes. Moreover, if you are considering designing stage, make sure to add certain important elements like the company logo with proper color and other identities of the company. You hire designers developed one or more prototype designs for your website, which are a .jpg image of what you have to decide design of your choice.
There are some designers that sent an email with the mock-ups for your site while some designers allows you to access site from a secure areas to look work in progress. There are many ways that designers allow you to sell the entire designing and development process. The best thing about getting connected through the entire process is it gives an opportunity to express your views on the site design. In designing phase, it is must to make strong communication level to create design of your choice. It is advisable to work along with designers and exchange your ideas to get design of your choice.
Input: Specified designing requirements
Output: Templates, Images and prototype used for designing


The development stage is one of the most important stages in which website itself is developed. Now, professionals are taking individual graphic elements from the examples and make use of them for developing functional website. The process of development starts with home page and it followed by a “shell” for the internal pages. Such type of shell is served as a template for site that includes some of essential navigational structure for the web site. After creating an effective shell, designer will distributes among the proper places.
At this development phrase, elements like flash animations, interactive contact forms, ecommerce shopping carts, etc. should be functional. Professional designers are working in your website and if you want some changes or corrections, they will do according to your choice. As we all have an idea that a deep understanding is required for creating a successful web site of front-end web development. This thing includes maximizing functionality, writing valid XHTML / CSS code to current web standards and many other things.
Input: Development of whole website
Output: Creating a successful web site by adding all essential functionalities.

Release and Delivery

Now, designers have to check all the details finally and test your website. Many things like scripts, complete functionality of forms, compatibility issues, most recent browser versions, etc. should be tested before releasing it. An experienced designer has huge knowledge of current standards for web site design and development. Moreover, s/he also uses XHTML and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) as a basic technology. In addition, one should also check the code written for your web site validates or not. Having valid code means it should be compatible with the current web development standards while we are checking for issues like cross-browser compatibility.
If you give final approval to your designer, s/he delivers your website. After that File Transfer Protocol program is utilized for uploading web file to the server. There are many web designers, offering web hosting services and domain name registration to their clients. Designers should be well-aware of uploading all the essential files correctly to make website fully functional. This makes an official launch of site and now, visitors can able to see.
Input: Check the whole functionality and make it live
Output: Visitors can view it to any browser or platform


After the whole development task, one should have to look after maintenance task. There are many webmaster wants to new contents or products in their website at regular basis as they want to attract customers repetitively. There are many designers, who like to work continuing with their clients to update essential information while there are some designers, who offer maintenance packages to their client at the most affordable rates.

Moreover, you can also have more hands to upload content through CMS abbreviated for Content Management System. This thing would be decided at the planning stage. Online software is used by designers to create a database driven site for you. Clients can able to add, delete or edit the content by their own. In addition, online text editor is also used for accessing a back-end administrative area that look like a mini version of Microsoft Word. With CMS, one can find endless possibilities to access their website.

Input: Re-Analysis reports, check Site/Application and other functions
Output: Updated Site/Application and make it supportable to other life cycle steps
Above mentioned steps are helpful while developing web applications/website for any type of business. If we are talking about the cost, it depends on the whole development and designing process. After getting well-aware from development process, if you are thinking to hire skilled web developer then explore internet and find such professional, who have idea regarding entire development procedure.

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