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Developing Cost-Effective Cross Platform Mobile App Solutions with Xamarin©

We have Xamarin© developers to convert your idea to mobile app on multiple platforms.

We have a skilled Xamarin© development team with an experience of developing couple of projects at committed time-frame. We offer assistance for core Xamarin© development and other Xamarin© services or module implementation that you are looking for your business operations.

Our Xamarin developers having in-depth working knowledge of Xamarin.Forms, UWP Apps, Xamarin Test Cloud, Xamarin Studio, Microsoft Azure, Xamarin.iOS APIs, Xamarin.Android APIs, Xamarin.Mac APIs etc.

Hire Xamarin Developer

Mobile App development through Xamarin©

Xamarin© is a perfect cross-platform mobile app development framework available with the range of exportability over iOS / Android / Windows Phone platforms. Our dedicated Xamarin© developers have expertise in delivering a successful app solution for any scale and complex level of your business requirements to mobilize your expectations. As per your needs, hired Xamarin© developers are focusing in either of 4 segments as follows:

Magento Website Development

Xamarin© for Business Applications

Delivering optimized business applications which fulfil all sort of your business needs to mobilize your end clients / customers.

Enterprise Solution

Xamarin© for Enterprise Solutions

Built-in support for SAP Mobile Platform that helps developers in delivering secure enterprise mobile applications and data processing.

Cloud and Solutions

Xamarin© for Cloud and MDM Solutions

Delivering cloud-based application associated with mobile device management through Microsoft’s Azure platform.

Wearable and IoT Applications

Xamarin© for Wearable and IoT Applications

Defining minimal requisites for the app and delivering solution over wearable devices such as Apple iWatch / Android Gear or any sort of IoT gadgets / peripherals.

Our Xamarin© Developers are fully equipped with all standard project development tools:

Project Development Tools

For communicating with client, we are using either of following tools:

  • Asana
  • Basecamp
  • Slack
  • GoToMeeting
  • Atlassian – JIRA

Hired Xamarin© developers are comfortable to utilize any sort of these tools for directly communicating with clients.

Apart from this, if the client prefers any other tool, we accept the term for communication between client and hired Xamarin© developer.

To get an instant quote for your project, please feel free to contact us:

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Experience success by hiring our Xamarin© developers, who are having adequate knowledge and experience of developing mobile applications for cross platforms.

As Xamarin© offers cross-platform exportability, it cuts your cost and excessive development period. Xamarin© developers write apps using C# and share a common code base across multiple platforms for exportability.

Hire Xamarin© Developers with Flexible Hiring Packages

Perception System is having an excellent team for offering offshore Xamarin© development services. The company has been doing well in the mobile app development field since a long time and hence, capable of handling any cross platform development inquiries that may also include using Xamarin® approach for their project requests. Our Xamarin© developers are always looking forward to accept challenges and deliver optimized cross-stage mobile applications which are identical in performance over different platforms: iOS / Android / Windows Phone.

Engagement Models

Engagement Models
  • Fixed Cost:

    The Project cost is decided since a beginning. This model is best suitable when the project requirements are transparent and fixed (pre-decided).

    It consists of flexible payment break-ups for payout releases at different milestones (stages) while project development.

  • Hiring on Hourly basis:

    Hire Xamarin© developers for any number of hours as and when it’s required. There is no limitation of time and no minimum hiring period required for this plan.

    In case the client wants to switch from hourly hiring to full-time monthly hiring, we offer easy adjustments of remaining hours and payment, without disturbing ongoing development work.

  • Full-Time Hiring:

    Considering core 22 days of development per month with minimum 8 hours of work as contributed every day, leads to have a total of 160 hours / month.

    We provide weekly report excel file, that consists of per resource task summary and hours statistics with the remarks of hired Xamarin© developer at certain places.

  • Part-time hiring:

    Considering core 22 days of development per month with minimum 4 hours of work as contributed every day, leads to have a total of 80 hours / month.

    As like Full-time hiring, we offer weekly report excel file, that consists of per resource task summary & hours statistics with the remarks of hired Xamarin© programmer at certain places.

    Advantages of Hiring Xamarin© Development Team from Us

  • 1. Requirements Posting

    Post your project requirements to initiate communication between Client and Perception System.

    In case of having some sort of reference or benchmark apps, the client may suggest accordingly. This helps us to quickly understand client’s requirements and scope of project work.

  • 2. Analysis of requirements & Xamarin Developer Selection

    Our team reviews your project requirements, confirms feasibility checks and selects best suitable team members for hiring of Xamarin© developers for your project lead.

  • 3. Hiring of Developers

    We provide you commercials (hourly rates) as well as profile detail for Xamarin© developers those are recommended by us for hiring.

    The client either confirms developer selection or request for arranging an interview before making any decision.

  • 4. Choosing Hiring Plan

    From available hiring plans, client selects either of them to initiate project start-up.

    Client is allowed to choose a plan: Hiring on Hourly basis / Full-time Hiring / Part-time hiring and can switch between these as per comfort of their payouts.

  • 5. Payment Processing

    As per decided payment terms, client pays upfront and continues as per cycle while project is under development stages.

    Project development gets started within 24 hours of time limit since client’s payment reflects in our account.

  • 6. Managing of Project

    Manage your project and doing regular updates to monitor progress of work and status reporting for different tasks as associated with proposed project.

    Project communication is carried out through online web tool such as Asana / Basecamp / Slack / Atlassian – JIRA

Advantages of Hiring Xamarin© Development Team from Us

Perception System is having a matured and talented Xamarin© ® developers team, who design and develop versatile Xamarin© application that is exported to different mobile platforms and cross-device ranges. Hiring our Xamarin© resources are having following advantages:

  • Effective communication direct with the Xamarin© expert
  • Well-updated professional in latest web technologies and platforms.
  • Charging no extra overhead expenses.
  • Rapid project development at competitive price.
  • 100% transparent, visible and controllable development.
  • Delivering project as per committed time-frame.