Corporate life sometimes becomes very overbearing wearing you out easily. As it is in a proverb “All work and no play makes jack a dull boy.” Now do we want that to happen to any brilliant member in our family? Of course not! That’s same with our Perception System family too.

We at Perception System are a family with dedicated and brilliant members. To keep our extend family as brilliant and creative, we arrange events now and then to keep everyone refreshed. Successful Events at Perception System have the core of the values like team spirit, efficient interaction between the members and that readiness of grabbing every opportunity while accepting all the experiences and challenges coming their way.

Annual Sports Day 2015

It’s year end already and we are having our own Annual sports day. That is held on 31st of December. This event combines friendly competition, staff camaraderie, wellness, athletic skills and to bring health awareness. All in all, it’s to show your fitness level and your brains.

The games include 100 Meter Running race, Relay Race, Balance & Run, Pick Bucket, Sack Race, Cricket, Badminton, Table Tennis, Chess, and Volleyball. Now we can easily get over the monotony of daily work assignments with the live discussions and the fun of planning winning strategies and the excitement of the coming events.

Annual Sports Day have unleashed all the creativity and fun planning creating an environment of excitement and thrill of waiting for game results. The games are managed in a way that gives all the players whether male or female equal opportunity of fair play and victory while bringing out the best in them.

Go Green Day 2015

Perception System family celebrated Go Green Day with great enthusiasm. All the members wore green t-shirts with Go Green moto. It was a nice initiative on of the company to bring awareness about the reducing number of trees, increasing pollution and global warming issues as well as drastic climate changes.

At the end of the day, the whole Perception Team gathered for a group discussion about what measures and strategies to adopt for saving our leafy friends. Many suggestions were passed on about preserving our present environment and resources.